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In re cloth diapers: I am lovin' me my prefolds.

And regarding names: I'm having a hard time convincing dd1 that dd2's name is not actually "Fred." In fact, I've given up. We still call her "Fred" at home.

Also, right at the moment I am loving my Hoppediz wrap. There is nothing like snuggling with a sleeping newborn. I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear her outside (we did manage one day this week) so I can get out of the house without that troublesome bucket!

Anyone else using wraps/slings/mei tais/etc.? I have a couple of wraps, a couple rebozos, a couple pocket slings, and a mei tai. I'm using them all and loving them! What are your favorites?
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yes, i have too many baby carriers ... 2 ring slings (cotton made by WAHM, 1 longer for DH), mei tai, moby wrap, ultimate baby carrier (i had this with DD2, and i loved it for 10 months, but i'm looking forward to trying the moby wrap this time).

right now, the ultimate is the snuggliest for DD when she wants to nap and I want to 'do' anything. the ring sling works best for quickie, though! still always will be my favorite just for simplicity. it only has some padding on the shoulder - not the heavy rails like you see with a nojo or slingeese.

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juice and i have been out on the town 3 times so far. i have used the moby wrap which is the only one i have at present, though a mei tai is on the way. i have never and will never tote that bucket! my back hurts enough as it is. i just have my wrap mostly done up and when i get to my destination i put my car seat all the way back, pop him in and truss him up. then i throw a blanket over him until we get inside the restaurant or store. the moby seems to be great for hands free ease while out and about. but what about recommendations for something simpler and less bulky around the house for hands free? i never put this baby down and doing things one handed is hard. i thought the mei tai might be faster for around the house but if you guys have any suggestions for something that would work better for a newborn then please tell me!

mommy to arthur, erik
AND baby juicy!!! born 2-5-09
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erika - you should be hands-free with the moby ... or is it a sling that you have? when i want to be more productive, i opt for the two shoulder carrier (moby, mei tai, ultimate). yes, it's bulky, but it's hands free and more balanced.

i never ever carry baby in the car seat. i can hardly carry it when it's empty, much less with a baby in it! I do have a stroller frame, designed for the bucket - but i only ever used it with DD2 when she was asleep. haven't used it yet this time.

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i am hands free with the moby, but it's cumbersome for quick trips to the bathroom or kitchen. i work at home so i'm home all day with juice on my lap. when i want to make a sandwich i'd like to be able to just pop him in something and go make a sandwich. i don't want to have to wrap up in the moby every time i have to pee, you know? if i wore the moby all the time i could use it that way, but then my breasts would not be available as quickly and i like for them to be right there so i can pop one in the mouth before he has a chance to cry. so i'm looking for something around the house that is quick to to pop him in and out of when i need to leave this chair! ideas??

mommy to arthur, erik
AND baby juicy!!! born 2-5-09
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Erika, I love two things: a Huggamonkey pocket sling ($20 for organic cotton, including shipping!) and a rebozo I bought on e-bay, brand new, also about $20 with shipping factored in. Search for "Chiapas rebozo." Made and shipped from Chiapas. I folded mine in half lengthwise and tied a knot so it functions essentially as a pocket sling also. It's what I wear around the house all day and baby goes in and out. (The knot rides just behind my shoulder.) I leave it knotted all the time so it's always just the right length.

Dh loves the mei tai or Maya adjustable pocket sling (no longer made ). I wear the Hoppediz for going outside or when I know Fred is going to be asleep for a while and I need both hands free. It functions just like a moby but I'll be able to use it longer since it's not stretchy.

Now this I've gotta try: nursing hands free in a front wrap cross carry.
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Hi Vicki! Congrats on your little girl. We have a nice little sorority going here. I love it. Glad the birth was so easy and positive for you.

Erika, let's talk about cloth diapers. I spoke with my friend who said she'd be happy to help me when I get around to ordering. She used the all-in-ones for her daughter. Yes, they're pricier but they were stupidproof, especially for her DH. She said she did put the liners in which was helpful and would still occasionally use disposables at night so that her DD would go longer without waking up. That's as far as I've gotten.

Me and the girls went to the mall the other day. Finally got all of us out of a house for an outing. They've done plenty of carpool and ballet already but this was the first real "load 'em up" outing. They did great and slept the entire time, of course. I, out of necessity, travel around with them in their car seats.

I got two of them so slinging both isn't really going to work. I do use a sling around the house which has been great. http://www.slinglings.com/ I didn't have them with DD #1 but the same diaper advising friend swore by her sling so I ordered. Nothing fancy, just the over the shoulder kangaroo type thing but it's been so much more helpful than I ever imagined. When one of them is super fussy, it's been great to help calm them down and it's great to have two free hands to do things like make dinner or type on the computer. What a concept.
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Congratulations Vicki and welcome to the world Edie Mae! I can't believe you all had girls except for Erika. Wow.

I bet I am having a boy because my DS drove us crazy when we were in Cuba and we (several times under our breath) said "we better be having girl".

I love, love, love prefolds with Bummi wraps for newborns. I used the Mother_Ease one-size wth their Airflow covers when they got to be 10 plus pounds or so. My sister loves her BumGenius all in ones.

I have a padded ring sling which I only like in the newborn stage, a fleece pouch and a solarveil unpadded ring sling for the summer/beach/pool.

My sister has a BabyKangourou (a Quebec company, it's wrap) that she is going to lend me.

Started feeling the baby kick when we were away! 18w1d today!
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thanks for all the feedback, you guys!

juls, the one thing i hear about AIOs is that they don't want to dry in the dryer. did your friend say anything about that?? they are tempting, but yes, so expensive.

vm, i have been looking at mother ease and thinking prefolds with wraps might be the way to go. or contours with wraps?? they have those at mother ease, too. what do you think of contours??

jkuneau, thanks for sling recommendations. i ordered the rebozo and will order the huggamonkey as soon as i take the measurement, so thanks!!

one more question to put to you guys: breastfeeding. on one side he will NOT open his mouth far enough and when he does he is keeping his tongue on the roof of his mouth. he is tearing that nipple to SHREDS. i just broke his latch on the side more than a dozen times before just giving up and giving him the other, onto which he latches perfectly and with ease every time. WHAT THE HELL!?!?! i am really frustrated with this and really hurting. i have tried numerous positions, i'm tickling his nose with my nipple, all that, but he *will not* put his tongue down on that side only. he is not tongue tied. ideas?? advice?? it's driving me **insane**!!

ok, one more question: letting go of anger. my birth experience was great, at home, peaceful, and unassisted since my mw got caught in bad weather. my doula made it for the last five minutes. i had told both of these women over and over and over and over that i was going to catch my son and that i didn't want them touching him. i told them that with a water birth i would have plenty of time to reach around for him. when he was born i practically threw a hip out trying to beat my doula to my baby. she reached for him at the same time i did, and after a few seconds let go and i brought him to my chest. however, when she tells the story she did 'the catch'. my mw wife has now announced several times how carol 'did the catch'. i sometimes lay awake at night burning with anger over this!! i don't want to feel this way, but i do. i would think she wouldn't want to admit that she nearly robbed me of an experience so precious to me and that she completely disrespected my wishes, and yet 'carol did the catch' rings in my ears night and day. it is tainting this experience and that enrages me more. advice?? help with this??? i really don't want to feel like this.

mommy to arthur, erik
AND baby juicy!!! born 2-5-09
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one more note about the breastfeeding, he's blanching the tip of my nipple white on that side and it's killing me!

mommy to arthur, erik
AND baby juicy!!! born 2-5-09
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In regard to diapers, I tried some all-in-ones with dd and found that they leaked and were hard to dry. If I were going to try again I would definitely try a few brands before ordering a bunch. But I'm so happy with the prefolds I doubt I will branch out. As for contours, I'm not convinced there's an advantage for the price.

Erika, I hope you like the slings! As far as the birth goes, I'm sorry it's rankling you that your doula claims to have "done the catch." Over time, I hope you'll be able to let go of that anger and just enjoy the amazing moment you had with your son -- after all, you know what happened and someday he'll be old enough that you can tell him, too. At that point, the doula and MW will probably be long gone from your lives.

As far as breastfeeding goes, it sounds like he's clamping down, but why on one side and not the other I couldn't tell you. You might want to consider contacting a La Leche League leader in your area. Breastfeeding problems are hard to diagnose over e-mail but you might get some good information in a phone call or a face-to-face visit. I'm sorry you're having trouble; it must be very frustrating (and painful).

As for us, we have colds. Ugh. It's the worst cold I've had in a long time and I'm having a hard time getting better because it's so hard to sleep at night. And now Eliza Jane has it too and I'm awake even more worrying about her. But I think (hope) we're over the worst of it. Tomorrow is dd1's fourth birthday and we're having a party at an art studio. Yesterday we celebrated dh's birthday, so I've been going nuts baking cakes and cupcakes here.
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VM, welcome back from Cuba, and hooray for kicks!
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Erika. i second Juneau's suggestion to get some help re the BFing issue. My MW came by when DD was a few days old because I was really having trouble. A nearby hospital may have a lactation consultant on staff or holding clinics there too, I know the one near me does. I have never been to a La Leache League meeting but I bet you could get good help there too.

That is annoying about "the catch" story. YOU know the real story though. Perhaps you could have a word with your MW about it being an issue for you??

I did try some contours and I didn't like them as much as my prefolds. I have also tried some AIOs (Fuzzibuns I think and Mattaquin) and didn't like them as much as my Mother-Ease One size, which were also a lot easier to dry.

My sister is loving her BumGenius AIOs but I hear the elastic goes after awhile.
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Oh boy, quiet here! I went out today dressed in my jeans for the first time postpartum.

Not much to report except babies grow so fast! I'm not sure how I feel about that. I am already missing the itty bitty newborn stage and EJ is only six weeks old!
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Congrats on fittin ginto your pre-pregnancy jeans Juneau! i think I was a lot longer than that with DS. Of course, I did gain 47 lbs!

I guess you are all busy, busy with your little ones. Enjoy those babymoons!
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good grief - i'm still in maternity jeans! i also gained 40+ pounds, but i guess 5 weeks in bed doesnt help me lose any weight. i can't believe zoe is almost 2 months old!!!
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Janis, I have a lot of different size pants from when I was coming down in size after DS.
Don't feel bad.
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Here comes my bad mama confession.

I had a gross anatomay u/s yesterday mostly to find out gender. My DD was small-ish (6 lb 9 oz) and my son was pretty big (9 lb 5 oz) and had huge shoulders that got stuck during the descent. I pushed for over an hour and nothing happened. Finally I got him unstuck and pushed him out 1.5 hours later. However, his shoulders would not come out within the time frame (3 minutes) so they were just getting ready to break his clavicle when I managed to get him out.

My midwife has some concern that if this is a boy and he is as big or bigger than my DS that I might not be able to get him out. DS's birth was pretty scary.

Anyway, it is a boy. So I will have another ultrasound closer to the date, which I have never sone before. Hopefully to put our minds at ease about the size of the baby.

I am scared about having another, even bigger boy and I am also disappointed that DD will never have a sister. I am almost 42, this is it for our family.

Also, my sister and my MIL find my DS very challenging. He is super energetic and very much a boy. They are girly girls. And they both dote on DD. So I know they are disappointed.

Which make me really, really mad but also makes me feel guilty because I am a bit disappointed (and scared) too.

And, of course, I feel guilty because it looks like I am having a very healthy little bean and I love him already and I know many people would love to be in my place right now.

I will get over this in a day or too and thanks for letting me get it off my chest.
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Still worried about him being big. However, DS was measuring 9 days ahead at 20 w u/s and this aby is measuring right on his dates.

I think I will do Hypnobabies to help me through the fear of labour.

Emotionally feeling much better about having another DS today, especially after DD gave me a long explanation of the girl politics in her class this morning. Good grief, they are only 6 years old!
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veganmama: i want to suggest something to you. watch your diet super vigilantly, especially during the third trimester. my MW is very strict about diet, and with dd2, i kinda cheated. she was 8#13 and born nearly 6 weeks after dd1, who was 7#1. well, dd3 was even longer gestation and she was 7#3 !!! i was hyper vigilant about diet during this pregnancy, and i am personally convinced that it made a difference. (now, of course, at 2 months, dd3 is HUGE! )

anyway, don't 'worry' - but be as proactive as you can be.

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