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Anyone not having to pee all the time?

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At almost 9 weeks, I'm still waiting for the constant trips to the bathroom. I certainly have more than enough symptoms and I'm not complaining but it is just one more thing that makes me worry...
Am I weird? lucky? or in trouble?
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lucky I never had the frequent trips to the bathroom symptom with any of my babes
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I don't think it's anything to worry about. I never really hit the gotta go to the bathroom all the time stage until the third trimester in both of my pregnancies.
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MMM, I don't recall peeing much more than I do normally. Now I do, especially in the middle of the night (though not every night....yet).

Sounds like you're fine
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Am I weird? lucky? or in trouble?
I would say lucky I did not have to that often durung the day until about 15 wks or so, but I had frequent trips at night from about 8 wks on.
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You are lucky.... I am the same way, and heck, I'm 31 weeks now and still sleep through the night without having to get up and go...and I drink just under 2 gallons of water a day...so just consider yourself lucky! Not weird
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Never in 4 pregnancies have I had the "frequent urination" symptom until the end.
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I have a small bladder in general so pregnancy hasn't changed how often I pee. Although at nine months I can't make it through the whole night of sleeping at all. Most of the time I can make it at least some nights.
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i had to pee alot more than normal at the beginning like not being able to sleep through the night. be thankful you dont have to now i am lucky if i get 6 hours of sleep i pee so much. i am 31 weeks though and its awful! i am tired of peeing all the time! mainly because you feel like you have to pee so bad and then barely anything comes out! it sucks but be so thankful you dont have to deal with it!
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in the beginning i had to A LOT, but it only lasted a week or so...then i was tooooooooooo dehydrated from puking all the time.
now i am 28 weeks and pissing ALL of the time. and sometimes i have such an urge and like 5 drops come out.

i think its all postioning- your babe, your bladder...

always consider yourself lucky
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I didn't get this untiil the very end of my pregnancy with DD and never understood why so many pg women were always having to pee, even at just a few weeks along. But this time -- hoo boy! I have sometimes had to pee again within 15 minutes of going. I have to make sure I go right before I leave the house and will have to go again as soon as I get to wherever I'm going. It's a royal PITA. It didn't get this bad until I was about 11 or 12 weeks though so there's still a chance you'll get it! Hopefully not though.
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Just lucky. Cross your fingers (or legs) and hope it lasts. This is my third pregnancy and each time the pee symptom has been different.
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I say you are VERY lucky!! I got up 3 times last night to pee. But my babe is hanging out right behind my bladder and has been there for MONTHS!! I thought they were supposed to move around a whole bunch, but not this little one. I'm lucky if I don't go once an hour while awake, and at night if I get up once that's a good nights sleep for me at this point.
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