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4yr check/school exam vent

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I am getting everything in order to register my daughter for Kindergarten this fall and the ped. asked about shots and i said she wouldn't be getting any and i had been researching them and he goes

You now 100's of children die every year because they aren't vaccinated

thankfully he didn't say much else after that. but on the form he had to fill out for the school above the shot record info he put
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and 100's of children die because of vaccines.
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When I took dd in for her first school exam, the doc said "you know, kids still die of measles".
I just said, it's pretty rare in this country, and she's very healthy. If she gets it, she'll be fine. That was the last of our conversation about that. Hopefully, your doc had his/her peace and is done with it!
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If we still have him as a ped when my son turns 5 i'm sure hear a earful lol since his last vax was at 4months old
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I hate well child visits! We also just went in for a four year check up. The doc and the nurse both told me that we'd have trouble registering DD for school without her shots. I said, "Nope. You just file an exemption," when the doc said it, gave a similar but slightly longer answer when the nurse said it and smiled REALLY big at both of them. They very clearly were not expecting that sort of response and neither of them brought it up again. In fact, the nurse got downright embarrassed. This is at a little base clinic (we're military) so the "nurse" may just have been a 20-year-old hospital corpsman for all I know, but she was clearly just saying what she'd been told to say, which was made very obvious by the fact that, as soon as I happily told her it would be easy to go to school without vaccines, she got all flustered and said, "Oh. I didn't know how it worked. I just have one son younger than your daughter, so I've never done it before." You'd have to have been there to hear the tone and see how flustered she was, but she was clearly really embarrassed at having me tell her what she said wasn't true, and the way she backed off from it ("...I didn't know...I've never done it before") definitely made it seem to me that she was just repeating what they told her to say.

We've never had a big problem with any of the military docs we've seen (one was a real jerk, but no huge deal) but I always start worrying about a month before we go in. I wouldn't go at all if I wasn't one of those (probably overly paranoid) people who just wanted a record of care...just in case and all that.
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We don't do well checks anymore either, haven't since my son was 4months * we also switched insurances due to dh's job sometime after that and never had the records transfered over *. The kids only go to the doctor if there is a good reason to go, like when they both got ear infections.
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