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Oh thank goodness!!!! I was on pins and needles. That is GREAT news Juneau. I had anterior placenta with both my kidlets.
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Veganmama, I'll be thinking of you today... :
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Thanks Juneau, it's in an hour and fifteen minutes!
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The baby stopped developing about 3-4 weeks ago. I will be inducing a m/c on Saturday.
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Oh Veganmama, that wasn't the news I was expecting or hoping for. I'm so, so, very sorry.
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Thanks Juneau. It was a real shock, we weren't really expecting that. The RE did say that I seem to be "very fertile" for my age and that if I do get PG again, the chances are better than even that I would carry to term. She is basing this on the m/c rate for women "my age" being 40-45% and therefore having 2 being a bit of bad luck.

Anyway, I don't know how I feel about stats given that supposedly my odds of getting PG were less than 50% in a year and I have been PG twice this year.

But then I think about you being happily and healthily PG now and I feel a bit better.
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Yes, I'd say you are pretty fertile. If you've beaten the pregnancy rate odds for your age, chances are your body is "younger" than your chronological age would suggest.

But take some time to be kind to your body. A full spa day sounds like it would be in order!

Does this mean you get out of the big anniversary weekend at MIL's?

I'm glad my healthy pregnancy gives you some hope! I don't know how I would have kept on TTC without the women on the over-40-TTC board. Good luck to you, and many
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Veganmama I am so sorry mama. I had not been on MDC for a few weeks and was getting "caught up" with everyone's posts. I was shocked when I got to this page.

You do seem to have great fertility - don't give up. Take it easy for now and let yourself heal. I second the spa day.
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Vicki, I'm so glad to see you back. I was beginning to suspect that I was going to be talking to myself on this thread...

Veganmama, I'm with you today, and holding you in my thoughts.
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Hi Vicki, nice to "see" you and thank you for your kind thoughts. Keep our dear Juneau company for me OK? I am heading back (not that I ever left) the TTC thread.

I know in the grand scheme of things two losses is not that many. Other women have had more and gone on to have take home babies. So I hold that thought in my mind.

Juneau, your memory is spectacular. Yes, I did get out of the big anniversary weekend at MILs. We had to tell them that I had an ovarian cyst rupture. Which is harmless but painful. I know because I had one between my two kids. We didn't want to tell them all that we had been PG and m/c. But we wanted an excuse were he had to stay down with me.

DH took the kids up. My BF stayed with me yesterday while he was gone. Then when he went to get them this morning , my sister came over (the only one in our combined families to know about the PG). My BF has had 4 m/c, inclusing one where she took misoprostal so she was great.

Please continue to check in with us on the TTC thread, we are thrilled to finally have some sticky babies coming!

Lots of love to all of you.....
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Oh my dear VM, I can't tell you how much I'm feeling for you and sending you lots of hugs. I said an audible OMG when I read your post. My heart is just breaking and I know there's not much any of us can say. We love you and that's good news that your doctor thinks you're still quite the fertile Mertle. That bodes well for the next round when your body recovers in a few weeks. Just sending hugs and love and it doesn't feel like enough. And you do deserve the spa day (and perhaps a few umbrella drinks as well)

Juneau, what a great report from your ultrasound. I'm sure you gave a HUGE exhale. It's all very exciting and I'm glad it's all just perfect, just as it should be.

Welcome MNSunshine! The more the merrier and the January due date thing is a little lose on this thread. My 40 week singleton due date is January 9 but with twins that's never gonna happen. But my friends are here so I'm not even looking at December. We're bonding over our age thing and that works for me.

As for my ultrasound on Thursday, we went and brought DD with us to see "The Boo-Boo's". I was about 19.5 weeks which is a few days early but we're out of town this week for the official 20 week U/S. Everything was better than expected. I mean, I expected everything to be just fine but the doctor used the word "thrilled" several times with what he saw with both babies. Everything was right where it's supposed to be including liver and kidneys (I don't remember seeing those last time with DD), hands, feet, heartbeats, brain's looking great, no extra fluids anywhere, just "thrilled". He didn't think he'd be able to see as much at 19 so it was all exceptionally good. Now, I start my pretty much every two week schedule with seeing someone. My OB to make sure they stay in, the Perinatologist to make sure they're growing. It's a lot of monitoring but I've been through a bunch of miscarriages so if they want to check, I want the grand prize so I'm fine with it. They're already about 11" and .75 pounds. 11" is big. They're pretty much halfway there in length which is hard to believe.

I guess I'm feeling some movement. It's not the flutters like with DD. But I definitely feel specific spots of movement that come and go. Thus, I'm figuring it's movement. I know they're active in there. My next appointment is on the 3rd.
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Dear Juls, thanks so much for your post (and the heads up on the TTC board). Your love and support means a lot to me.

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear about your great u/s appointment and how thrilled your doc is. That is just so wonderful and I'm thrilled for you too.
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Veganmama, just sending a big your way.

Juls, I'm so glad to hear your great U/S report! Your babies sound big!! Mine was only 7 oz at 19 weeks, but the U/S tech said that was right on track.

Do you or Vicki have any remaining (or newly surfacing) food cravings or aversions? I am finding that I really can't stomach garlic or onions, and although raw tomatoes are OK, tomato sauce is really yucky. It makes me sad because all of those things are plentiful now between my garden and the farm stands. I harvested 100 heads of garlic from my garden in July and haven't eaten any of it! And last year I froze a lot of roasted tomatoes but I'm having a hard time finding the motivation now.

I'm also starting to find cooking uncomfortable because the heat from the stove bothers my belly. I need an apron with a belly shield in it! Maybe that'll be my niche product -- if only I had the energy to develop it...

I've been napping in the afternoons when dd allows and cannot get out of bed in the mornings -- pre-children I swam every morning at 6 a.m. for years! -- now I think 8 a.m. is to early for words.

But otherwise, I feel pretty good. How about you?
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Veganmama thinking of you

Juneau I am so glad you are feeling better! My nausea is gone only to be replaced by killer heartburn: I still have an aversion to really sweet stuff and crave really spicy. It's ok though, I went into this pregnancy a little on the "fluffy" side and probably don't need the sweets.

I love your belly apron idea!

Juls : That is great news!

My u/s was last Friday. Everything looked perfect except there is there is possibly a ventricular septal defect. I am trying to not be too worried because I know it is hard to get a clear diagnosis this early but it is hard not to. Being ped and OB nurse seems to make me think worse case scenario in these situations.

Anyways, we are having a : girl! We were not going to find out but after the possible not so good news we changed our minds. We are very excited :! She weighed apprx 9oz and measures right on.
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Oh yes, killer heartburn here too! I forgot to mention it because I've been treating it prophylactically with Zantac at bedtime -- otherwise I run a very good chance of being awakened by reflux in the middle of the night (lovely).

Unfortunately, my sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance. And I liked spicy during the first trimester but not any more...

What is a ventricular septal defect? I'm sorry to hear you got maybe not-so-good news, but I hope it's just an u/s artifact and everything is really OK with your baby. A girl -- how exciting for your dd!
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Bump! And time for a new belly pic!

20-week belly

I think I've really popped in the past four weeks -- there's no hiding this bump any more!
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i'm back!

i'm sorry i've been gone so long, everyone! i wasn't getting notices that there were new posts and i assumed no one was posting. then i just came to see if i was wrong and i sure was wrong. i'm so behind on what is happening with everyone.

veganmama, i am so sorry about what is happening. it's heartbreaking and terrible and even though i know you will keep trying and even though i know you are going to succeed, it doesn't minimize this experience and i just want you to know how sorry i am and that my heart is with you. xoxoxo

erik and arthur's mommy

41, 14 weeks 1 day via home insemination with known donor
: : :
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Erika, I'm so relieved to see you back! I was so worried that something terrible had happened to you. Please catch us up on how you are doing.
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well, i'm still get nauseous but i guess one could call that a 'good sign' in some way as it means my hormone levels are high? am i right? and i get tired, but that's ok. my stomach went from normal to sticking out over night it seems and now strangers are beginning to notice that i'm pregnant. i had a drs appointment today, pretty routine. everything is good and the heartbeat was good, 153. they said they will schedule my level 2 ultrasound for around 19-20 weeks which feels like eons away. i said the appointment needed to be 3 or later and the dr said maybe they won't agree to that because if something is wrong the dr will want to talk to me and the dr won't make appointments so late. just mentioning something negative like that made me unhappy. ultrasound 1 was perfect and i have no real reason to worry but i don't like even the idea being introduced, especially considering my history. but i'm just trying not to think that way....

erik and arthur's mommy

41, 14 weeks 1 day via home insemination with known donor
: : :
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Yay, heartbeat! I'm sorry the docs are stressing you out about your u/s. I feel the same way -- any little thing is enough to send me over the edge with worry. Fortunately, things are still going very smoothly for us, and I trust will for you as well. I scheduled my 20-week u/s with only a week's notice because I knew I would spend whatever time I had to think about it getting more and more anxious.

I hope your nausea and fatigue ease up soon. I felt more or less normal by 15 weeks.
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