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Hi all.

I live in the sugarhouse area of salt lake city, utah. I am happily married and have a daughter and a son, ages 3 and 2.

Actually, I was really thinking about starting a group in my area. I am trying to develop myself and my talents. I play the piano and have been really shy about it for several years and therefore have not kept up with it. But recently I have picked it back up. I just think there are so many talents that mothers have that somehow get lost in all the shuffle of the day to day. And it would be so nice to have a group that gets together to support each other in our quest to grow and develop ourselves, personally. I'm not sure what type of group it would be, exactly. But I'm thinking that if there are any artists, writers, or musicians...or anything else...something that could be supported and shared in a group setting, let's work on setting something like this up. I really need to take time out from my responsibilities from time to time. And I'd like to share with others in a way that supports, challenges and stimulates.

Let me know if you are interested, or have ideas! Email me at

Thank you for reading my thoughts,