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Pictures from my birth

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I'm finally ready to post the pictures from my homebirth:

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The photography is beautiful. How are your babies doing?
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Thank you. I liked seeing William coming out of you feet first. Hope all are well.
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William spent 7 weeks in the hospital re-learning to eat, and has been diagnosed CP to what extent we won't know till he's older. He's getting pumped milk in a bottle as he's not able to latch, we hope with all the therapy he's getting we'll be able to latch him in the future. We're thankful he was able to come home without a feeding tube.
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I can't see it... I don't know why... but I'm sure it's awesome.

My oldest son has CP, we didn't have a diagnosis (or services b/c of that) until he was 2 years old. He is doing really well (he's almost 6 now). It was AMAZING the effect that therapy had on his eating, walking, talking, etc. Some of his brain re-wired to adapt and it was incredible to watch it in action. Not a fast thing by any measure, but I'm a believer of "services before 3 yrs. old" for that reason... it really helped us!!

Best wishes...
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What beautiful pictures!

Wishing you & your family many many blessings!
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i cannot see the pictures....
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Beautiful mama! It brought tears to my eyes. Congrats your little ones. I wish you the best. Keep us updated!
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Beautiful video! Gorgeous pictures! Congrats on the babies, mama!
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LOVE,LOVE,LOVED IT!!! Made me cry- absolutly georgeus. Sending you vibes of love and healing- and awe! Just wonderful. What a treasure to have, and perfect music.
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Very beautiful!

Many blessing!
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Oh I got goosebumps! Beautiful...I'm so glad both babies are home with you now.
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that brought tears to my eyes, absolutely perfect, and beautiful to watch! congratulations to you and your family
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That was beautiful Congratulations on your babies!
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Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by lizzylou View Post
Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Absolutely moving mama... and beautiful little babies
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what GREAT photography!! love it. Did William have trouble breathing? SO awesome you did UC!! love the breech baby coming out!! congrats.
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that was one of the most beautiful thing in the world!! thanks so much for sharing!!!
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