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Achiness, but not sick? Post-partum ligaments?

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I ACHE and don't know why?!! I am not sure if this is the best place to post this question, but couldn't really find a specific area that looked "best", so here goes.

I am almost 5 wks post-partum with ds2 who was a repeat c/s despite our best efforts (24 hours natural labor with ~ 3 of those as pushing). For the last 2-3 days, I have had increasing achiness all over. I had the flu about 2 wks before ds2 was born and everything in me ached - this is a similar feeling, but just major joints and a few muscles ache. I don't feel sick at all - just achy :

My questions: 1) has anyone had a similar experience? and 2) is it / could it be related to joints/ligaments "returning to normal" - prepreg?
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Me! I was achey for many weeks after Ds's birth - it didn't start until he was maybe 6 or 7 weeks old. I was achey everywhere, joints, muscles - it sucked.

The joint pain improved, but the muscle pain persisted. I was dx'd with pretty severe adrenal fatigue & my naturopath firmly believes that the muscle aches are from the low levels of adrenal hormones.

So, I dunno, maybe the joint/muscle pain is a "normal" postpartum thing - I know there are a ton of women who suffer from the joint pain postpartum - this discussion board was comforting for me since so many others were experiencing the same symptoms pp.
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can be a sign of mineral deficiency i would take 2 calcium magnesium supps and see if that offers any releif. Could you be drinking too much water? eating poorly? If you live near a nice health food store maybe you can get a more complete mineral suplement? i would definitely try athat asap. it cant hurt! feel better.
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Thanks for the replys!
Overall, I eat healthy and drink plenty of water (but not too much - usually between 64 - 96 oz per day).
I hadn't really thought of it, but I do have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which means my hormones are normally pretty out of whack. I wonder if that could now be contributing to the achiness???!
Oh, and I will try the mineral supplements .... can't hurt
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Did you get a vaccine after delivery? Rubella? MMR?
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