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Juneau, I love that you showed them all how wrong they were!!

If we want to continue on Mothering, I think Ages and Stages is the most appropriate place. That is where most of the DDCs end up. We would just create a separate thread for Over 40s with Newborns. WDYT?

Sorry Juls, I meant a vacation from everything else BUT nursing. I'm so glad youa re feeling better. I was the queen of plugged ducts with DS. Not so much with DD but she ate a lot less than him. I think my supply was so high with him, it contributed and since you are feeding twins that makes perfect sense to me.

I am a horrible pumper. I did it for 10 months for DD and 13 for DS with an Ameda Purely Yours double electric after I went back to work but I had to pump mutliple times a day to get enough milk for them. And yes, one BB was more productive than the other.
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Hey girls, is this thing still on? Did we switch forums and I missed it? Just LMK so I can follow before they shut us down here. How are you all doing?

VM, LOL about the nursing around the clock thing. I figured what I read initially didn't sound right. I'm doing what I can to feed the two of them as often as possible. I still don't produce an abundance but I get through the day. The girls must be going through a growth spurt this week because I feel like I've been feeding constantly and I'm always empty. Thus, I've had to supplement more. I've done some pumping so I've been doing half BM and half formula if I have to. I can't starve them and I'm only producing so much. It would be fine if I was nursing one but with two, forget it. The girls had their 4 month check up the other day and M weighed in at 11 pounds and H came in at 10 pounds 12 ounces. Both barely on the charts but at least they're on the chart.
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Juls, my DD was only 11 lbs at 4 months and she was a singleton!

I haven't heard where we are moving (Ages and Stages?) but definitely don't want to lose touch with you.

I am still posting on the TTC over 40 thread so you can alwyas find me there or PM me.

Really bad sciatica has kicked in. Excrutiating. DD did this to me too, it lasted 6 weeks.
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Hi ladies, I got back from my business trip to Toronto last night

DS developed an abscess while I was gone after having his first cavity filed a few weeks ago. They pulled the tooth, a molar while I was flying home yesterday afternoon. Poor little man.

I was the only woman (out of 24) on my trip, as usual. And waddling with the back pain this LO has me in. Such fun! However, I think he turned head down while I was away, he had been stubbornly transverse. I am 30 weeks tomorrow.

DS did not ask to nurse last night and of course, he missed 4 night while i was away. So hopefully that is it and he has weaned himself. Not that nursing him once a day was too much of a burden but I wouldn't mind a break for 2 months before the new baby comes. And he is 5,
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