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Hello (Finally!)

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Hello Everyone!
I'm coming out of my comfort zone and posting to the boards!
Just a quick note to introduce myself.
My name is Nancy, my dh is Loren and we've been married since 1998, I'm a SAHM to Cynthia (07/00), Jesse (VBAC 04/02) and baby due (04/04)
I'm a transplanted Canadian to warm and humid Mississippi, but LOVING it. (Probably all the great friends I've made down here) Not sure I want to go back and shovel the white stuff LOL.
I look forward to 'meeting' y'all.
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Welcome to the boards.
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Hi there
So happy you are here with us
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Glad you came here to hang out with us! We're harmless! Really!

Happy posting!

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Welcome Nancy, glad you joined us! Wishing you a gentle joyful birth
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Hi Nancy~ wave

If I left the white stuff behind for nice warm weather I wouldn't wanna go back either.
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Thanks for the great welcome!
I don't know why I waited so long to post now LOL.
My parents in Canada laughed at me when I told them it is cold down here, mid 50s. Funny how fast one gets used to the heat.
Looking forward to more chats, need to run right now, kiddos want to play outside, brrrr.
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Welcome to mdc!

mid 50's isnt cold!! :LOL that's perfect for autumn
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