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Juls, I am sending you and the boo boos all my love! I hope they arrived safely and you are recovering from your induction, not a c/s today. I am so excited to hear the news.
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Can I join y'all? I'm due one of these days, but I'm starting to get bored in December ... nearly everyone is "done". I'm 42, expecting baby #3 sometime soon. This has been my easiest best pregnancy ever. So good, that I want another one!

I think I'm oldest or second oldest in December, so it was nice finding this thread this morning. Now, I suppose I need to go do some Christmas preparations ...

best wishes to y'all

henna belly: http://philhyde.smugmug.com/gallery/...39433781_ZRTgQ
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welcome Janis. I am not in my 40's but I lurk in here to read up on Juls who presumably had her twins yesterday. December must have been dragging for you, but it will be soon. Hang in there!
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I actually don't mind waiting - I'm not really "ready" to have the baby. It could be my last few days ever being pregnant, so I'm savoring it. I *am* tired of watching everyone else being tired of being pregnant, though!!

In a way, I'm also hoping that my baby might wait til my parents arrive on the 28th - we just recently had a conversation where I invited my mom to be at the birth. It was a healing conversation, but it's hard for me to still decide whether or not I truly "want" her there, but of course, it all depends on baby!

henna belly: http://philhyde.smugmug.com/gallery/...39433781_ZRTgQ
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Welcome Janis! I love your henna belly! I ordered a kit the other day and I'm hoping to do something with it on New Year's Eve. It will be a do-it-yourself belly (or do-it-by-friends) rather than a pro, but I think it will be fun.

I keep checking to hear the news from Juls... Get that i-phone out, girlfriend!

We had a more-exciting-than-expected visit with my uncle yesterday. He lives about an hour west of me, a straight shot down the turnpike except for the last five miles. Dd and spent the afternoon visiting, ate dinner and then put on our coats and boots to leave. To my shock and dismay, I found the car covered in a sheet of ice, and when I checked the road, I couldn't even step onto it. It felt like a skating rink and looked like a mirror. We waited two hours, hoping for a salt truck to no avail, since those five miles of road are really in the boonies. I figured I could drive on the turnpike if I could make it there, but I didn't want to risk my dd or my pregnancy just to get home. Finally gave up at 9 p.m. and hunkered down for the night. I could have killed for a change of underwear this morning, though.

I'm so grateful that we were stranded in a friendly house and not on the road somewhere. It wasn't what we hoped for but it wasn't entirely unpleasant, either. This morning, the temp was in the 40s and roads clear.

Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate!
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I know you've been waiting for me and I only got on the computer today. You'll know why in a minute.

Maya Brooke was born at 5:13P on Tuesday the 23rd. She weighed in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and was 19 inches.

Hayden Reese was born 8 minutes later at 5:21P weighing in at 6 pounds 11 ounces and 19 1/4 inches long.

So we've got three girls! Woo-Hoo! They're beautiful, happy and healthy in every way. And of course, adorable. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

In a nutshell, (more details later since it's already 12:45A and they're bringing them back in to feed in 2.5 hours) the delivery went well. Much easier than last time with DD. From the time i started pushing 'til they were both out was only about 30 minutes. All good. It kind of went south after that. The placentas wouldn't come out. My OB spent more time trying to get them out then delivering the girls. After about 45 minutes, they were out but somewhere in there, unknown how or why, I got some kind of infection. I got the usual shakes from the post partum hormone/epidural stuff but when I got back into the room, the shivering got worse and my temperature rose fast and high. I'm told that it got as high as 104.8. They called my doctors back (there are two in delivery with twins) and they thought that maybe they didn't get all the placenta, or there was a blood clot or something. So they brought me back into the OR and checked for anything in there and a potential D&C if there was. That required another epidural, small dose, and they went back in for about 5-10 minutes and all was clear. Thankfully. So I'm back in the room again, DH didn't know any of this was happening because he was with the babies. I'm a little foggy on the time frame here but I know I was still shaking uncontrollably in the 9 o'clock hour. I was shaking and chattering and felt like I was freezing even though I was well over 103. And all the shaking had my pulse and blood pressure all over the place. The anesthesiologist finally said he could give me some demorol to help control the shakes. That kicked in and that was great. Still working on the temperature and stablizing the other stuff but at least I could rest and let the other stuff work.

Lots of other doctors coming in to take blood cultures (when I'm totally dehydrated and begging for ice chips) and trying to find blood worthy veins, lots of BP tests, etc. etc. Finally, and a bit rudely, at 3:30AM, two nurses turn on the lights and say they're moving us to Maternity Fetal Care Unit. Basically a post-partum room but closer to the nurses station where they can help. That was Wednesday middle of the night. The babies were in the nursery and we slept. While I was feeling guilty about the sleep, my body needed it or I was going to be worthless for everyone. We finally got the girls in the room around noon. I started to try and BF them. They actually latched on well but there was nothing there, which wasn't much of a surprise either. But they're fine and adorable. The pediatrician says they're perfect so what more can we ask for?

So for the last 36 hours or so, I've been on at least 3 antibiotics to try and control the infection of unknown origin. My other doctor (the second OB in delivery) thinks that it's the kind of thing that sneaks in literally at delivery - he had a name for it that of course I can't remember - since that's the only explanation for such a sudden and quick spike in temp. The placentas were going to be analyzed to see if there was anything there. I'll find out eventually, I'm sure. In the meantime, I'm still attached to the IV and I've been feeling ok. The other big issue has been that my blood levels have not stablized. In fact, they were going down. So I had 2 units of blood and 1 of plasma. IF that stablizes my blood, hopefully, I'll go home tomorrow afternoon. We'll just have to see where we're at.

My milk is starting to come in. The babies are at least getting something when they latch on now. They had been getting formula because simply they needed to eat. If it's the few days here, that's ok. Every one says they'll get it when the milk actually comes in and they're getting something. They're definitely getting something now and haven't had formula since this afternoon.

Okay, yeah, well, you know me. I'm always long winded. That's essentially it for what happened and where we're at. I'll post again in the next day or two. Hopefully, I'll be home.

Bla bla bla - WE HAD TWO GIRLS! That's the most important news. Hope you're well feeling well and getting excited. In spite of the insanity, it's very exciting to hold those adorable little newborns.
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CONGRATULATIONS Juls!!!! I'll bet Carly is thrilled!

It's so great to hear from you. I'm sorry things have been so dramatic for you in the hospital. The extra units of blood and high temps have me very worried about you. I'll keep checking back.

For what it's worth, I had complications after dd's birth, was on IV for four days, and had to give her tiny amounts of formula for about 24 hours. We both survived. It's not what I wanted (or you, I'm sure) but on the other hand, it was so nice to be in the hospital where when I needed her to be in the nursery, she could be. For the most part dh was with dd almost all the time but there were a few times, especially in the middle of the night, when we all REALLY needed to sleep, and I couldn't have done it without the nurses.

I am hoping and praying that your health improves soon and that you are back on solid food (and your feet) as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy having people to take care of all of you.

I'm so glad Hayden and Maya are healthy!!! Welcome to the world, baby girls!!!!

AFM, dh and I had a long conversation about names last night. Impossible to do when dd is awake! Anyhow, neither of us has either a boy name or a girl name that we absolutely love but we have a short list of about three or four each that we can agree on. He really wants to have A name picked out before we go to the hospital, but I'm fine with just my short list. With dd we only had ONE name, a girl's name, that we loved (and loved a LOT) but went to the hospital with baby name books in case we had a boy. We were lucky!

(Hey Juls, want to share your boy names??!)
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Oh Juls, congratulations!!! :::::::

You are my hero.

I am sick as a dog...........9w6d. WHich is when I found out last time that the PG wasn't viable. It sure FEELS viable this time. Puke, puke, puke.

More later, my sister, BIL and 14 month old nephew are on their way over for dinner.
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I'm sorry you're feeling so sick VM, but on the other hand, hooray for nausea! (I can't believe you are having someone over to dinner, though! )
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Congratulations Juls!! Two more girlies for you. Excellent weights by the way. Pat yourself on the back for that one mama. I am sorry for the rest of it, but it sounds like you have excellent support in the hospital. Here's hoping you will be home with the twins soon. how was Christmas in the hospital? Did your older DD get to visit for the holiday?
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I'm starting to think the number 42 might be significant ... I'm 42 years old, and I'll be 42 weeks on January 1. hmmmmmmmm

My parents arrive tomorrow evening, though, and both of my kids were born less than 24 hours before them arriving before. Ya never know!

Any wisdom for allowing mom to attend my birth? I've invited her. and now I'm nervous.

--janis (nesting like mad today, partly because of baby and partly because mom is coming to visit, yikes)
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Janis, I have no advice as only DH and the midwives were in the room with me when I gave birth but sending you lots of easy labour vibes! Perhaps if you were nesting so much yesterday, you ar ein labour today!

I am the oldest person in my DDC from the looks of it, which is kind of suprising since I am "only" 41, will be 42 when the babe is born.
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: I will have this baby in my arms two weeks from today, if not sooner! Oh my goodness, I don't know if I'm ready.

Friends are throwing us a shower next Sunday, though it's not really for gifts (though I'm sure people will bring some). I got rid of all dd's newborn to six month clothes after Hurricane Katrina, when I thought I'd never be pregnant again. (Hah!). But yet I don't want to buy much of anything till I know whether it's a boy or a girl. I have dipes and a few gender-neutral things I've picked up at resales, and other than that I will have to rely on mom, my friends, or the Internet to fill in the gap after baby comes.

I'm trying to organize a henna belly gathering but even though I only want a few friends there it's proving more difficult to find a time than I thought. I was really hoping for New Year's Eve but unlike me, most everyone else has plans. Hah!

We are trying to buy a king-sized bed but that's not so easy, either. So there's still enough last-minute stuff to make me a bit anxious. I just need to relax and go with the flow. Everything will work out OK in the end. My dd is a master of calm, at age 3 1/2. Her favorite words, "That's OK, mommy." I need to be zen, like she is.

Juls, I'm worried about you. The blood loss and infection sounded pretty worrisome. I hope that you're not posting simply because you literally have your hands full and not because you're still in the hospital!

Vegan, are you working this week? How is your nausea/fatigue? Congratulations on making it one more week through the first trimester!

Jrabbit, I have no advice vis a vis your mom and the birth. Though if you're still pregnant, your folks must have arrived by now. Good luck with everything!

MNSunshine, how are you holding up?
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Yay! Juneau's baby will be here soon! I cannot wait!
Don't feel bad, we have no plans for New year's either. The last few years my BF, her DH and their little boy have come over for dinner and they are gone by 9 pm. However, we haven't even organized that this year and I seriously doubt I can stay up until midnight!
I wish I could come to your henna belly party!

I am hoping Juls is just busy too. I know I did not get near a computer for weeks after either of mine were born.

I worked yesterday and am apparently working from home today as the office has already called me 6 times and it is only 11 am. My caregiver just informed me she is taking Friday off. She seems to think she still has a day off holidays left for this year. She doesn't. But anyway, I wouldn't care except I am working Friday and I think DH is too.
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Hmm... isn't that supposed to be, "Excuse me, but may I please take Friday off?" After which you say "I'm sorry, but no." Ugh, I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

I'm crabby and tired; comes from finally not sleeping well any more. I think the heartburn is overrunning my defenses. Zantac is not getting me through the night.

But boy, when you say, "Juneau's baby will be here soon!" I even start to believe it's true!

Went to the doctor's today but he was out with the flu. Saw the nurse (again!) and everything's fine with Fred. I'm not dilated but my cervix is soft. So nothing imminent. Still, I will only have one more chance to see the doctor before Fred's birthday!
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Oh my goodness, I've officially crossed the threshold where I am truly ready for this baby to come. The heartburn is unbearable, and does not go away with any amount of medication. I am considering whether I should just stop eating altogether! Sleep is almost impossible and that makes everything else just so much harder. Sigh...
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uh. I'm now *officially* in the January DDC !!! OMGG I never **really** thought I'd still be pregnant today, even though DD2 was born at 42w5d, I just thought it was a fluke! (DD1 was 37w)

Juneau: I had heartburn both previous preg, but none this time. I sincerely attribute it to diet. I eat better, more often, and I drink more than my body weight in **water** (oops, I typed "eater") every day. I pee all the time, and I sleep no more than 2 hours at a stretch, but that's way better than heartburn! I eat protein (ovo-lacto vegetarian) all the time, supplemented with some whole grain, and fruit. If I wasn't feeling so much better physically this pregnancy, than ever before, I wouldn't believe it was even possible. I have even cut back my coke consumption to about 2 per week - and I'm no longer craving sugar. Best wishes.

Happy New Year!

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Hi Janis, Happy New Year and welcome to our DDC!

You sound like you eat extremely well. I still crave sugar, alas. But I must say, the heartburn is a lot better today. I ate at two New Year's parties yesterday (afternoon and early evening only) and must have had things that disagreed with me terribly. I am doing a lot better today and I'm hopeful of a better night's sleep.

In other news, we bought our king-size bed today. :

How are things with your folks around?
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Juneau, I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight! Ugh, I hate not sleeping.
I better get used to it though I guess because my kids were horrible sleepers. In fact, DS still rarely sleeps through the night. He starts out in our bed, DH moves him when he comes to bed and then he winds up there again between 2 and 5 am.

We really need a king size bed. What are you planning on doing? I assume you got the king so you could all sleep together? DS likes to sleep in the middle so I am thinking I might get one of those Humanity Bed things so baby can sleep next to me on the outside without me having to worry that he/she will roll off.

DD wakes up through the night about once a week. Normally I'll go sleep with her in her bed but maybe if we have a king she can climb in next to DH.

Is a king even big enough for 5 people?

Hugs on the heartburn, I had that with DS. Man, I was so glad when that PG was over!

Janis, sending you lots of easy labour vibes!

Juls, thinking of you. And doulamomvicki and erika too.
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