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So tired!

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I'm so tired! I'm getting about 8 hours of sleep at night, but I absolutely can't make it through the day without a 20-45 minute nap. And, when I wake up, I feel so out of it. I don't think I can get anymore sleep at night b/c my bladder is about to burst in the morning when I wake up. And, I'm not one of those people that can fall back asleep if I wake up after 6:30 or so.

Anyone else?
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You just described my daily routine! I need so much more sleep than I'm getting. I'm trying to work 8 hours a day, but I can hardly get that time in, plus a nap, plus some exercise. I'm a walking zombie. I'm hoping as the weeks go on my energy level will increase--hope the same for you, too
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Mrs. Mama hey I just noticed we have the same due date~

Yes, I've been very tired lately trying to go to bed early and take small naps through out the day. They say you get a second burst of energy the second trimester, well I haven't.... I'm still staying active walking and doing yoga but I'm just worn out everyday ~
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I'm a stay at home mom and I've been sleeping 10 hours a night!!! I have to wake up and pee about 3 times during that time. Sometimes I have trouble falling back to sleep after a bathroom trip. Anyway, I'm still tired each evening. I'm hoping the second trimester energy kicks in soon, I'm 14 weeks tomorrow.
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I'm right around the 14th week, as well. Unfortunately I am so dreadfully tired all of the time. Seems like no amount of sleep could be enough. I'm on vacation visiting family and I feel so guilty because all I've been doing is sleeping. I can't wait for this 2nd trimester burst of energy that I keep reading about.
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Im so tired, soooo tired, I thought maybe it was just depression or something, but when I feel alive and well get myself all put together for the day and get out of the house it's only a few hours and I feel like I need a major nap. I think I need more sleep with this preg. than the others....but that's probably cause Im in middle of this one!
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I'm really tired too. I get up about every 2hrs to pee so I'm exauhsted in the morning and want to stay in bed till noon! Can't wait for the fabled energy burst during the second tri!!
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Me too. I am exhausted constantly. The problem with me is that I am so tired during the day, I literally feel like I'm dragging myself around the house. Then when I go to bed, I have insomnia. It takes a long time to get to sleep. Then when I finally do, I'm up several times throughout the night to pee. Morning comes around and the last thing I feel like doing is getting out of bed and starting the day. I seriously can't wait for the 2nd trimester energy burst. I'm officially in the 2nd tri now but don't feel any energy burst.
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Originally Posted by Carolann S View Post
I'm officially in the 2nd tri now but don't feel any energy burst.
Me neither I'm 15 weeks today.
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Every time I think I am over the whole being tired all the time thing, and try to do a whole bunch of stuff, I end up needing a three hour nap.
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It's funny b/c when I hit 13 weeks I swear I got more tired, I don't remember this from my 1st trimester so I think my body is confused. Like right now I'm trying to stay awake, but I know I should just give in and take a nap. I feel lazy, but I guess it's for a reason!
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I just started to feel a bit better last week. I think it helped that I popped too and now I don't need to pee all night.

Hope you mamas start to feel more energetic soon!
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I am still tired too. I am feeling a bit better since Tuesday, though. I still go to bed around 8pm. My thyroid levels have returned to normal in a very short amount of time. I think that has helped, but I still can't function that much. Definitely no exercising. It is frustrating as I am getting very depressed from being tired all the time.
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