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Yep! Totally excited here, too - and DH is really excited to catch again!

DS's birth was a breeze - I'm hoping this one goes just as smoothly. I keep thinking of us all curled up and nursing together in our bed and get all weepy.
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Ehhhh I can't say I'm excited or thrilled, but I'm not scared either. I hated the back labor I had with ds (thanks to being sunny-side up), other then that it was a great birth. I'm excited that more than likely this dc will be born without any un-necessary interventions and that it's one of the greatest gifts I can give to him/her. If, for some reason, an intervention is needed (and again I don't know why I would but I cover my bases), I know will have done my best and be happy with that. I think it's awesome that the ladies here are excited...sadly that is rare to find nowadays.
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i cant wait!!! this is my 4th and last more than likely. i have worked so hard at setting up the ideal environment for our bith. i cant wait for what we have prepared to materialize! i want to meet my new little boy and get on w/ living!!! although im 21 weeks right now, i havent really had a chance to enjoy my pregnancy b/c of all the struggles w/ finding a great MW...so im super excited about that day!
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I've been excited since before we even actually conceived. I started reading Ina May Gaskin's book a couple of months before we actually got pregnant, and I got really, really excited. Everyone keeps telling me the same as you, Down2Earth--"you'll change your mind when you feel the pain"--but I don't think that's true. Thinking about the childbirth experience makes me want to cry (in the good way!), and I can't WAIT to achieve that HUGE accomplishment.
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Hi, new here, but what a great question ! So nice to find a group of women who are excited about birth.

I've already done two midwife assisted homebirths, both back labours - and I am really looking forward to trying a hypnobirth this time. I have the book Hypnobabies, and our town is getting a certified instructor in August, just in time for me! Hooray!

I can't imagine wanting to be frozen and and strapped to a bed for such a wonderful experience. I feel sad for women who don't have joyful births , for whatever reason.
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I am also very excited. I LOVED our daughter's birth so much, after about a month I thought to myself "I can't wait to do that again". It is SO painful, but the connection I have with my husband and the bond is just so amazing to me. I pray that this birth goes just as well as my last.
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