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Actually, little or no nausea. Just a little "ick" feeling in the morning that passes pretty quickly. Thankfully, not vomiting. It's about the same as with DD but maybe a little bit more since there's more hormones running through me with two.

Mostly I'm EXHAUSTED. All I want to do is sleep, which I know is good. I try to get a decent night's sleep, get DD off to school, come home and take a nap. I'm volunteering in the class tomorrow. Hope I don't fall asleep into some green paint or anything. LOL. A friend of mine, who has twins, said that the second half of the first trimester (where we're all at now) was brutal for her with two. Maybe that's what's kicking in for me now.

Juneau, where are you traveling to? I hope you get there soon so you can finally relax a little.
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Hi Hockeylover. It's great that you don't have any nausea. I'm pretty much queasy all day, and nothing sounds good to eat. I can't even look at the smiley with the knife and fork! Oy! And I've thrown up twice already, blech.

You're lucky that you can send dd off to school! Preschool, such as it was (2 hours a week) has just ended for us. Today I took dd to her music class and one of the moms guessed right away that I was pregnant -- I didn't think it was that transparent, but everyone commented on how tired I looked, and asked if I was feeling OK. I tried to beg off, saying I was "travelweary" but she saw right through it! Good luck staying awake in class tomorrow.

As for travel, we were coming back home after being away for 10 days. I was only feeling tired when we left but driving home was a real chore with the nausea on top of it. I feel exactly like I did when I was pg with dd, so I'm guessing another girl (which is what she hopes).

Thank goodness, it's bedtime.
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Oh man, I hear you on the "looking tired". I went to a school function last night and the one mom (she's got twins in DD's class) who knows asked how I was doing. I said "tired" and she said "yeah, you look it". Lovely. No one's asked though so I guess I'm hiding it well or people are too embarrassed in case I'm not. LOL. Good thing I'm in my "fat" jeans and I think I need to move up a bra size.

Juneau, it's a good thing that you're feeling awful. It's uncomfortable but that means those hormones are raging and that's a good thing. Sorry you feel awful but you know what I mean.

Vicki, how are you doing ?

I'm glad we're all here together.
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I just discovered Sea Bands and I ate lunch yesterday! A huge thing for me since I haven't been able to eat much. Driving still ramps up the nausea and the smell of food is sometimes hard to take, but I can eat again. Hooray!!!! I am planning to wear them all day every day but not at night.

Vicki, how are you feeling?
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is 39 close enough?

Hi can I join? I just posted in the roll call thread but then I noticed this one. A little about me: I'm a 39 yo SAHM with a long history of infertility. It took about a year to get pregnant the first time w the help of clomid (my twin girls just turned 4!!!!). After about 3 years of trying for a third with clomid, IUIs, injectibles- finally IVF did the job! I've had 2 losses, one at almost 12 weeks so I don't think I'll rest easy til then. There's a possibility that it's twins again- I won't find out until the end of next week. I'm going nuts with the waiting!!!!

My due date is Jan 31. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here.

Congrats to all!!!

Hockeylover- double congrats on the twins! I will be honest that I found it really challenging (although amazing too) when they were babies- but it is SO FUN having twins. Do you have the book by Dr Luke? I found it really helpful and I followed the insane eating plan. It was hard to pack on all those pounds but I ended up delivering at 40 weeks.
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Hi Clementine,

What's the name of the book? Obviously, I haven't dealt with any twins books or anything yet. I think I'm just waiting for my U/S on Monday to confirm that the two are really sticking in there. I had an U/S a week ago and we saw two heartbeats for sure but only one yolk sac. The doctor wasn't concerned and was like it'll be 70% fine, but I just want to get over than hump next week before I'm full dealing with the twins thing.

IVF finally worked for us too. This was our 3rd round, my 6th transfer (several frozen egg cycles that didn't take). We're excited about twins but obviously a little scared too. Good luck for you too. I know you'll keep us posted. I can't wait to hear.
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There is a ! We went in for a u/s yesterday and there it was! While I know I am not out of the woods yet, after seeing my babe's beating little heart I feel more hopeful about this pregnancy .

How is everyone else doing? Juneau, are your hanging in there with the m/s?
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Congratulations, Vicki! That's great news! What's your EDD? Mine's the 14th.

AFM, I threw up the eggs I craved for breakfast. Then I called my doctor. Now I have some Zofran, and while it knocked me out for a few hours, now I feel like eating dinner is a distinct possibility.
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My EDD by LMP is 1/19, by FF and the u/s is it 1/22.

Zofran is magical I have been on it for 4 days and feel pretty good. I take my doses when I know I will be able to nap.
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Hockeylover, the name of the book is When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads by Barbara Luke. She recommends a LOT of weight gain in the first trimester (12 to 15 pounds as I recall).

Well Thursday is my first ultrasound, the answer to the big question of HOW MANY. I was quite sick by this point when I was pregnant with my girls, and I'm not sick at all this time at 5 weeks. So I have a strong feeling it's one, but can't wait to find out.

OK I'm sure I should be able to figure this out, but- how do you put a signature line in?
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clementine99 If I remember right, you go to the user CP and use the edit signature function. I hope I am not leading you wrong - I already seem to have pregnancy brain:

hockeylover I think my future SIL said she gained 14lbs in the 1st tri with her twins. She ended up going early at 34 weeks with the babes who weighing in at over 6 lbs each

How is everyone else doing?
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thanks vicki! i just want to see if my signature worked- i couldn't really deal with all the smileys so it is dull, but let's see if i did it right-
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Thanks for the name of the book. I'll order it from Amazon.

OMG, I'm supposed to gain that much weight in my first trimester. Oy. I've been eating, don't get me wrong, but I think I've only gained a pound. Honestly, I'm ok with that. I started a good 13 pounds heavier then when I got PG with DD so I think I have a little to "live off the land". I know my weight gain will come and I'm certainly not shy about eating. I gained 40 with DD so I'd like to try and keep it somewhat under control since I'll have plenty to lose on the other side.

I had my second U/S yesterday and we saw two strong heartbeats. One more U/S next week before I "graduate" from fertility doctor land and go to my regular OB. I tried to call my OB today (office was closed for the day), just to get ahead on some things, and now I'll ask about weight gain too.

Clementine, do you know how many yet?
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OK, just got back from my u/s- they saw 2 sacs, but one is tiny. The doc said it i most likely that the tiny one will be gone by the next u/s (next friday). It is going to be another long week! I guess I will just assume it is one, in an effort to stop obsessing about what-ifs.

I had been hoping to see a little heartbeat- I can't remember when that happens. How far along were you guys when you saw it? Maybe I will see one next time- I will be 6 1/2 weeks?
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I'm glad you saw sacs, clementine, but you're right, it's going to be a long week. I'm sorry. I saw my HB at just around 7 weeks, though the u/s tech thought I was measuring closer to 6 weeks.

I canceled my followup ultrasound this week and really don't want another one. But my high-risk OB is insisting on one before my first prenatal visit, "for dating." I had an u/s and blood draw at ovulation and was being monitored by a fertility specialist; I don't know how much better dating you can have than that! Right now I'm scheduled for one in about 2 weeks (right around 10 weeks), but I'm going to try to get out of it.

Also, I'm getting really annoyed at people's reactions when I tell them I'm pregnant. Two friends have said to me, versions of, "oh, really, do you really want to go through this again?" Only slightly better than, "I'm sorry." One asked if I was trying! Oh, please, I just got pregnant by accident. Jeesh.

I kind of feel like not telling anyone anymore. If they can't be happy for me then at least just shut up and leave me alone. (Sorry, I'm just feeling really sick and grumpy right now.)
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Oh Juneau, how annoying are those responses? I don't blame you for not wanting to tell people. Be happy people. This is a baby we're talking about and if you didn't want it, well, you wouldn't be telling people. Sheesh! We're happy for you if that's any consolation.

I had lunch today with a bunch of girlfriends (two know that I'm pregnant). We were talking about ages and I was the oldest one there and felt like a freak that I was just pregnant and still having kids. They're all way done. But that's been that way since I had DD. I'm the oldest of my friends who still was wanting another one. Everyone had their two or three before I even got close. One of the ladies who knows, who's also 44, when I told her I was upset and felt weird said not to worry about it. Having kids at our age will keep us young. it's all good and we *wanted* another baby. Anyone who doesn't get that, it's their loss.

Yeah, I don't blame you for not wanting another U/S. If you know your conception date, thanks to fertility doc, then that's pretty reliable, you're right. Then deal with the rest when you transfer to your regular OB for real. Your fertility doc should be giving your OB all the latest information anyway. Mine is when the time comes.

Clementine, I'm thinking of you. Hope that second one is "the little engine that could" and gets over the hill next week. Try not to stress too much (yeah, I know, easier said than done).
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I know how you feel about being around contemporaries who are done having kids. I have three neighbors who are around my age and they all have kids in high school. I just don't really have anything to talk to them about. And women who have kids my age are just so young I can hardly stand it! Ah well. I'm just focusing on my family right now.

I did try to get pregnant in my 30s -- for five years -- without success. I think it's a miracle that I have my dd and an even more amazing thing that I'm pregnant right now. I just keep telling myself that the oldest woman I know who had a healthy baby without fertility treatments was 49. If she can do it, I can certainly have one at 45. And be happy about it, darn it!!

I'm not under the care of a fertility doc -- actually, he doesn't even know I'm pregnant yet -- because our last contact was the day they canceled my cycle (at ovulation). I'm with a peri because of my ectopic last summer, and because I'll need a repeat C/S at the birth, but really for routine prenatal care I'm not especially high risk. I'm debating switching to a midwife.

Gonna be HOT HOT HOT here today! I'm having trouble adjusting, because it only got warm enough to open our windows last Saturday!
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I know how you feel about feeling old compared to everyone else around you. Once again, I'll be the novelty friend with the babies who everyone wants to drool over. That's how I'm looking at it. All my friends who miss that baby smell, cuddling a little one etc because their kids are so old, I'll be happy to accommodate. Here take a kid. I've got another one to hold. LOL.

I hope you're feeling well though. After my u/s on Wednesday, assuming all is good (which it will be), I graduate to my regular OB. I spoke with her last week so she knows I'm coming. When I see her, the first question will be do I need to see a perinatologist. I obviously didn't deal with that the first time around. So we'll see how that goes now that we're "older". I'm so glad to hear that you're not considered high risk. I think it's all very exciting, no matter how old we are. There's a mom in my DD's class that had twins last August. She was 49. She's a single mom and did a frozen egg transfer but yeah, if she can do it, so can we. As long as we're happy and our family is happy, those are the only people we have to be worried about. Too bad if other people don't understand.
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Hockeylover, that's a nice way to look at it. And you'll be happy for someone to hold at least one of your babies, I'm sure!

I am so sick and miserable! The zofran has me completely stopped up, so now am taking various remedies for that. Also have a sore throat that I am taking ABX for "just in case" it's something bacterial... On top of the preexisting nausea that the zofran doesn't completely take away, I am a mess. Good thing my folks are here helping out right now, though they leave Thurs. and then we are on our own. I'm just hoping and praying that 10 weeks (next Wed.) is a magic number for nausea.

Good luck with your ultrasound tomorrow! I guess I'm resigned to having one next week, and actually starting to look forward to it a little bit.
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