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Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post
we call it baba. that way my dh doesnt get embarrassed.
i ask if she wants baba and she gets all excited and says yeah alot. it is so cute. we are working on signs. we use a mix of milk and mommy to sign it. it looks like you are milking your chin. lol
My daughter used that name too, but I did not make it up. I tried mmms mmms. She had her own word for it at 7 months.

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current nursling says "snurz!" and then uh-huh uh-huh!Like curious George.
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Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post
we call it baba.
DD also calls it baba - she just made it up herself! It's too cute! Sometimes, when she wants babas really bad, she says it in this croaky voice- baaaabaaaa. I can't help laughing! She's 16 months, btw.
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first child said nursies
2nd said nanny
3rd nanny
4th na na--probably wil be nanny also--it is discreet enough for toddlers --much more so than nursies!!
(said in public very loudly by a 4 year old )
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At about 10 mo he started asking for "bubs" (although sometimes it was more of a whine with a massively worried look on his face), and has progressed to "boo" (more like a question while sticking his hand down my shirt) and occasionally "booby" @ 13 mo. What makes me laugh the most is when he asks for it in his sleep
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nah-nahs or nah-nah's milk
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milk. along with the sign for milk.
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DD (21 mo) calls nursing "muh" with or without the sign for milk. She also thinks that that's the word for breasts and points to other people's chests, too, and says "muh"--but, luckily, mostly family members! If she sees me in the bath or dressing or whatever, sometimes she'll point and say, "muh" and I'll say something like, "Yes, that's mama's breast. That's where the milk comes from," and she'll go: Mmmmmm! She's so cute.
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milk shakes!!!
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dd came up with "mimis" when she really started talking.
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DD calls it "boobies" (she likes to chant this loudly, while petting them), "ju-ju" (it's the cree word for nursing), and "nuse" (nurse). I like that she has so many names for it; I wonder which one will win out?
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My dd calls it mo mo and now so do I. Tina~
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Starting at about 6 months, DD always just called it "eat." When she was 10 months, she started saying "eat now!" or "eating!" when she wanted to nurse. Now that she knows that there are other things to eat besides mama's milk, she will come up to me and demand "eat milk!" or sometimes just "milk!"
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These are all so cute!

DD1 said nursies, then she picked up the habit from my grandma and started talking about titties. DD2 calls them Boop-boop, and she gives them kisses, sings them songs, and "cooks" for them.
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DH and I say "nursies" but 18 mo DD just still pants or coughs and signs milk. Her milk sign is really just a fist that she holds up w/a serious look on her face. It cracks me up b/c it looks like she's saying, "Nurse now or else!"
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with my dd, she used to call nursing "guk" her early word for milk, and my son called it na-na for ma ma milk
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My DD asks for Milkie. We started justing using the sign for milk and calling it mama milk (as opposed to cow milk), and then it became mama milkie, and now just milkie.
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I have always just asked dd if she "wants a boobie" so she calls it Boobie! Or she just dives into my breasts while smacking her lips. :
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