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Are you doing yardwork?

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My dh is away until July so I'm unfortunately stuck with a yard that's about a 1/2acre of lawn (the rest is treed or just rough). It is now lawn mowing season so I was out making my first attempt at mowing and I only got about 1/4 done before I had to stop. I'm going easy this year, no vegetable patch and no progress on the rock garden I started last year but I think it will take me 4 days to get the entire lawn done and then another couple days a week of dandelion removal and edge trimming. The prospect of doing this all the way til dh gets home has me rather bummed out so I was wondering what everyone else was doing in terms of yardwork and gardening. I normally do most of the work anyway (since I'm home during the day) but being pg I would have asked dh to do more if he were home. How much are you all doing and how much is too much?
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I'm doing some gardening--nothing too taxing. The most labor I've done for it is tilling the patch a few weekends ago, which was rough but not scarily so. I was tired afterward but I would have stopped sooner if I had felt bad otherwise (I mean, I had some BH contrax during but nothing too major). I wouldn't do anything that makes you have lots of pain or anything like that. And I would take frequent breaks and stay well-hydrated.

I have SPD so I am really careful about overdoing it, especially with things that require squatting, like weeding and such. It takes a long time to recover if I overdo it.

I would mow the lawn if I had a babysitter--I wouldn't worry too much about it--but if you feel overtaxed, don't do it. Hire someone (got a neighbor teen who wants to make $15?) or let it wait. Ours is currently in jungle sttus because my husband is only home during daylight hours on weekends...so that's when it has to happen if it's going to happen. It's been raining the last two weekends so parts of our yard are above my knee. It's not a crisis, right?
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I mowed about half of our lawn the other day. I just like to get outside and let dh have the kids for a little while. I didn't do the really uneven parts of the yard, though, I left that to dh so I didn't fall and hurt myself. Otherwise, not doing much outside this year at all in the yard.
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I've been doing a little yardwork--picking up sticks and weeding mostly. I make sure that I wear gloves because there is a stray cat that loves to use our yard as a litter box! I'd love to plant some flowers but I'm too tired to do anything lately.
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Not doing a darn thing in the yard. Luckily, what little tiny bit of grass grows, my MIL will buzz down with the weedwacker. DH has asthma which generally gets him out of any yard work.

I had been planning to do some veggie gardening, before I got pregnant. I'm glad I decided it would be too much work- it's already hot enough here to break a sweat walking from my front door to my car! lol

I was doing a fair amount of gardening at dd's school earlier in the pregnancy, like february and march, but it's just too darn hot and muggy now for me to want to exert myself outside.
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Nothing too hard, but I do have to pick up dog poo. Well, just one more time. Since our doggie went to a new home yesterday
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nope not really... Dh is taking care of the lawn and since we just moved in in January we are trying to figure out what is IN the garden... So we are just letting it bloom and do it's thing on it own this year anyways.

I have some grapes that I'll hang a paper bag around (bees) and I think that might be it.

We aren't garden people anyways. When we have money (hopefully next year) we can dig up the garden build up the back of our yard with a rock wall and fence, move the play structure and get the yard how we want it.

Oh and FIL wants the Magnolia that's I want gone but he's getting a landscapper to move it
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I am gardening a bit.

The other day dd and I were planting and I noticed she was doing most of the planting and I was just telling her where things go. Good thing she liked digging.
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Anything that doesn't involve my bending over frequently still feels good.

Except for the bugs outside. Stupid bugs.
What are you all doing for bug repellant? I'm trying to eat a ton of garlic...
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I'm embarrassed to admit that I have been doing nothing. We're doing a lot of remodeling of our house right now. I've done a bit of mudding, but my dh has hung the sheetrock (some with the help of my mom) and he's done most of the painting. They won't let me get anywhere near the stain or varnish. My dh generally handles the lawn mowing and dog poo, so I haven't done that. Today I walked around with my dad while he used the chainsaw to cut down some huge weeds/small trees that have been popping up around the yard the last couple years (last summer my dh was gone for 6 weeks and I was really sick, hospitalized for a day of that...nothing got done outside).

I'm probably taking it a little *too* easy. But, hey, this very well may be the last time I get to do this.
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I make DH do it. Well, not all of it...I water and garden a bit...planted...I shoveled some stuff today, have been doing raking...but nothing strenuous at all. I start out so strong and usually DH ends up finishing everything. He doesnt mind though...he likes yardwork. I wont pick up puppy poop though...no sir.

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Been mowing about three acres of grass once a week. However STBX came over and did it last week. I have a veggie garden that I am slowly putting in. I am using that black weed blocker stuff this year. No more weeding after I get it all down! YAY
I am going to spray weed killer around the house so that I do not have to weed eat anymore. I could give a hoot about how it looks!!!!

I do not know how I will manage after this pregnancy is over, but I am sure I will figure it out.
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Hi - i've been WANTING to mow as DH has his hands full with so much else, but i was concerned about the noise from the mower - that it would bother the baby...sounds like it's not such a big deal? We have a LOUD pushmower...your thoughts?
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yes, not yardwork really, but we have a farm so i am doing a lot of heavy work every day.

i have to say that with gardening, harvesting, milking a cow in a squat, canning, being on my feet, etc my last labor was a 4 hour breeze. my previous labors had been 9 and 27 hours. i look forward to a healthy labor this time too.

there are things i dont do right now. i cant think of them... but they are out there. my tummy muscles dont work very well anymore!
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We're growing most of our own food, so the garden has needed lots of work lately. However, a couple weeks ago I stopped doing the sod removal and tilling (we're still getting a few more beds in) because it was just getting too hard - dh is now on that job.

The planting is still a bit hard because the ground sure seems far away. But I'll just scoot along the ground dragging seeds and seedlings with me.

I don't do mowing, at least. But I do feel bad that task takes up so much of dh's time on the weekends. I might start doing it (we have a riding mower) but dh will have to leave it out of storage and show me all it's finer points (it's a old and fussy mower). If dh couldn't mow, I'd put dd to the task since she's old enough or pay someone, probably. Seems like we need to mow every 3 days around here - mostly because we do it in sections which makes it look like it always needs it.
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mmm, i really love yard work, and it's killing me that i can't do all that i want to be doing this spring! i've always done all the mowing(dh hates it! and he's hardly ever home during daylight anymore), and we have a self propelled push mower, but i've given up the job to dh this year.

i've been trying to dig up some sod and put in some new flower beds, but that goes along very slowly! lol

i've been working in the garden, but so far all i've done is an initial weeding(needs it bad again now) and planted tomatos and peas. i really want to go out and get some more in soon!

i did finish digging(well, almost) my hole in the ground(about 13x8x2) for my water garden last month. i don't know if i'd be up to it this month, so i'm glad i got it out of the way! now for the hard part, i need to get a liner and haul stones all around it. i think i'm gonna need help with that one. maybe i'll get the kids to help and bulk up their arms.

other than that, i've just been planting flowers, clipping grass around the fences, and weeding. oh, and the dog poo. ick. hate that job, but i also hate cleaning off kids shoes/feet even more! but, bending over every time will give me bh. fun fun! with the flower beds, i'm usually good on my knees for a little while. then i give up and just scoot on my bum around the yard! lol
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Not this time. My back can't take it. Last time I mowed the lawn all but once that summer!
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It has still been too chilly here to get much done but I have a bunch of plants waiting to get into the ground and I have been doing some weeding when I can. We are in the long process of ripping out large chunks of our lawn and replacing it with native plant garden, but it will take years to get finished. I just want to get out and do some weeding--Spring has just been a long time coming here! It is tough though to get up once my tushie hits the ground. I can't do much for very long. I am hoping to get my tomatoes and peppers in this weekend--that is all we do at home since we belong to a CSA in the summer--and especially this summer, I don't need an abundance of produce around!
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i would LOVE to be out mowing the lawn, but DH won't let me. it's usually my job, and i really enjoy it. i think i could handle actually cutting the grass, but starting the mower is definitely out of the question. we're planning to plant a scaled down veggie and herb garden this year. as long as the work doesn't involve a lot of bending (i tried weeding one day--ouch) i'm cool to do it.

eta: julesinottowa, would you be able to hire a lawn service to do the grunt work just while your DH is out of town? or do you have a friend or friend's DP who would be willing to at least come over and give you a hand while you're on your own? doing all that weeding, mowing, and other groundskeeping work would kill my back these days!
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My husband is away too till June 20th and has been away for almost my whole pregnancy so I was up until a week ago mowing the lawning doing the gardening, garbage recycling and pretty much all the household chores. I got my garden started YAYAY and now I am on Bedrest and looking at hospitalized bedrest so I am thinking the yard is going to look horrible and my garden isn't going to be doing to well in the very near future
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