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Erika, that dream sounds horrible. Just chalk it up to pregnancy-loss paranoia coupled with the vivid dreaming of pregnancy and try to forget about it. Or re-dream it -- if it comes up again, try inventing a sympathetic doctor or pastor to come to your rescue.

To post links to pictures, first upload a photo to a photosharing web site, like Flickr. Once you have the photo on the site make sure it is publicly available and copy the link into the MDC message. Do you know how to add links to messages?
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Originally Posted by juneau View Post
Erika, that dream sounds horrible. Just chalk it up to pregnancy-loss paranoia coupled with the vivid dreaming of pregnancy and try to forget about it. Or re-dream it -- if it comes up again, try inventing a sympathetic doctor or pastor to come to your rescue.
to add to the whole thing, or maybe this is why i dreamt it, i had the tiniest bit of spotting yesterday. i don't think you could even rightly call it spotting. there was a tiny bit of old blood about a 1/3 the size of a pea. i called the dr's office about it and they said it was probably from the pap smear i had last week and since i had no cramps not to worry. still, after what i have been through it's hard not to worry.

as for posting links, i *think* i do but i'm not sure....

erik and arthur's mommy

41, 11 weeks 6 days via home insemination with known donor
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So next week is a big u/s week for all of us; and Erika, you're almost in the second trimester! Hallelujah!

Erika, just copy the photo link into your clipboard, then when you are on MDC entering a message, click the little world with a chain link icon above the message. When the window pops up to "enter the URL of your link" just paste it in and you're good to go.

Sorry you had spotting; that's always scary. But it probably is the pap. That's one reason I guess my doc waits till 2nd trimester to do those -- I just had it done yesterday.

Veganmama, what specifically are you PO'd at your MIL for these days?
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thanks! you know, there seems to be differing opinions about when the second trimester starts. some sources say 12 weeks, some say 14, one i saw said 15. what do you think?

as for the pap, the more i think about it the more absurd it seems that they do it at all. and in my case they really had no reason. they said it was to check for stds, but i had all that done with my last pregnancy and i haven't had sex in well over a year. sometimes i feel like drs just want to feel like they're doing *something* so that they can convince themselves they belong where they really don't.

i am particularly angry at drs today. i also found out yesterday that the boob who did my c/s closure my uterus with single layer sutures rather than double, which makes this dr skeptical about allowing me to VBAC. little does she know that i am shopping for a midwife and that she is only shadow care. nonetheless, i am angry that the last dr did that. when the nurse told me this yesterday i asked her why the dr would have done it like that and she said, 'she was probably in a hurry'. WHAT?!?!?!? so now i get to dig up info about VBAC with single layer suturing. it shouldn't be such a struggle just to do what comes naturally.

erik and arthur's mommy

41, 11 weeks 6 days via home insemination with known donor
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Erika, I had a pap at my first prenatal visit at my GP's office last weekn too and she warned me I might have a little spotting. It sounds exactly like what yours is.
I love the midwives office. They never do an internal until you are well in to labour!

Juneau, I am so excited about your u/s!!!! And mine too, LOL, next Thursday.

My MIL is just a very selfish person. Everything has to be according to her schedule and her likes and her convenience. Currently I am PO'd with her because she planned a family event at her weekend place for the weekend of the 23rd. It's an hour out of town, everyone is expected to stay the night, and we have had 2 other events up there already this month.
I don't want to go. I am too tired to keep packing my kids up every weekend. Plus I have stuff to do at home! Like sleep, LOL!
Her brother has to be out of his house that week, the closing date is the 24th.
Her nephew's wife has 2 small children and fibromyalgia and is currently off works she is so sick. They live about 2 hours away.
Her niece doesn't want to go. She also has 2 kids and is busy and also doesn't want to spent that much in gas every weekend.
One of the guests of honour (it's an anniversary party that could easily have been held in town) hates going up there and never spends the night.
Her sister offered to have the party in town. But MIL already had her mind made up.

But SHE likes to spend every weekend up there in the summer. And loves to be the Queen Bee and this way she is the host and gets to delegate everything. And she gets to be up there for the weekend.

She has assigned her brother and SIL that are moving to make chili con carne and a baked ham. For 60 people. They are MOVING that week for heaven sakes.

She tried to get me to offer to make brunch for the priest last weekend (it as another big anniversary party). I work full time plus, as does my DH. Plus he is studying for 2 big exams in the next few weeks so I have been doing EVERYTHING at home and with the kids. AND I have 2 small children. She works 3.5 days a week and FIL is retired.

Needless to say I played dumb, pretended I didn't know what she was hinting at and did not make brunch. We didn't even arrive until mass at 1 pm.

She lives 4 blocks from us in town and if she babysits 4 times a year I'd be suprised. When she does offer it is always at the last second and when she has nothing betteer to do.

Yes, I am bitter and hormonal and b*tchy.

LOL, you did ask though,
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Veganmama, ugh, your MIL sounds like an insensitive megalomaniac. Good for you for not cooking brunch -- I couldn't imagine cooking anything during my first trimester! Sounds like more of you should say "no!" to her more often. It also sounds like that's tough to do, since she obviously makes up her own mind about what each of you should be willing to contribute.

Erika, I say 12 weeks! That's what FF says, anyway. Actually my m/s started to ease at 13 weeks and my energy came back at 15, so I can see why there are varying opinions.
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Erika, I am sad to say that I puked every day from 6 weeks to 20 weeks with my DD. With DS I never lost the first trimester exhaustion. That said, they say (ahem) "older women"'s hormone levels are lower so they are usually less sick and tired.
So far this PG and I am definitely less sick and less tired.

Of course thathas me paranoid that this is another BO PG.
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Erika, welcome to the FF second trimester! Where are those belly pix?

Hey, I've been having some pain just below and to the right of my belly button. It's achy, and I think I feel a lump when I push on it. If I weren't pregnant, I'd be putting a heating pad on it from time to time. My midwife friend suggested it could be a fibroid; sounds reasonable to me. Anyhow, I'm hoping the U/S next week will give some clues. It's been bugging me for a couple of weeks now. Not terribly painful, but always there, you know?
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Juneau, blech! It's never fun to have something else to worry about during PG is it? Do you have a history of fibroids?
I hope that u/s can give you some piece of mind.

I'm actually really nervous. My BBs are no longer really sore and I'm still not really sick at 8w6d. I am a little tired but I had major symptoms with both my kids. I just can't help thinking it's another blighted ovum.

Erika, I am assuming no more spotting for you chica?

Juls and Vicki and anyone I missed, I hope you are doing well!!!
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Veganmama, I'm sorry you're so worried. It must feel like a long wait till next Thursday; but at least it's only another week.

AFM, I've had gazillions of fibroids, so it wouldn't be anything new. They're not usually painful, though but then, I'm not usually pregnant, either!
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The weeks have been going pretty quickly at least. Hopefully this one will too. Soon it will be the weekend ( a MIL-free one at that!) and they always go fast. I am at a spa (just mani/pedis) with women colleagues on Wednesday afternoon and I took all of Thursday off for th u/s.

When did you all sto feeling SO worried? Was it when you saw the HB(s) or when you were through the first trimester?

Juneau, so you do any TCM fr the fibroids? Not that I'm suggesting you do it now, LOL, but have you done it or thought about it in the past? There is a whole chapter in The Infertility Cure abuot fibroids that I thought was pretty interesting.
I just loaned the book to a colleague who I recently found out has been TTC for 3 years. She's 28. She has fibroids but her DH is a doctor so I think they have just pursued western medicine. They are currently undergoing some testing at the Fertility Centre (where my horrible RE is, in fact she has my horrible RE who is very, very popular) but I think they are open to exploring eastern medicine at this point.

Speaking of my RE, I have an appointemnt with her right after my u/s. I am not sure why as they didn't help me get PG and I have been seeing my regular doc. I just called them becasue I wanted an earlier u/s.

Anyway, I am contemplating telling them that I took DHEA for 4 months even though it is "not available" in Canada. Even though you can get it OTC in the US, Health Canada will not let it in to the country (which I did not know when I ordered online, LOL). The fertility centre in Toronto is doing a study with it and I know several US centres have been studying it for a few years. The Center for Human Reproductin website has lots of info on it.

I kind of think it is an important thing for women to know about. My RE insists it has only been shown to help in conjunction with fertility drugs (which she was pushing on me when we had this conversation) but I really think it helps with egg quality.

The question is whether to tell them I was taking it since it is not strictly "allowed" in Canada.

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Veganmama, lots of questions. Let's see, I've done some TCM, though not specifically for fibroids. They haven't been an issue except (possibly) my early infertility and my first pregnancy. I'm still not sure what this pain is except that it's still there. I'm getting a bit anxious for the u/s to come because I wish I knew what it was or even more, that it would go away. It seems to be a bit worse but may only be because I am thinking about it more.

Seeing the H/B on ultrasound was a big worry-reducer. So was hearing the heartbeat at 13 weeks on Doppler. But I still panic from time to time. Feeling better physically now helps the time pass faster and makes it easier to think about things other than being pregnant -- a good distraction.

Though I found it hard to get on and off my bicycle today for the first time -- darn belly!

As for DHEA, I would tell them. I mean, what are they going to do? Fire you? LOL.

Erika, we haven't heard from you lately. Are you OK??
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Has anyone heard from Vicki lately either?

Juneau, I am glad the fibroids haven't been an issue in the past. What day is your u/s? I'm so excited for you! Mine's on Thursday.
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Vicki hasn't been around in a LONG LONG time. I hope Erika's OK -- she's usually so chatty!

My U/S is tomorrow! I'm very nervous, as I'm sure you are, too...

Juls, how are you???
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I'm not from you DDC but read the whole thread avidly. I'm close to 40 (39) and am finally pregnant naturally after undergoing some losses and infertility treatments with no success.

I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and feel like I am on a balance beam; afraid to get too excited and realizing that every day longer this pregnancy lasts the harder a loss would be. At the same time, feeling like it is different and that my body CAN and will do this. It is a delicate balance...

Good luck to all of you.
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Hi MNSunshine, and welcome! We're not all due in January, so feel free to join us. Most of us who are actively posting here are grads of the TTC over 40 thread, but we're all on the same journey, and we'd love to have company!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I remember oh so well being in your shoes with my first pregnancy (at age 40). I went through a lot to get there and the pregnancy itself was so incredibly nerve-racking. Good luck to you and keep posting!

I will be 19 weeks tomorrow -- hard to believe!
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Waiting for Juneau! I forgot to ask WHAT TIME the u/s was at.

Mine is at 1:15 Eastern on Thursday.......
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Hi MNSunshine! Welcome, you are glad to have you here.

Juneau, I am hoping everything went great today.
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Hi! U/S was at 11 a.m. Eastern but I spent the rest of the day running around and am just now getting online.

GOOD NEWS!!! Everything looks wonderful. I asked the tech not to tell me if there were Downs markers or problems but she did say at every opportunity, "This looks perfect." The whole thing only took about half an hour and she said if she'd seen anything concerning she wouldn't have let me leave without the doctor taking a look. She seemed like she was having fun with the scan. Baby has all its parts and is measuring right on target. Dd has named it "Fred." ("Fred" is the girls name; "Freddy" if it's a boy. Too cute!) We even got a 4D picture! I've never had one of those before.

The other good news is that I have a complete anterior placenta which explains the fact that I haven't been feeling movement. I suspected as much and she confirmed it. Fred is lying transverse, head on my left side, facing out. All the little hand and feet movements just whack into that giant cushion of a placenta -- I even saw it happening (without feeling a thing) -- so now I just feel a whole lot better about everything. Hooray! She said I should begin to feel things in a week or two. :

Juls, how about you????? Veganmama, I will have all my fingers and toes and any other parts crossed for you on Thursday....
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Oh, and we asked not to know the sex. The tech didn't even tell us if she could see anything.
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