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My almost 3 y/o says 'I want to suckle, peas! peas!' It makes more sence to me than calling it nursing. When she's done she kisses them and tucks them in.
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DS#3 says "Nur-Nur"

DS#2 said "Nuss"

Ds#1 said "More"

That's a lot of nursing...
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this thread is really cute my lo doesnt talk yet lol but my cousin who is 4 nolw nursed till 3.5 and when he wanted to nurse he would run to my aunt and say "nurse mama nurse!" while pulling her shirt up despite her trying to teach him something slightly more subtle... it was cute
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My boys say "nah nah" and one of them will sign "please" along with saying "nah nah"
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My 19 mo old asks for "milk peeeze" or sometimes she says, "milk side" (meaning, milk- other side). When she's done she says, "boobie away, mommy."
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My daughter say "I want boob". Or she just jumps on me and gets into nursing position or jumps on me and starts pulling down my shirt. And yes, she has done this many times in public. I always have to be guarded when in public!
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I'm going to teach Juliet to say "boob." I always ask her if she would like some boob.
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I call it "nee nee". He said it once while I was nursing him and it stuck. He says it occasionally now, and will sometimes sign for "milk".
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My DS used to say "boobie." My DD sometimes says "boobie," but more often it's "nursie."

mama to T, 5; L, 2; and EDD 12/20/08
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This thread is too cute!

Mine don't say anything for it yet, but we call it "nursies" or "boobies." Sometimes they'll do the sign for "eat" while gesturing toward my boobs when they want to nurse.
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Around these parts we call it nee nee. I've just started using the ASL sign for milk with 9 month old DS and he always comes straight to me to nurse. The other day DH used the sign and my DS looked at him like he had 2 arms coming out of his head.
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Oh this is such a cute thread. My ds doesn't talk yet, but I always call it booboo...so maybe he'll pick up on that.
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My DD said "dee dee" which was her first attempts at saying "nursie" (not, as my childless BIL suggested, a reference to size). Deedee stuck, and it was deedee until very ,very recently when DS started calling nursing "mel ba" which is 16 month old speak for "MILK BUTTON"!!!

He calls all nipples and belly buttons, buttons, and milk is obviously milk, therefor I have "milk buttons."
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I always called them "nummies" and talked about sitting in the nummy chair, but my son would only sign milk for the longest time. At about 18 months he started calling them "munny chair" or "zuh-zye munny (other side)." So even if we're laying down in bed nursing he asks for "munny chair."

I think it's kind of funny because in my head it's spelled "money chair", and I can only think "if I had a nickel for every time we've sat in that chair in the last 2 years..."
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My oldest two never called it anything (DD1 weaned at 1 year, DS1 I weaned at 18 months and he wasn't really talking much). DS2 called it "nursies" and DD2 started calling it "nonnies." But now she calls it "nursies" and calls my boobs "nonnies" (like when I get out of the shower or she sees me getting dressed/undressed, she'll run up and say, "I want to touch nonnies!") When she asks to nurse, it's always "nursies" though.
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anna calls it "nay ney" like neigh knee.
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DH and I refer to 'the milks'--'Do you want the milks?' or more often 'Aieee, I think she needs the milks'. It was originally supposed to refer to the milk itself, not my breasts, but my little sister came over today to visit DD and said 'Look, she's staring at the milks!', so I guess it morphed. I guess it's nice my little sister is so comfortable about breastfeeding--she's too shy and proper to use the word 'breasts', but apparently I've acclimatised her somewhat to the concept, at least.
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Ds calls it "Dat Duice" (that juice) he calls everything he drinks juice- so the nursies are that juice.
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Hehe, cute thread...

Dd doesn't talk much yet so I thought she didn't have a word for nursing yet....I was wrong. I walked out of the shower this morning and she was sitting up in bed. She got this big grin on her face, put her lips together and went "mmmmmmmmm!" So I guess that's it for now!
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