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I keep coming up with nothing on this question. I am very familiar with the midwifery system in Ontario, but that doesnt mean I like it. I am currently pg with #2 and contacted a midwife group in my area today, and was told because of the shortage, they only prefer to take people living in the city, I live about 25minutes outside, which is listed in their catchment area, but the secretary, in not so many words, said "they turn away as many as they take", which I inferred meant I wouldnt be a priority, so now I have to wait for them to decide and call me back!! I am starting to get really scared, as my last birth was a medical nightmare after my midwife agreed to transfer me to hospital after 24 hrs of back labour, in short, I dont want to go back to her, but it might be my only option. I dont like being made to feel I only have one option. SO, I guess my question is, does anyone know of any "underground" midwives/birth attendants in Ontario!! I gotta do something, I hate feeling so helpless, please PM me, if you know anything!!