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Testing question? Immunolabs vs. ALCAT

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So I've decided to get myself tested. Not sure about DS yet.

Does anyone have any thoughts about immunolabs (IgG) vs. ALCAT?

Has anyone had either covered by insurance.
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I just ordered an ALCAT test for DS (if it works, then I'll get DD and me tested as well). I didn't even think to ask if it was covered by insurance, I just assumed it wouldn't be. Duh. I just did the pediatric test (the least number of foods).
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Can I ask why you chose ALCAT? I'm curious cause that's what I'm leaning towards. I'm thinking of the 150 panel for myself.
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Isn't Immunolabs the REALLY expensive one?

I tried York Labs first (in FL). Horrible experience and never got the test.

The ALCAT test I chose was only about $275 (50 foods/10 additives/10 food colorings). I KNOW that DS is sensitive to milk, soy, cocoa, white potato, cranberry. I am now trying to figure out whether the extra food that has been bothering him is corn or red dye. So I'm testing ALCAT to see whether their test is accurate. I have no idea what I might be sensitive to, but odds are, it's something. I wanted to trial someone that I knew the answers to (mostly) first just to ensure THEIR accuracy.
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Immunolabs isn't that expensive. In fact, I think the ALCAT is more expensive. The really expensive one was Sage Labs ($2700 for a panel). I don't have the costs of immunolabs offhand but it wasn't near that much.

Let me know how your testing goes. I haven't been feeling great but I'm only eating a few foods so I want to test myself to see if any of those are problematic. Then I might test DS.
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You're right. The Sage one was the expensive one. I've looked at so many of them the last couple months, I can't keep anything straight. I know that my digestion is better when I avoid my son's trigger foods, so I'm thinking that I caused his problems in the first place (not feeling guilt because I didn't know such a thing was possible, just that it happened), but I'm wondering if I should take out even more foods or different foods to see if that would help my chronic back pain. That's why I want to get myself tested. And I would love to know if my DD has outgrown any of hers (eliminated most of them for 18 months already, with a couple of infractions) without going through lots of screaming nights if she didn't outgrow them.

I'm just hoping that our doctor will draw his blood, even if he doesn't "believe" in the test.

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Immunolabs and Insurance

Immunolabs testing is covered by some insurances. You would need to contact Immunolabs, or a doctor's office in your area that works with them, to get a list of the test insurance codes, then call your provider to see which, if any, of the tests are covered.
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