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Anemia during Pregnancy--how to increase iron levels?

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My MW tested my hemoglobin levels last weeks and it was very low (7.9). She told me to try to increase my iron intake and to take liquid chlorophyll (sp) 2x a day.

Is anyone taking iron supplements? I can't seem to get enough in my diet and i'm considering trying to find some iron pills or something.

Does anyone know if i specifically have to take liquid chlorophyll? Wouldn't the pill version work the same? The liquid stuff is so gross and I tend to forget it when I'm rushing out of the house in the morning.

Any other tips you have for getting my levels up would be appreciated.
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I took Floradix.
it's a liquid, vegetarian iron supplement. It also has b vitamins in it. It works fine and does not constipate like pills do.
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Cook your food in cast iron. Eat iron rich foods - spinach is easy to toss on just about anything, or have spinach salads.

Floravital is the vegan version of Floradix, it doesn't have honey. I'm not sure if that's a concern for you or not. If you prefer a pill, SlowFE is a good one that shouldn't upset your tummy.

There's a decent list of iron rich foods here.
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Eat lots of leafy greens like spinach or chard and beets are also high in iron.
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I was a bit lower than that following my last miscarriage, and was still somewhat low at the start of this PG (I think I was in the low 9's at my first prenatal). Honestly, the only thing that really did it for me was taking some prescription iron supplements that contained (i'm not kidding) the maximum recommended amount of elemental iron. To get the equivalent amt of elemental iron from Floradix, I would've been drinking about 1/2 bottle every day. All the things we tried (eating more greens, cooking in iron pots, Floradix, blood building tea from the TCM guy, etc) didn't really make much difference for me. I'm back up to 12 now - yay.
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My last blood test i was down to 5 (yay! fun) so i have been really working to get it back up. I refuse to take synthetic iron tablets, been there done that, they can cause digestive problems, and constipation, also they interfere with your ability to obsorb iron in the future. I have been doing floradix, iron rich food, nettle, alfalfa and marshmallow tea, along with my rrl. I drink the tea all day long, and it has really made a difference. Your body reacts to and obsorbs the natural stuff a lot easier then the synthetic.
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- Floradix/Floravital
- alfalfa
- dandelion root
- liquid chlloryphyl
- cooking in cast iron
- eating iron rich foods paired with fruits & veggies high in vitamin C and avoiding dairy foods when eating iron-rich foods. (Spinach, chard, & beet greens are not a good source of iron because they are high in oxalic acid...they are still good for you for many other reasons, but the body has a hard time absorbing iron from them. Stick to greens like kale, turnip greens, broccoli, coriander, etc.--anything from the cruciferous/cabbage veggie family.)
- blackstrap molasses (you can even mix a spoonful in a mug of hot water and it makes a yummy drink)
- fortified pastas, cereals, & breads
- oatmeal with dried fruit like raisins, chopped apricots, prunes, etc. or molasses
- any beans (including soy beans)
- quinoa is a grain that is particularly high in iron
- watermelon
- potatoes
- most nuts & seeds have a decent amount of iron too
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Raspberry leaf tea has large amounts of iron in it too.
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thanks for all the suggestions.

where can you find rrl tea?
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Thought I'd throw one more idea into the mix. Carlson Labs makes a Buffalo Liver supplement. Its a really easy way to get a nice dose of iron - and all you have to do is swallow a couple capsules. I also have found great success with another Carlson supplement called "Blood Nutrients" - it brought me out of my anemia earlier this year.
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after being horribly anemic in two pregnancies, i managed to avoid it with #3 by drinking a quart of NORA tea every day, eating iron-rich foods and supplementing with spirulina. NORA stands for Nettles, Oatstraw, RRL and Alfalfa. All are rich in chlorophyll and iron. i know there are places you can buy it online, but i'm NAK and don't have a link handy. i know someone local who made it for me. or you can buy the herbs in bulk from a place like Mountain Rose Herbs and make it yourself too

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I buy my organic RRL tea at our local grocery store. It's made by "Traditional Medicinal". It's made specifically for medicinal use. It's pure RRL and organic.
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I took the floradil too. I needed a chaser afterwards and it did stain my back teeth! I must admit though I had LOTS of energy and it sooo helped my iron. some people cant absorb iron properly so the liquid is a much easier absorbtion
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Originally Posted by italiancookies View Post
I took the floradil too. I needed a chaser afterwards and it did stain my back teeth!
Ack! I could never take it straight. Just mix it with a little oj or something, so much more palatable.
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Cream of wheat is a good source of iron. When I was anemic I'd mix it with blackstrap molasses and raisins for breakfast.
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Eat iron-rich cereal. Check the label's daily values for the iron level in hot and cold cereals. Most cereals are fortified with iron. Some have up to 18mg of iron per serving.

Eat clams or oysters to increase your iron intake. A ¾ cup contains 3mg of easily absorbed iron.

Eat vegetables that are high in iron. A medium-baked potato with the skin on contains 4mg of iron, spinach has 9mg per bunch and chick peas have 12.5mg per cup.

Eat beans to increase your iron intake. Kidney beans have 15mg per cup, lima beans have 13mg and soy has 9mg.

Eat watermelon to increase iron by 3mg for every 6 inch by ½ inch slice.

Use blackstrap molasses. You can use it in baking, or add a tablespoon of it to a smoothie, tea or warm milk to give yourself an extra 3mg of iron.
Red Raspberry is also good for iron.
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I take Floradix and drink rrl tea.
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Nettle tea has a lot of iron in it. Also, nettles are popping up everywhere. Pick young plants and make soup! Tons of iron. You can also make leafy green smoothies. :

I don't think cooking in a cast iron pan helps with iron levels... really? Wouldn't that iron be inorganic and hardly absorbed by the body? As i understand it, our body absorbs nutrients through organic matter, not inorganic.
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I agree with the Floradix suggestion. I wasn't sure about whether it would work for me, since it doesn't have as many Mgs as the pills...but honestly, it's about absorption, right!? I really liked the Floradix-and it's completely natural, so it's an excellent choice-they also have a gluten-free version, and that's the one I use.
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