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WOW Moments!

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I didn't know what else to call this thread, but yesterday was such a good day in the life of a multicultural kiddo, I thought we could all use a place to share neat stories!

We went to the playground yesterday, and there were 4 other children there: 2 sisters from Morocco and 20mo twins from China. The girls from Morocco spoke English, French, Arabic, and a little Chinese to boot, so we had several different languages floating around one single slide and it was the most normal, comfortable, fun environment. We all learned something new... my Spanish/English/ASL-speaking DD picked up her first Chinese words, repeating "Le Le Na Na!" to encourage the girls to come down the slide!

Plus, one girl said that my DD and I look like twins. : She's much darker than I am, and I think she looks much more like her father, but it made me giddy inside that other people still see me in my DD as well.

We all know that multicultural families face some challenges, but I'd love to hear more happy stories, so bring 'em on!
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I went to the playground on Monday and found another English-speaking mum (Scottish) with a bilingual 3-year-old daughter (Turkish-English). Was also thrilled to discover that she has a teenage daughter and a preteen son, since I have a 14-year-old DD. She took my phone number, so I'm hoping that she gives us a call!
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yeah, it's huger for me then i like to admit when people tell me that me and DS look alike. why is that?
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We've been very lucky to find a fantastic Montessori school where there is a lot of diversity. There are many different cultures and langauges represented. There is even another little Peruvian boy (my husband is Peruvian) and my son, who is bilingual, has sort of taken to him. Even though my son is quiet and shy at school, he will greet this other little boy who speaks only Spanish and so is even quieter than him and I think it's so cute.

Also my son is fascinated by Machu Picchu and the stories my husband has told him about it, and he is happy to chatter about it to anyone who will listen whenever there is something resembling a mountain in his surroundings (rocks at the park, our big mound of mulch that was recently delivered)!
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