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So I had my visit with the peri today. It was GREAT! Such a huge relief. He didn't say so directly but I got the distinct impression that he is not at all worried about this pregnancy. I have been in potentially and actually life-threatening situations with this doctor during three pregnancies now, and I hadn't realized how much that history was weighing me down until the appointment was over and I felt jubilant.

I feel good physically, my BP continues to hover around 100/60, my weight actually dropped a pound, I'm measuring right on, and the baby's heart sounds good. :

We did talk about the GD issue and he joked around with me a bit. He said that if my BP was high and I was planning to treat that with yoga he'd give me a hard time, but he's not that concerned about me skipping the GTT. He did say he could refer me to a nutritionist and I could follow a GD diet, which would leave me in just as good shape as if I'd failed the GTT. Plus it's a healthy diet anyway for a pregnant woman. He didn't end up referring me but I plan to follow more-or-less a GD diet to make my friend happy.

So Juls, I could use some tips! I'm going to stop eating my dd's favorite breakfast of Nutella on toast and try more for the scrambled egg/bacon/hash brown variety of breakfast. I'm going to try very hard not to eat chocolate, drink hot chocolate, snack on chocolate-covered raisins, etc. Avoid making muffins and sweet breads. Eat more of the potatoes I dug out of the garden. Etc. etc.

With avoiding acidic foods on account of heartburn, trying to eat more red meat and dark greens because of anemia, and now avoiding simple carbs for GD, it makes things a bit complex. At least all the dietary limitations all work together.

My dh made the most amazing soup tonight I just have to share (his culinary skills are highly variable, so I have to gush when it turns out great). He roasted beets, turnips, carrots, apples, and potatoes and then simmered them in chicken broth until tender, added salt and pepper, and pureed. The beets and carrots made the most awesome-colored soup, and we added plain yogurt to that to jazz it up in the bowl. Tasty AND beautiful, too. For presentation, a sprig of parsley would have made it worthy of a fine restaurant.
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Ladies, I miss you.

I am glad you pop over to the TTC board every once in a while and I am glad to read how well you are all doing when you post.

I found out this morning that I am PG again. Third time this year.

It freaks the heck out of me quite frankly but then I think about you Juneau and your happy healthy PG and I feel a bit better.

love to you all......
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Woohoo, Veganmama, hooray for you! The TTC-in-our-40s thread is seriously overdue for a sticky I hope this is it for you. Yep, TTC after a loss or two or three is a rollercoaster and I know many people couldn't believe I was still trying, but now it's all worth it. Best of luck to you, and please join us over here again. We're definitely stretching the "due in January" part of the title! :
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LOL, stretching it is right, I am due in July!
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Woo-Hoo VM!! I'm so happy for you. I don't care that we're stretching our January thing along. Yeah, my calendar due date is January 9 but 37 weeks for twins is December 20. As long as we're together, that's the cool part. I'm thrilled for you and I know how nervous you are. But three's a charm so this one will be a good sticky one. I hope you're feeling awful so that means those hormones are working overtime.

Juneau, I'm happy to share whatever I know. My numbers still bop around but overall, I'm doing better more consistently. Remember, my numbers are just slightly over and we're still trying to control it with diet so I'm still not on any medication, which is fine with me with 5 weeks to go. LMK what your nutritionist says but here's the basic gist of what mine wants me to do. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be around 45 carbs. Snacks around 25. Nothing sweet in the morning since after fasting overnight, any sugar will set my system into overdrive which includes cereal and fruit juices. Generally, I have toast with peanut butter or cheese, hard boiled egg and some V8 juice. I've found that having even a 1/2 a bagel with butter is killer. My numbers two hours later are off the charts. There's some lo-carb, high fiber bagel out there but I haven't bothered to go get it. I'm fine with toast.

Lunch and dinner, I just try to eat well. Protein, of course. I'm not good with my veggies in general so that's a struggle. She said I can pretty much eat as much fish or shellfish as I'd like. Avoid all white things (which is a general rule) like white rice, pasta, white bread. They are huge carb hogs and breakdown to more sugar.

Personally, I save all my sweets for my snack times. Whether it's chocolate, fruit, cookie or my eggnog lattes (no one will deny me that this time of year) or whatever, I plan it so it's my snack. Since I have to check my blood two hours after I eat the real meal, if I have the snack in between, by the time I eat my meal and check two hours later, whatever bad stuff has processed in my body. And I don't feel like I'm denying myself my sweet tooth cravings.

Oh, and snack before bedtime. Since my fasting numbers are the most troublesome (3-5 points over where my OB wants them to be), I need to eat my snack before 10P and keep it all/mostly protein. Cheese, nuts, hard boiled egg, stuff like that. My numbers are a little better so I guess it's a good plan.

Does any of that help? None of it has changed the heartburn but oh well. I can look at my other paperwork and see what else is considered "good" stuff.

That soup your DH made sounds delish!
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Congratulations VM! What a rollercoaster this year has been for you. July is a lovely time to have a babe! Just last July, January/February seemed so far away. I am sure it feels the same for you now waiting for July.

Not much news to report from up this way. We're getting ready to host our annual Thanksgiving craziness so we're focused on that. We skipped cleaning the house over the weekend and did a bunch of little stuff around the house. And our endless kitchen remodel will be one step closer to finished as the tile backsplash is being installed this week.

Totally annoyed with my husband because he shrank my favorite maternity pants! Grrrrr. Today, I had to throw on a pair of black jeans that I had when I was preggers with my daughter. They have no stretch. None. At. All. Ugh. I feel like a sausage squeezed in them. No good at all. I think I am going to have to give in and look for a couple of things to tide me over. Seems like such waste of $ to me.
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Today was not a good day for me. I think all that I did last week caught up with me. I woke up and was feeling pressure "down there". It's definitely not contractions or anything like that but I think it's just the combination of overdoing and the weight of two babies getting to my pelvis. I took a 2 hour nap and I did feel better.

Then this afternoon, I have my eggnog latte, and I've had a stomachache since. I know it tasted ok but it was probably too rich for what my stomach could handle today. The pain is way high up by my ribs so again, it's not contractions. So it's just been an uncomfortable day all around and very annoying. And let's not forget the ever swollen ankles.

Going to the doctor(s) on Wednesday so I'm sure they'll have something to say about all of this. At least my GD numbers have been good.
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Hockeylover, thanks for the advice on your GD diet. As far as white things go, are potatoes bad too? I've been doing fairly well, but cooking my breakfast every morning (eggs, bacon, etc.) has been a real drag. I have to say, toast or sweet bread (banana, cranberry, etc.) was a lot easier. I've got oatmeal on my mind for tomorrow though I'm wondering how to make it palatable without sweetener...

My doctor is going to check my glucose next Monday when I go in, two hours after breakfast. I'm wondering whether to be a carb hog or eat GD style? I figure it'll tell me more if I eat pancakes and maple syrup -- if my glucose isn't high after that then surely I don't have GD? (Although I must say, eating the way I am now is probably a lot healthier in the long term, even if not as much fun.)

It's my birthday on Thursday, though, and I am going to make a cake! Dh is hopeless at cake-baking and I don't mind making my own.

Sorry to hear you're having a rough day. It must be awful having swollen ankles. I didn't get that until the day I delivered dd, and haven't had them so far this pregnancy either. Knock on wood! And no wonder you're feeling pressure with two babies in your belly! The only thing I get from time to time is Fred poking my cervix, which I really hate.

Are you ready for your babies!? You only have what, four or five weeks left?

MNSunshine, bummer about your pants. I would hate to shell out more $$ for maternity clothes at this stage.

Ladies, how are your babies lying? Fred has his/her head down by the inner part of my right hip, as far as I can tell. And his/her butt is sticking up into my ribs on my left side. But most of the pokes and kicks are still coming way down low. I think this is basically the same position my dd was in, all the way up to her delivery. In one sense, it's nice, because s/he's not pressing on my bladder -- I haven't even had to get up to pee the past few nights (!). But I feel VERY wide!
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Juneau, you might as well eat what you want to eat before this GD test on Monday. You're probably right. If the numbers come back fine, then you're totally fine. I'm not much of a breakfast person to begin with so this is forcing me to eat something in the morning. I eat regular toast with cheese melted or peanut butter. I'm not into sweet breads or muffins or anything like that. Although occasionally, I would like a bowl of cereal which ain't happening for awhile. I know, when they tell you what you can't eat, that's all you want to eat. I can't decide if my first post baby indulgence will be a cold beer (good for breastfeeding after all) or a milk shake. LOL.

And go for the birthday cake. You deserve it and no one should tell you differently unless you're eating the icing straight out of the can.

Definitely feeling better with the tummy ache today. But still feel the pressure "down there". I see my OB and the GD doctor tomorrow. I have the feeling they'll put me on bedrest tomorrow or I need to do it on my own. I'm doing too much so laying low will help that pressure. I did have a pregnancy massage today which was simply divine. I wonder if I can schedule one more before the Boo-Boo's come.

MN Sunshine, bummer about the pants. But with only a few weeks to go, it seems crazy to go out and buy more clothes. I have a Bat Mitzvah this weekend and my mini-shower on Monday. I hope I can find enough outfits. I'm more worried about shoes. I have all these clothes from when I was preggo 5 years ago and I can't fit into any of them. I've gained the same (or less) amount of weight but it's all belly so I can't get any tops on. I'm lucky a friend of mine gave me two huge boxes of L and XL clothes. I'm not fitting into any mediums including some nice tops that I bought that now still have the tags on them. Hello ebay.

As for how the Boo-Boo's are lying, we'll see if they've moved tomorrow, but Baby A is head down coming around my right side. Baby B is also head down, about halfway down my left side and then going up under my ribs. So they're both head down, legs under my right side ribs kicking each other. Hopefully, that's where they'll stay.
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I am sorry you guys are all starting (or continuing) to feel the discomforts of PG. I know with DS I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for it to be over.

AFM: I have my usual early PG yeast infection. Oh, and the headaches. I only ever get them when I am PG.

I'll take it though, :
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Hi VM, sorry about the yeast, but it will all be worth it in the end. You are pregnant!! Woo hoo!!! :

I'm feeling so good now with this pregnancy I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I had such a crappy time with pregnancy for over a year -- where everything that could possible go wrong did go wrong, and then some -- that I'm a little worried because nothing is going wrong this time. Isn't that a bit insane? But now I am so nervous about something happening to this baby in the next few weeks that I kind of freak out if I haven't felt him/her move in a while. And a friend of a friend just had a postpartum stroke and so now I'm worried about that, too! Oy!

But discomfort-wise, things could hardly be better. I'm sleeping really well, I have no major aches and pains, and my heartburn is (mostly) under control. I will have my first non-stress test on Monday and I'm actually looking forward to a bit more monitoring from here on out.

Hockeylover, I wish you hadn't said that about the icing because now of course I've got the idea firmly stuck in my head!

It's funny you say that about the cold beer because that's exactly what I wanted after dd's birth! Now I'm not denying myself half a beer once in a while (every two or three weeks or so) so the craving isn't as strong. After dd's birth, because of complications, I was on IV fluids only for a few days, and I must say, I still remember the taste of the custard they gave me as my first soft food meal after that... MMMM... My goodness, you can only imagine how hungry I was! :

Oh dear, must be time for my midmorning snack!
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Juneau,yeah, I think you were having the munchies when you wrote earlier. LOL. I've been good with the alcohol and I've had a few O'Douls when I decided I needed the beer craving. And we went out to dinner with some family two weeks ago and I had my first and only glass of wine of this pregnancy. I've got a Bat Mitzvah this weekend so I may take a sip of something to celebrate if I feel like it. I'm in the home stretch so I can hold out for that real beer in a few weeks.

Don't freak out about anything. It's all going well. We ALL have our panic moments but you know how you're feeling, how you're feeling movement, etc so you know it's all good.

VM, sorry you have to deal with a yeast infection and boy do I feel for you and the headaches. You do "outgrow" them although for me, it certainly didn't feel like it. My magic trick was Frappaccinos from Starbucks. I hope both go away quickly for you.

Went to both doctors today. After the way I was feeling the last two days, I just wanted to know that everything and everyone was sealed tight in there. And they are. Whew!! Yeah, my feet are swollen but that's the way it is at the end with twins. I took my last FFP test today. This is the test to determine the possibility of pre-term labor. My OB said they don't do it past 34 weeks (I'm at 32 weeks 5 days) since at that point, all would be ok if I went into labor. She expects the results to be negative and my cervix is still nice and long, so nothing's moving in there which is fine with me. I go back next week for some heartbeat monitoring. For all the u/s's that I've had, I haven't heard the heartbeats. Seen them but not heard.

Then drove to the GD doctor who was pleased with my numbers. I've been doing pretty well with keeping my numbers in check so he was happy so that we're still going to try and keep it under control with diet. If anything consistently changes, then we'll talk about a low dose medication. Again, I've got about 4-5 weeks to go so it certainly wouldn't be for a long time. He did an ultrasound since this was the first time he was seeing the Boo-Boo's. They were, once again, measuring big. If I could read the monitor right, they were both about a 7-9 days ahead for a singleton. Baby A weighs in at about 5.2 pounds and Baby B is weighing in at 5.5 pounds. So we're in great shape. He wanted to be sure that whatever GD I've got is not effecting the babies and so far they're not. It's no wonder I've been so uncomfortable lately. I'm carrying around 10 pounds of baby. Oy, that's a scary thought.

I'm finally trying to slow down. Don't have too much on my plate so I'm trying to make it so that I drop off DD at school and then come home, nap and keep my feet up. A bunch of friends have offered to help pick up DD at school so that I don't have to go out again even for the 20 minutes round trip. So I'm trying to take advantage of their generosity.

Hope everyone is feeling ok, even with the aches and pains kicking in now that we're all almost "cooked".
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VM, I second the caffeine for headaches. I'm not normally a coffee or even caffeine drinker, but a midday iced latte (now hot latte) gets me through when the headache starts. I don't do it every day but I do do it every time I have a headache. Works like a charm. And it's tasty, too!
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Thanks everyone but I am too paranoid to drink caffeine right now as there are new studies linking it to early m/c. Maybe when I get in to the 2nf tri. But then again I don't rally get headaches then, LOL!

You are all doing so well, I am so happy.
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Ack, spotting! I'm thinking maybe I overdid it a bit getting ready for my birthday party. Doc's office says go to bed, drink a lot of water and take it easy. Will do!

But the party was fun and I didn't hold back on eating cake. Dh baked bread and made soup, my midwife friend brought a liter of homemade Merlot, and even dd had two friends to play with (and rainbow cupcakes to eat). We ran out of chairs (oops) but we made good use of the piano bench.
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Sounds like a fun party Juneau.
Rest up though you hear?
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Sounds like a fun party. Sorry about the spotting but still, it's your birthday and you deserve to celebrate. My friends are throwing me a shower on Monday and while I'll watch what I eat, I'm not going to deny myself a little dessert either. Rest up and it'll all be fine. Keep your feet up.

VM, hope the headaches aren't as horrible as mine were. Haven't heard about caffeine and possible m/c but nothing surprises me. Maybe a Frappaccino is better since it's more of a mix than any kind of actual shot of coffee/espresso. That's probably the only reason why I like them because I generally don't drink coffee at all. I just know that at one point and 4 days of Tylenol not working on a headache, I drank a Frap and it was literally gone in an hour. Maybe a Coke would work. I think it's as much about getting the blood flowing, it might be worth a few sips.
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Y'all are getting so close, how exciting!

My headaches are gone and so is the YI (thank goddess). BBs feel like they are going explode. My kids are the age where I tend to get elbowed in the chest alot, they just don't think.

U/S two weeks from today.
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Two weeks -- woo hoo! But it will probably feel like forever! I'm glad the headaches and YI are gone, but I hear you about the sore bbs. Blech.

I had a great appt today. NST was great, Fred was very cooperative. My hemoglobin is back up to almost normal, and my blood glucose, after eating pancakes and OJ for breakfast was only 62 an hour and a half later (they were looking for anything under 120). So yippee! Fred's heart rate is slower than I had imagined, mostly in the 130s with accels to 160s. So I don't know, more boy-ish than I had thought! Ack! All along I've been thinking "girl." I will have to get to work on names! S/he is stubbornly oblique but at least not pressing on my bladder. (Yet!)

My next appt is in two weeks and then I go weekly after that. : Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and then --- BABY!

VM, I wish you an equally uneventful pregnancy!

Erika, are you still with us?
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Hello Mamas!

Been a busy week here getting ready to host 30+ people for Thanksgiving. (The original count was 45. Thank goodness some people had other plans. Phew). Before we found out I was pregnant we'd planned a trip to Florida for next week. I am so glad that we cancelled it. I cannot fathom finding the energy to get ready for a house full of people for Thanksgiving and to pack for a trip!

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary! We've been together for 12 years and married for 5. We married on the anniversary of the day we met all those years ago. I am not really sure what we'll be doing - but we do have a sitter for a couple of hours - so maybe just visit where we got married? Or spend a quiet hour together? Since it is tomorrow and we have no plans you can tell we've been pre-occupied with other stuff.

The babe is still really active. I'm not due 'til the beginning of Feb. so he's still got a bit of room to move in there. He still feels transverse judging by where the movement is coming from. I wish he'd turn or drop or do something! He is so high in my belly that the upward pressure on my ribs is getting annoying as heck. We still don't have a name but I'm figuring that is just because I'm meant to see him before picking a name.

Juneau - Sounds like your party was fun! I hope you get some r&r over this holiday weekend.

What you wrote about the other shoe dropping really resonated with me. I guess it was just because we've had so many losses and then so much trouble getting pregnant that it is so hard for me to believe/trust that all is really well this time. I was soooooo innocent the first time around. It was overwhelming the first tri-mester but seemed to subside second and seems like it is rearing it's ugly head again. I keep having these odd moments of "what if..."

VM - Glad you are past your yeast infection and the headaches! I am sure these next two weeks are going to seem like forever but really it is not so long. So excited for you.

HL - You are SO close! How awesome that you are getting a chance to slow it down and rest before the big arrival.
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