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I so hope this baby comes soon ... I've **finally** reached the point that I can say it. I'm not miserable or uncomfortable, just bored! I'm at 42 weeks now ... I have to decide if I want to try to get a biophysical profile tomorrow. Just not sure if I want to bother.

Veganmama: we have a king, and with DD2, we also had an arms reach cosleeper - not that she slept in it, but it meant that one of us could sleep right up at the edge of the bed. Coslept with both kids til oldest was 5.5 & youngest nearly 2. Then we managed to convince oldest to stay in her own bed. Youngest moved out around 3.5 ... but she's been coming back again for several months (she's almost 5 now). We don't have a cosleeper this time, and no plans to get one, unless I happen to find a used mini for sale.

Juneau: for what it's worth, I've been a sugar-junky most of my life. But I've made a real effort in this pregnancy to try to change. I'm 42 years old, I guess it's time!

Gonna do some laundry and see if DH will take new belly shots of me ... then it's off to bed in our quiet house - kids with Grandparents again!

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Veganmama, right now we have a queen where the three of us all slept together until I got pregnant again. Early in the pregnancy, when I couldn't stand to nurse dd to sleep any more, I moved to the guest bedroom where I've been ever since. I have to say, I have gotten very used to sleeping by myself!

We had/have a cosleeper but with dd, we mainly used it as a rolling bassinet. After she nursed at night (sometimes only I would fall asleep!), if she couldn't sleep, dh would put her in the mei tai and work until she fell asleep, and from there into the cosleeper, and roll it into the bedroom when he came to bed. It was great for naptime, too. Of course, it only lasted for a few months and then she got too big for it. We had it side-carred to the bed for a while but it was too hard to get dd in and out to nurse.

The plan this time is for all four of us to sleep together in the king. I think baby will be between dh and me, and dd will be on the other side of him. For five, it may not be big enough. But if you had the space, you could put a twin next to a king and let your oldest have their "own" bed in the same room.

I think my heartburn is better tonight, and maybe I'll even spend the whole night in a bed (went between the bed and a recliner last night). :

Janis, sending labor vibes your way!

Juls, I'm thinking about you every day and hope you and the girls are all well.
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Apparently, the labor vibes are getting stuck in the air somewhere .... I'm feeling NOTHING still. I'm going to read the birth story of my DD2 again (www.pigvig.net/molly.html), then take a nap ... DH is home, kids in Galveston with Grandma & Papa ...

<giggle> DH just came and asked me if I had any interest in sex.


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Hi all,
I had a good night's sleep last night but awoke with no appetite for anything. Dd threw up first thing. By 3 p.m. I had it coming out both ends (sorry TMI!). Dd is better but I'm recovering more slowly. Boy, throwing up 9 months pregnant is the pits -- even worse than 1st trimester.

I really hope to be better tomorrow so I can enjoy my henna party!

Janis, here's hoping DTD got something moving for you!
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Juneau - I'm sooooooo sorry!

No, DTD did nothing ... but it was fun ...

hope you enjoy your henna tomorrow!! I've done it twice now. today, weather was perfect, so I walked around with my shirt up - attracting attention! Here's pictures: http://philhyde.smugmug.com/gallery/...46229790_JxpEw - new ones will be added within the hour.
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Ugh, trying to rehydrate is the pits when my tummy is the size of a pancake. Oh, please, can't someone just come over and hook me up to an IV?

I read Molly's birth story. Inspiring! I have to have a repeat C birth but I am going to make it a lot more special this time. And pray for no complications (too many last time). One of my best friends is a midwife and she is going to be first assistant. I have no regrets about dd's birth except for the mandatory separation while I was in recovery. That will NOT happen this time! (Different hospital, and I know better than to allow that this time.)

I looked at your main web site and saw your links to favorite places. Interestingly, "Juneau" is the name of my 10-year-old house rabbit -- hence my screen name. We've had him for 8 years and he is still hanging in there. A bit of paralysis or something; he can't quite balance and during the night often ends up on his back without being able to right himself. But he sleeps, trancelike, until someone comes to help him flip over in the morning. It doesn't seem to diminish his spirits and he is cheerful with a good appetite. He's always been incredibly sweet and soft (minirex) and dd is very attentive to him.

Love your new tattoo!
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A bit hungry today but mostly SO SO SO tired...

Janis I hope you are quiet because you are in labor!!!
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no such luck! DTD this morning, and I nearly fell off the bed. : but no *o* for me. No fair.

My dad asked when the baby was gonna get here *again*, and I told him that i DO wish that I was in labor, I promise.

I've had mild cramping, and some BH during the NST last night, but nothing feels "real". I'm trying to clean up my bedroom - maybe that's the problem ?

Juneau - soooooo cool about your bunny! I am clearly an addict. I co-founded Bunny Buddies here in 1996, but I'm not active anymore (kids get in the way). Currently, we only have 3 rabbits - one old bachelor and 2 youngsters (bonded - one of them special needs). Our bachelor has free-run of the house, but his primary residence is in the bathroom, but he'll probably run away during labor, so I think we'll put his litterbox in a different room, just to make him less skittish.

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Janis, sending lots of easy labour vibes to you! I'm thinking about not telling anyone IRL my EDD or just saying "late July" 'cos I hate people asking.

Hang in there Juneau, I hope you are feeling much better. I was probably the sickest I've ever been from a bad head cold (and DD was certainly the sickest she has still ever been) when I went into labour with DS.
And I still got through it but I am sending you lots of get well vibes regardless!
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I told everyone I was due at "Christmas-time" - thinking I was playing it safe! EDD was guesstimated as between Dec 13-18. Safe right???? haha.
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Janis, I love the ever-changing number in your siggy!

VM, I am much better. I asked one of my henna buddies to come early to help me finish getting ready for the party and that helped a lot. And then since pretty much all I had to do during the party was lie on the couch, that went pretty well, too. One friend made the most delicious turkey/rice soup, which was the first solid food I had in two days that wasn't bread. :

I will put up some pix as soon as I download them. Dh and dd came home near the end and we drew a design in marker on dd's belly, and then henna'd dd's handprint on dh's belly. Too funny!

Juls, I'm thinking about you and your girls every day.
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Hi all!

I've been trying to get on the computer for days but it's a challenge. Or it's hard to type with one hand. Oh you just wait. It'll get to you all too. LOL.

We're doing well overall. I'm feeling better in general. The first few days home were really hard on me. I was feeling pretty down that I couldn't do anything. It wasn't that I was so exhausted but I think the whole blood iron (well low iron) levels and still carrying all the weight just made me feel like a beached whale. I went to see my doctor on Monday (I came home a week ago Friday) to check my blood. I'm healing well and there's still no real explanation for how the infection occured. Combination of twins, placenta staying attached, all the poking, just everything converging at the same moment. What got the two of them nervous was the huge spike in temperature which is why I was on antibiotics for so long. Anyway, gave blood and the next day got the report that it was coming up. Slowly, but on the way up. I'm still on Rx iron supplements and I go back to see my Dr again a week from Tuesday.

I'm generally feeling better. Have more energy and feel like I can actually move and function. I've actually lost almost all my baby weight so that helps with the physical movement. I gained a total of 52 pounds (9 of them in the last week alone thanks to all the water retention) and I'm about 7 pounds above my starting weight as of this morning. Okay, I started 13 pounds more than I did with DD but still, I'm close to where I started which is simply shocking. My body is not near it's normal shape, I still look like I'm 4 months preggo with this round belly thing in front, but that's my uterus going down. So hopefully, this breastfeeding thing will help me lose a little more weight. I'm just glad and shocked that I've lost so much already. I keep saying my scale is wrong but DH says he's weighing in where he's supposed to. I'll run with it for now.

The girls are doing great. We took them to see the pediatrician on Wednesday to check in and see if they were holding their weight. They both lost a few ounces and were down to 6.2 and 6.3 from 6.9 and 6.11. They both were a little yellow so they sent us to the hospital to get their bilirubin tested. H was a little over where he'd like her to be so they put her on the bili belt which we fondly referred to as the "lite brite". She was on that for two days. We went back to the hospital on Thursday, New Year's Day, for another follow up blood test. Because we questioned that M looked more yellow than H, the doctor ordered both girls to be tested again. Waited an hour which was more than annoying with 9 day old babies, but they got the blood. Then the hospital called us about 90 minutes later saying there was a machine malfunction and they lost BOTH vials of blood. UGH were we annoyed. So off we go again for yet a third blood "donation". The doctor was pretty annoyed too saying taht in his 20+ years that's happened like one other time. Lucky us. Anyway, the results were good. H's numbers were down so we could take her off the lights. We took them back to the doctor yesterday (Friday) and they were gaining weight again, good, and their coloring was slowly going away from yellow, good.

Breastfeeding two at a time has worked out pretty well. I feel like I'm not exactly producing enough but we're trying. We've had to do a little bit of 1 ounce formula supplement (1 or 2 times a day) because the doctor says that'll help boost the liver processing to get that bilirubin out. For 1 ounce here or there I'm not going to worry about it and I know it'll be over in another day or two. For the most part, I've gotten them feeding at the same time which is a big thing. Not on a regimented schedule yet but we're doing pretty good every 3-4 hours.

That's pretty much the update here. It'll be interesting to get back into the real routine with DD back in school on Monday. And then DH goes out of town a week from Monday for a week, home for about 5 days then out of town again for another 9. I've already warned him that if he says just one time that he's tired, I'll hang up on him. LOL.

Juneau, you're moments away. I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to hear your good news. You're braver than we are with co-sleeping, although I guess we kind of do it. DD tends to come into our bed at some point but I can tell you it's really difficult right now when she's in our bed and it's time to feed two babies. I wish you better luck than we're having on that front. She's been pretty good about going back to her bed though, which really helps.

Jrabbit, any news for you? I can't imagine going 42 weeks. 37 weeks 4 days with two was definitely more than enough for me.

VM, how are you feeling?

I'm really here and reading even if I don't have two hands to type. Good delivery vibes for you girls in the next few weeks. Can't wait to hear all those announcements. And then, eventually, we'll have to find another place to thread ourselves when we get booted from the Jan DDC.

Happy New Year everyone!!
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woohoo! .... Yes, I'm *still* pregnant!

I'm going to try a different tactic today ... I'm going to be EXCITED about being 100 days overdue. I'm hoping to join my mother and kids for a day of shopping. :

Maybe if I plan things and do things, then the baby will decide it's ready??

The weather is dreary here. Our housekeeper came back from her holiday sooner than expected, so she's here today cleaning. Yay!

--janis :
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Oh Juls, I am soooo glad to hear from you! it sounds like you and your girls are doing great!

Janis (what a lots of J names we have on this thread!), you are a rock star lady! You have such a great attitude!

You all can come hang out with me on the July thread when the Jan thread is removed, LOL!
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Juls, I'm thrilled to hear from you, especially since you all seem to be doing well. I'm sorry you had such a hard time in the beginning. I lost a lot of blood last time (not enough for a transfusion, thank goodness) and it took me a LONG time to recover. A bad systemic infection really messes with your system, too (been there, too, unfortunately). On top of that, you have TWINS! Just remember to TAKE IT EASY and don't expect to be feeling yourself for quite a while.

I'm glad you're able to feed both girls at the same time. Sorry about the jaundice and the blood draws -- blech! And I can't believe your dh is going out of town! I hope you have help nearby, or even better, in the house.

My mom and dad are coming on Saturday and will stay as long as they are needed. With dd, that was six weeks, because I had such a long and difficult recovery. I'm hoping for an easier time this time around.

We were given a baby shower today. It was lovely; instead of presents and games we had a poetry reading. (And got a few nice presents, including two handmade quilts!)

And in the biggest news, dh and I have actually agreed on a girl's name! Woo hoo! Still working on the boy name, but we had a good discussion about it.

Janis, . At least you have a good attitude about still being pregnant and now you have a clean house.

Veganmama, how are you feeling?
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Janis, how's that 100th day overdue coming along? Do your doctors/midwives have anything to say about it? I mean, at some point, is the baby getting too big? My first was 9 days early and was 7 pounds 15 ounces. I know if she had gone to term, I never would've vaginally birthed her. I'm sure you're WAY done and ready to move on to the next phase of holding that little one.

VM, we'll ALL follow you over to the July thread. I certainly will be there to cheer you on.

Juneau, glad you had a nice shower and hopefully you were spoiled. You deserve that. And yay that you've come up with girls names. I think you (or someone) asked what our boy name options were. They were Ethan Drew or Marc Benjamin, for what it's worth.

You said you had a rough recovery last night. Is this something that can be prevented or at least anticipated this time so it's not as rough? I had some placenta problems last time as well, but nothing like this. Clearly my body does not like to detach itself from the placenta but we're so done it won't be an issue again. But I know over the course of my pregnancy, I did mention those kinds of things to my doctor "Remember, this happened." etc so that we all could think about it if something similar came up again. Then again, no one could anticipate what happened this time. Glad your parents will be there to help wait on you and your family hand and foot. That's got to be a huge relief taking one thing off your list and that things are covered.

Can't wait to hear about the arrivals...
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Juls, nothing that happened to me last time was anticipated, but their effects were additive. First, I had fibroids, and because of their placement, the doctor had to remove the largest one to get dd out, even by C-section. So I had a large and somewhat irregular incision (on the inside). Second, he nicked the uterine artery sometime during the surgery and I lost a lot of blood suddenly. Third, postpartum, I had an ileus -- a rare complication of abdominal surgery where the intestine basically seizes up. I had to go back on IV fluids only for three more days -- that was the only one of the three complications that actually resolved fairly quickly, though it was scary and quite disabling at the time.

Because of the extra surgery, I was in a great deal of pain (narcotic necessary) for about three weeks. And because of the blood loss, I had no energy for weeks. I don't think I changed dd's diaper for six weeks, and didn't drive for seven.

I have a very positive frame of mind this time around and I am envisioning an easy delivery and complication-free postpartum recovery.

The reflux right now is making me consider begging my doctor to move up dc's birthdate... Not really, but I've got to find another way to make it through these next seven nights! I'm trying to eat minimally and well, and EARLY -- nothing after 7 p.m. But still I'm being awoken by reflux until almost 8 hours later.

Janis, TODAY is the day!!! (Right?!)
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa

somebody tell my baby it needs to get out of my uterus!

Juls - 9 days wouldn't have grown the baby too big ... DD1 was 7#1 at 37weeks and DD2 was 8#13 at 42w5d - not much different if you take into account the gestation. And DD2 was a much easier birth. We were all hoping this one would be "average" between the two times ... no such luck. I don't feel like it's bigger than DD2 at least! I just wish it weren't already in competition with DD2 for length of pregnancy.

--janis ... waiting for the inevitable phone call from my dad 'well?'
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baby come out!!!!
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Baby, oh baby, come out come out wherever you are! Your mama wants to see you sweetheart and she has lots of nice warm sweet num nums for you!
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