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My friends twins look VERY different from each other as well. One is and always has been bigger/heavier, he has red hair-his brother is skinny, still has that *preemie* look today (I cant explain it but sometimes you can tell when a kid was a preemie just by their sort of mouseish appearance-though not all obviously!!), blond hair. Their facial features are very different as well. The funny thing is that although the chubbier one looks a little bit like my daughter, no one would guess that they are actually half siblings (I was her egg donor). They're only 6 weeks apart too.

And then there's their little brother...olive skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair. lol
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i dont have twins, my middle 2 children are 12 months and 17days apart
they rese,ble each other exactly like
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Uh...no. Blond hair blue eyes, skinny and brown hair, brown eyes, chunky.!
when DS2 was 6 months old and DD1 was 18 months old i was asked if they were twins and was looked at like i was a space alien when i said no theres a year between em

since then DS2 has consistantaly been heavier than DD1. ds2 is 2yr old and 37lb dd1 is 3yr old and 32lb

all the piccies are so cute. i would love to have twins. dd1 was a twin but we lost thge twin at 11weeks gestation.

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I get asked all the time if my three are triplets The twins are 20 months and Caitlyn is 12 months. There is a big size difference between them, but people still think they are triplets.
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Big difference here too. Jude was 2 lbs bigger than Ava at birth and he is now 8 lbs bigger at 23 mo. He has blonde straight hair and she has brown curly hair. My older two kids, who are 13 mo apart in age are the exact same height/weight so people assume I have 2 sets of twins.
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