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Vacation = 1 month earned per year (13.33 hours earned each month) to a max accrual of 168 hours
Sick - 480 hours max accrual
Personal - 24 hours (3 days) per year, use-it-or-loose-it
Holidays = 10 paid
Flex time, work from home, etc. all options
Then there are a few categories of other paid leaves like funeral and such.

The one thing I'd change is that I'd be better about actually taking my vacation time
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I get:

12 vacation days per year
12 sick days per year (we do have a sick bank, so I can get more sick time if I need it)

$50 per month to my 401K.

They pay 80% of the health insurance that I carry on the family.

I also have a great boss that allows me to flex time if I need it.
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I am half time, and get half of the full time benifits. They are...

22 days of vacation
unlimited sick time
2 to 1 match up to 5% in 403(b)
free tuition after 10 years of employment for your spouse and children
low cost, good, health & dental insurance
eligibility for paid leaves of up to one year for a variety of reasons
12 weeks of paid maternity leave

but the pay is not spectacular I'm not complaining though!
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Originally Posted by liberal_chick View Post
2 personal days
10 sick days
2 weeks off at Christmas
3 days off at Thanksgiving
2.5 months off in the summer

Want to guess my job?

That's where the perks stop, though. Health insurance would've cost me an ENTIRE paycheck each month to insure my family of 3. Maternity leave is either unpaid or what you have saved up in sick days.
Mine too ...except no personal days and no official sick days. If I'm sick, I have to find a way of covering the missed material, and/or make up individual lesson times. University.

Add bank holidays, and an excellent benefits package (childbearing leave, health and retirement) despite not being full-time.
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The reason I don't SAH is because of my retirement benefits. My retirement is matched 2 to 1. My brothers thought I had to be lying or at least mistaken when I first told them that. I also get
4 weeks vacation
3 weeks sick time
9 holidays
flex benefits which pay for health insurance and life insurance, plus I have extra to go into a childcare account.

The drawbacks are the salary is quite a bit less than I would get from other employers and there is "no parental leave". I had to take sick time then vacation time then unpaid time. The unpaid portion of my maternity leave effectively cost me $5000 and now I am back at work and I have no time. If I take time because my DD is sick, I have to make it up on the weekend. I also will be working extra hours and weekends so I can have vacation to visit family-some of whom have not met my baby.
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I get:

20 days off a year (I will get 25 after 5 years)
6 paid holidays
100% 401(k) match up to 6%
A pension plan funded by them that's separate from the 401(k)
ST/LT disability
Partially paid maternity leave depending on years on the job
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Oh, Canada

Originally Posted by canadianchick View Post
I get 7 weeks paid vacation, 10 paid holidays, 10 sick days, health insurance, I pay $270/month for dd's health insurance (much cheaper than other jobs I have had), life insurance, a very flexible schedule.... I usually only work 9-3 but it is salaried so I get pd for a 40 hour week. I book my own schedule and see clients in their homes so I am out of the office some, which I like. I actually just interviewed for, was offered and turned down a state job because although it is a job that I have wanted to a while, it would be more demanding than the job I have now. I need to grow dd up a little more before taking a more challenging job. The flexbility is so great and it allows me to spend so much more time with dd. The state job will have to wait. Spending more time with dd takes priority. She is growing up so fast.
I sure wish it were not so cold up there, as I would LOVE to be in Canada for the leave alone.

Good for you. :-)
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Belgium is pretty good too and not near as cold . I get
39 vacation days
12 paid holidays
sick leave "when needed"
health insurance for the whole family
yearly bonus of at least 12%
pension plan
15 weeks paid maternity (by law)
parental leave (by law), partially paid, to be taken as 3 months full time, 6 months half time or 15 months 1 day a week, which is what I'm using
I can work at home, but in reality this is rare because of the many meetings etc.
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