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hey I am new to this part of the board, but I am an avid recycler with the best of

I just wanted to let people in on something that I just found out yesterday.....
Apparently since Earth Day up until the end of the school year, walmart will take and recycle old glue bottles and sticks. Just wash as best you can and bring them in to the greeter.
This really excites me! I have been trying to find a place for those things!!

I do not know how I JUST found out about this yesterday......
I go to walmart multiple times a week and just now noticed the sign! Maybe they just put it up...or maybe it was because I am now 9 months pg and walk really slow and just happened to see the small sign as I walked by at a snail's pace!
The funny thing is, honestly I was just trying to find something to look at while I rested from walking the parking lot! I did not want to just stand there looking dumb, so I was looking at the sign and happened to actually read it in my initial fake interest towards it! lol lol lol

I am glad I did. I just hope I did not throw all of my collection away out of being bored with saving them.........