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Originally Posted by homeschoolingmama View Post
It just seems so natural and beautiful.

It is *not* natural and beautiful for me. That's why I started the thread. So others know that it is not natural and beautiful for all moms.
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Originally Posted by LilyGrace View Post
Works out well for everyone. But the whole me-lead-you-wait-for-instructions method? I'd rather poke my eyes out.

Originally Posted by lilyka View Post
adding kids to the mix (usually fighting over who gets to do what and when is my turn) just add to the stress and mess.
It really isn't just my kids?

I feel so much better!

Originally Posted by 3girlmom View Post
I recommend Nigella Lawson's Lunchbox treats in her Nigella Express cookbook.

Other things that are not-quite cooking - paninis, salads, salsa, guacamole. Really, really simple muffins and cookie dough. Pancakes.
So far I haven't found one that I like. Rachel Ray's book doesn't have anything we'll eat. The Betty Crocker books are the same. The Pillsbury ones are all based on pre-fab crap. We've actually made more things out of my regular cookbooks when they've seen a photo and asked can we make this? I'm not buying any more that are specifically for kids because when I can gear up to do it, I want to teach them to make real food.
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My dd1 has and likes Look and Cook: A Cookbook for Children by Tina Davis. It's all "real" cooking so she needs me by but she's learning some skills from it.
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I love to cook and bake. Most of the time the when I ask the boys if they want to help me I just get a "no, but don't forget to tell us when it's done".
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LOL! Well, if it encourages you, here's my story:

My mother not only hates cooking with children, she hates cooking, period. She just can't stand it. Whereas I've been begging to bake since about the age of eight. After the first few times, Mum wouldn't help me. She liked to eat what I baked, though, so she let me cook fairly often. Then when I was 12, I started homeschooling and every morning we'd have this conversation:

Me: Mum, can I bake something?
She: Only if you make dinner.

Which was great, because this way I learned to cook actual food. Left to myself, I would only ever have made three-layer fudgy, icingy, chocolatey slices (which is grand and all, but one should branch out).

Nine years later, I may have a slightly lopsided education, but hoo boy, can I cook! And just think, if Mum had enjoyed it I wouldn't have half the cooking skills I do now.
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Smokering, that is exactly how/why I learned to cook. I would have starved to death otherwise. We ate McDonalds and Dominos during the week, and went to restaurants on the weekends. So cooking from scratch in my own kitchen and not having to go out still seems like the height of luxury, even in my 30s.
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DS asked to cook again today. So this morning he made "Hasty Pudding" (which is just cornmeal mush) from the Little House cookbook. He ate some but said it was too salty. So next time he told me he would not put salt in it.

Now we are making carmel popcorn. Not exactly healthy fare but yummy.

I've told him no more for today!
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My favorite cookbook for ds was the Kids Can Press Jumbo Cookbook (ds did go through brief phases of wanting to cook, just never, ever, ever with me )

I totally second other posters that there is no one thing that you have to do to be a good parent, and all moms will be good at some parts of mothering and struggle with other parts. I'm another toddler lover, I still don't understand the whole terrible twos thing, and I really miss having a toddler. My best friend hated the whole parenting a little one thing and couldn't wait till her daughter was a teenager. She's enjoying (and understands) the whole teen thing way better than I am. I keep telling ds "grow down!"

The thing I could never stand doing with ds were all those stupid science experiments. Ds luuuuuuved them, wanted to do science experiments all the time. I hated searching the house for all the little bits and pieces we needed (easily available household items my ass!! who keeps alum around the house "just in case"???), then all the time spent on doing the stupid experiment to get a result (hopefully) that you already knew would happen! Arrggh, that's my parent hell.
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