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symptoms of abdominal muscle separation?

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I have been struggling with pubic symphysis dysfunction for the last 6 weeks or so, and this weekend developed a new problem. When I put pressure on my left leg I get a radiating pain through my lower abdominal muscles. I've been hobbling around on crutches...the chiropractor adjusted my pelvis which might bring some relief-but I remembered hearing about how sometimes the abdominal muscles can separate in pregnancy. could this be that? what is it called?
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separation of your rectus abdominus is called diastasis recti. it's easy to check yourself for this. just lay flat on your back, and then do a little 'crunch' where you lift your head and shoulders off the ground a bit. use your fingers to press gently down the mid-line of your belly (this will follow your linea negra if you have one). some separation is expected/normal, but if you can fit three or more fingers in between the two muscles, this is considered a diastasis. sometimes this looks like a ridge that pokes up between the two muscles, other times the tissue will dip down.

to protect it, or to keep it from getting any worse, try to avoid things like kicking up to seated from lying down, or otherwise pushing out with your belly/using your abdominals muscles to pull yourself up/etc. also, if you do find you need to do that for any reason, pull your transverse muscles in first (the girdle-like muscles that wrap around the belly) to hold the rectus abdominus in place.

all that said, i don't know that a diastasis would cause the radiating pain you are experiencing. it seems like it is more likely to be related to the pubic symphysis issues you're having than anything else.
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splitting abdominal muscles are exactly as the second poster described. what you're experiencing sounds exactly like a misalignment that you're doing a good job of having addressed with your chiro. if it's that bad (and, trust me, i know where you're coming from!) don't be surprised if it takes 2-3 times a week for the rest of your pregnancy to keep your pelvis from slipping all over the place. there are a few supplements you can take to help your body hold the adjustments and massage will help keep it from happening and ease the pain in the meantime.
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