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Severe itchy hands and feet???

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I am currently 4.5 weeks preggers and have an odd question.... ever since a few days past conception I have been dealing with my hands (specifically palms and between fingers) and my feet (bottoms and between toes) being EXTREMLY itchy at night. It often wakes me up at night and is unbearable. I spend hours at night scratching and rubbing them on the blanket, etc..... Now, it is not every single night, but most. Like I said, I am very early into this pregnancy and this is not my first pregnancy so I can say this has NEVER been an issue before. I am just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this. I know near the end my hands and feet sometimes swell and such but not this early! The only thing I keep finding on the internet is something called cholestasis but from what I found this seems to be more common in the third trimester plus I really don't seem to have ANY of the risk factors for causes of it, I don't even have any of the other symptoms besides naseau, irritability and fatigue...and THOSE are all common for me in my first tri anyway! Could this be some wierd hormonal thing, an allergic reaction....?????? HELP!
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You're not alone, but I think this is very uncommon. Do you have a red rash of tiny bumps along with it to? I got this with my previous two--a few weeks with #1, first tri with #2, and first and second tri with #3 now. It just disappeared toward the end of second tri, but had diminished before that. I'd say weeks 7-18 were the worst. It's a PITA, that's for sure.
I drank fennel tea and took dandelion capsules, and that helped a bit. The MW also tested me for any liver problems as a precaution, but that came out normal. I used Nivea very generously, but it didn't really stop the itching. Hopefully it will pass for you too!
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I would suggest herb/weed teas and organic foods for liver support (you can google it). It could very well be candida related too, symptoms are itching between toes and fingers... looking into that could bring you an answer.

Hope you can get it under control. Itching is so annoying!

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I second the yeasty part....i knew i was prego's right off the bat...i got a killer yeast infection and i never get them...it was the change in hormones. Rinsing your hands/feet with vinegar..or vinegar in your bath. Hope it get's better for ya.
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If you need help...

Hi there,
Anyone here ever had PUPPP's? I have a friend who has it, and I don't know if it started on her hands....

Is your spreading-or staying where it is?

Sorry to ask...

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I pm'd you about cholestasis.

To everyone, if you are pregnant and your hands and feet itch like crazy, please mention that to your doctor or midwife, and have the check you for cholestasis. One of the mothers I know on another board lost her daughter right before full term because of this treatable condition.

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