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I also would not pay any babysitter for time that my kids aren't there. Okay, let yourself in while I'm driving home but seriously, not for extended hours if none of the kids are around. And let me add another disclaimer to my $14-15 per hour sitters. They were in their late 20's when they started with us (at $12 an hour) and now they're all in their 30's. My nanny I pay $14/hour at night and $12 during the day. Also, my $14-15 per hour has covered gas and going places as well, especially when gas prices were $4+. No one but me or DH is driving around the babies. When I've had my friend's teen daughter sit, she gets $8. VM, glad you're finding some worth, more reasonable candidates.

We had our 3 month check up last week. Maya weighed in at 10 pounds even and 23" long. Hayden is 9 pounds 8 ounces and 22" long. They're both on the charts. Woo-Hoo! They're doing well, right where they're supposed to be at 3 months. We're still dealing with some stomach issues with Maya. Certainly a form of colic. She's fairly uncomfortable, tight belly, etc. When we feed her, and she burps, she always spits up. We've discovered gripe water which certainly works better than Mylicon and we're using it sparingly. Both girls seem to be extremely constipated. Well, maybe not since Hayden isn't having tummy issues but they really haven't been pooping regularly. The doctor says it's not unusual to not poop for 7-10 days but it just doesn't compute to me as an adult. DD never had this problem. I realize the one bottle of formula could back them up a little bit but it's only 1 4-6 oz bottle per day. All other feedings are breastmilk which generally goes right through. I don't know. I may call the office again tomorrow just to check and see if there's anything that can help. Since they're both not pooping, I'm less concerned since it must be their twins make up or something that I'm eating, whatever that is. Can chocolate make you constipated? Clearly though M will be the one who's got the sensitive stomach and it'll be an issue for years to come it seems.

They're doing better on sleeping in their crib. We're trying to get into the regular sleep routine. It's the second night I've been able to get them in the crib to sleep at 7:30P. *Hopefully* they'll stay asleep for a few hours and then I can give them their one bottle and they'll sleep longer through the night. They're doing better but it's always a work in progress. We're still working on my almost 6 year old. I might have a bit of a fighting chance of getting into a small routine since DH is out of town (again) until Tuesday and I don't have the nanny at night again until Sunday.

Do we have to start preparing for the January threads closing? I'm hooked in on Facebook with Juneau and Jrabbit. What about you VM and Erika? We really have to keep in touch. Especially with you VM, we all want to know when your now not-so-little bean arrives.
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Juls, it is actually very common for breastfed babies not to poop for a week to 10 days. My aunt says she'd let my nephew go a week and then she'd stick a rectal thermometor in and then he'd poop. She's a nurse. They are not necessarily constipated, unless you see obvious signs of straining etc or discomfort.
Mine both pooped pretty much every time they ate, which is also very commmon with breadtfed babies!

Alas I am not on Facebook currently. Mosty because it is blocked at work and I rarely have time to get online at home. I did create an account once since my sister wanted me to look at my brothers site. But I never got any further than that.
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I can't believe it! I am 99% sure I ovulated today! I had two days of the most beautiful EWCM, followed by three hours of totally sucky abdominal pain today. It's so ironic, because not only do I not want to get pregnant, I also really do not want to get AF!!! I was hoping for a much longer stretch of lactational amenorrhea than three months -- but I can't say I'm surprised, since that's all I had with dd1.

I am somewhat wistful about having another but I really cannot imagine it -- especially two under 1 year, LOL! (My aunt had two babies 8 months apart -- yikes!) (Both premature in case you're having a hard time with the math.)

Juls, can you eliminate Maya's formula? Dairy is such a common allergen, and it leads often to precisely the symptoms you are describing -- colic, constipation, and spitting up. Reflux meds might help, too.
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Juneau, I got AF at 6 weeks PP with DD even though she was exclusively BF until 6 months. She was a small baby and not a fast gainer (she only weighed 17 lbs 4oz at 1 year) and so apparently did not eat enough to supress ovulation.

With DS (much bigger baby, much bigger eater), I ovulated the day after I introuduced cereal LOL and got first PPAF at 6 months PP.
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It's crazy, this time around I am nursing TWO! OK, the four-year-old, not so much, but still! Dd2 has already put on six pounds in less than three months.

I even think I may have double-ovulated this time. Good thing abstinence is such great birth control!
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Originally Posted by juneau View Post
It's crazy, this time around I am nursing TWO! OK, the four-year-old, not so much, but still! Dd2 has already put on six pounds in less than three months.

I even think I may have double-ovulated this time. Good thing abstinence is such great birth control!
LOL! My poor Dh is not getting very much either. His own fault really for coming to bed after 9:30 pm and I am zonked right out beside DS.

Double ovulation is pretty common at our age I think. Your baody clearly wants you to ahve as many more chances at Pg as possible,
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I think there is some component of post-traumatic stress for me regarding my fertility. Because even as I am literally holding the baby I longed for for years, I still see that beautiful EWCM and think for at least a minute, "Oh, can't let this opportunity go by! What if I don't get pregnant this month?!" It's going to be hard to get over that.
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LOL, Juneau, I am still PG and I think I will have that reaction too! After TTC for so long, it will be hard to let any opportunity go by.

DS wants to type something:

yo7uq bautfchv
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First PPAF is here, and it's ugly. That means my LP was all of, let's see, five days long?! Sigh. For all that my body wants me to have as many babies as possible it's sure not giving those eggies much time to implant. NOT THAT I WANT THEM TO, mind you, but I wish my body would behave a little more predictably. I was wearing brand new panties.

I just realized that my last AF was almost exactly a year ago (April 8)...
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Oh that sucks about the brand new panties! Sorry Juneau, I guess you are just one of the "lucky" ones that gets PPAF fairly early.
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Finally here and checking in... Got caught up on what was happening with all of YOU. Yay! Lots of healthy babies!!!

My son was born on 2-2 exactly as planned. I have his birth story so will post another time. We named him Alex.

Dealing with some ppd and some changes at home - my husband was terminated from his job shortly after Alex was born. We're barely surriving it to be honest. Financially, we are okay for a while but the wrangling of me going back to work and him staying him unwillingly are hell right now.

I will check back soon. Thanks.
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Congrats on your sweet baby Alex!

I am sorry about the work situation though. My DH will be staying home with DS from 4 months old to a year as I go back to work at 4 months PP. Somewhat unwillingly on both our parts but it is what works for my job and he has better parental leave benefits than I do. Not just $ wise but job security wise too.
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Oh MNSunshine, it sounds like you've had a rough go of it. What horrible, rotten timing. I'm so glad your son was born healthy, though, and I love the name! I'm glad you checked in, and if you're on Facebook, pm me with your name if you want to be my Facebook friend.

My dh is out of town for four days now, which has brought its own kind of hell. (Worst before he left, actually, when we were trying to juggle doing way too many things in far too little time). I was looking forward to him leaving by the time he actually got away.

Things haven't been too bad except for my four-year-old. Disobedient mendacious child. Sigh. It's an age thing, I guess. Thank goodness for preschool, and for friends who cook dinner.

Must put down sleeping baby and go start diaper laundry before I take myself to bed too. Dh home tomorrow night but too late for bedtime, unfortunately.
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Hey Juneau, my DH will be away for 4 days in a couple of weeks too. I always dread it but in fact, I find it usually goes pretty well. The kids are kind of sweet when he is away, not testing the limits as much. I guess they feel sorry for me!

I don't have an infant (yet) though so I might be biting my tongue the first time he goes away after the baby!

I am going away for 4 days in May on some training for work. I have never spent more than 1 might away from the kids before. MIL will no doubt be over ever night helping DH though. Amazing how i am not presumed to need help when alone with the kidlets.

My DD is quite a handful when she wants to be. Disobedient and quarrelsome, for sure. Sweet as sugar in front of anyone else though!

DS looks like more of a handful on the surface. A rough and tumble little man. Lots of energy. Doesn't have the will of steel that his sister has though!
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MNSunshine, congrats on Alex. Love the name and glad to hear he's a happy, healthy boy. Sorry about DH's work situation. The timing had to completely suck. I hope things get straightened out on the work front soon.

No AF for me, thankfully. I'm hoping that lasts for awhile too. When I was nursing, DD, I didn't get my . until I stopped BFing all together which was after 15 months. I'm definitely not interested in getting pregnant again. I mean, I loved being pregnant both times, but age, finances, sanity, there's no way. We're just trying to survive two at a time at this point. The girls are doing really well. They'll be 4 MONTHS on Wednesday, can you believe that? They're in that very yummy stage of big smiles. Maya is such a chatterbox and laughs when you tickle her. Hayden is a big smiler too, loves her toes and is starting to roll over. DD#1 just turned 6 this past week and it's been a rough month for her. She's one of those kids who get whiney and cranky the few weeks before the "big change" of age so it's been a little nutty. That and the meltdowns are totally coming from "I'm not getting enough attention" since the babies were born. She loves her sisters tremendously and doesn't really equate the babies taking attention away from her so it comes out in weird ways.

My biggest thing right now is BFing and my right breast getting backed up. This happened quite a few times with DD and it's just painful. My right side is not a big producer of milk so I guess there's not much room when things get clogged. Anyway, I was all hard and backed up on Wednesday, my breast was painful to the touch. I know I was a little overdue to nurse or pump but still. I pumped and pumped and pumped and got barely an ounce over several hours. I know that a baby sucking does the trick but I had to keep trying. Finally, Maya had the magic suck and I was good. Then yesterday, same thing and I was on a total normal nursing schedule, no long stretches. Not quite as painful to the touch but still feeling the lumps on my right side. I've been doing heat, pumping and letting the girls suck 'til their hearts content but they haven't quite unplugged me yet. Hopefully one more day and it'll clear up. It's really annoying, and painful.

Oh, I'm sorry for all of you when your DH's go out of town. As you know, my DH has gone out of town 3 times since the girls were born. It sucks big time. But hopefully, since our babes are all a little older, it won't be so horrible. It's hard when you're all alone with a screaming baby (or two) and another older one. Feel free to bitch here. I'm here for you. VM, LMAO that everyone comes out of the woodwork to help when DH is alone. Hello?? I'm here too and all by myself. When I worked a month or so ago and DH was in charge, my parents kept saying they were available to help and we hired our babysitter to help during the day with DD#1. And my DH is very capable. Yeah, where was everyone when I was alone with 3 week olds for a week? <sigh>
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Veganmama, yes, it's too funny that our dh's are coddled when it comes to taking care of the kids by themselves. It's never happened here. Every time I've left dd1 alone she's been with my parents or his parents too.

Juls, my lactation consultant friend says the best thing for plugged ducts is a 24-hour nursing "vacation." Cancel everything else and snuggle with the nurslings in bed for 24 hours. It's your body's way of saying "slow down." I don't know if you can do that with what you've got going on, but it has worked for me.

It was actually nice having my dh away, except for two incidents with dd1. Dd2 was easy and slept eight hours two nights in a row, only going four hours (times two) the next night but she was getting a cold so no wonder. She's such an easy baby I'm afraid I'm going to forget about her one of these days. Not really, but I have to work at my end of the attachment parenting paradigm, or she'd be sleeping in a crib or a stroller all the time. Dd1 wouldn't have stood for any of that.

Veganmama, where are we going to go when this forum closes? Lead us on and we will follow you.
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Hey Juls, thanks for the update on the girls! I would have to pump milk in your situation. I get plugged ducts A LOT. However, I have never had it turn into mastitis thankfully. Do you have a pump? Other than that, just what youa re doing: encouraging your nurslings to nurse, massage, heat. If you can take a nursing vacation that would be ideal.

I thought you guys were going over to Facebook when this forum closes (whiich I cannot access at work but can at home, not that I know how!). Alternatively we could set up a thread in my DDC (July 2009) for now, OR we could head over to Ages and Stages and start a new group there. That is what most of the DDCs do I think. We could do the same thing.
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Well, you can tell I just go where I'm comfortable around here. I didn't even know of the ages & stages group. LOL. We'll be happy to follow you where VM but I hope we can just keep it going. We've all been through everything together and it would be so sad to lose that. I know some of us are on FB and connected which is great but it's a different kind of conversation. Hey, we could always create our own little yahoo group or something like that.

Thanks for the nursing advice. Today, my boob finally feels mostly normal, as opposed to lumpy bumpy. I've been pumping but sometime in the last 24 hours, they managed to unplug most of it. Mine hasn't hit mastitis yet either, thankfully, but oh it's painful. Hard as a rock which makes it more painful to massage. I hadn't thought of a nursing vacation. Seems like that would make it worse by backing things up even more. Doesn't the blockage need to get up and out of there? What I've been trying to do is nurse on my left side so it takes the edge off the hunger part, then let them suck endlessly on the right. Even if I'm a human pacifier, they've got to be getting a little something. I'm still shocked at how lopsided my production is. My left side I can pump 4-6 ounces. On my right if I get 2 it's a big pump. That's all fine when you're feeding one and switching sides. When there's two, that means one is only possibly getting 2-3 at a feeding instead of double on the other side.

I realized that on April 19 last year, DH and his swimmers did their thing and I had the embryos transferred on April 24. It's been exactly a year since the Boo-Boo's were conceived. I know you girls are pretty much the same, give or take a few weeks. Our lives have certainly changed and all for the better. For all the tears and emotion, the end result has been worth every ounce of it. VM, you're included in this even if you're a few more weeks behind us.

Juneau, so glad to hear that your LO is so happy and content and such a great sleeper. Hey, if Eliza's sleeping in the car seat or the stroller, I wouldn't move her either. When my girls fall asleep in their carseats while I'm taking DD to school, I just leave them and enjoy the quiet. They'll have plenty of time in their cribs.
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Juls, just a quick note. Not a vacation FROM nursing, but a vacation where you do nothing BUT nurse and snuggle. Naked. With babies. Dh can bring you breakfast in bed.
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And yes, Facebook is nice -- more pictures, for one -- but it's definitely different. More about chickens (LOL Janis) and less about the TMI things we tend to talk about here from time to time. I wonder if we could make a private group on FB?

I think dh and I dtd on April 21st last year, and then I got on a plane to Calif. and I O'd there on the 23rd -- when my FET was canceled.* Weird, huh? Where was Eliza Jane conceived? Dh wasn't even with me in CA!

I am so much happier now than I have been in a long while. Nice!!! :

* the fertility specialist's words to me: "Your estrogen level is too low and your lining too thin to support a full-term pregnancy." He couldn't have been more wrong, thank all deities!
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