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voting machine tampering

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Does anyone know more about this?


BUZZFLASH: How could a company steal votes for one party and we would never know about it?

HARRIS: Given inside access, which is available to software engineers and support techs, anything is possible. In California, according to internal memos we have obtained written by Diebold support techs and software engineers, in some elections no one looked at the software code AT ALL, except for a couple of programmers out of Canada. This is because the software that was certified and approved, and supposedly frozen and held in escrow, was replaced with different software for elections. All of the companies seem to do this: They allow their techs, and sometimes even elections officials, to replace or “update” programs, and you can’t count on these “updates” being tested by anyone. In Georgia they did this repeatedly.

Let me explain just how disturbing this is: The Diebold software that has been certified includes something called “GEMS” version 1.11.14 and also GEMS version 1.17.17. However, according to company memos, they rewrote “the guts of the program” when they made GEMS version 1.14.xx and then made even more changes, significant changes, with GEMS version 1.15.xx. (The last two numbers vary; none of these were certified.) These changes were made by programmers in Vancouver, Canada and stuck on an unprotected web site, where support techs went and retrieved them and put them on machines used in elections in California.
The article contains many other interesting allegations.
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Great minds, dear one...

(I also posted about Bev's interview with Buzzflash- I guess we cross posted or something. The more the merrier! Glad to see you are concerned about this issue!)

I was a member of a forum where Bev presented her ideas and asked for help with the research a long time ago. I was impressed with her then and I am doubly so now....if that means anything to you.

All my best, Joyce in the mts.
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What to do:

Write to your congressman and ask him/her to support H. R. 2239
"To amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to require a voter-verified permanent record or hardcopy under title III of such Act, and for other purposes".

The big problem with electronic voting is there is no paper-trail in case a re-count is needed. The rumor is that the GOP plans to steal the next election (again) with the help of skewed voting machines.

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