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Longies Knitting Club

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Come and join in if you're knitting the LTK longies! We can all knit together!
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I plan on starting mine tomorrow.

Thanks for starting this thread Monica!
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I started my Longies today. I cast on and knit 2 rows of ribbing so far...

I'm making a size large w/ blue wool.
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Hi Aurora. That's great Julie! Blue will look really good.

I have blue yarn, too. It didn't come today.
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me too me too!

cranberry red yarn, starting tomorrow or friday. scared.

(boy in arms now)
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I really really wanna try... I'm scared
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Me! me! me! I have 2 pairs done - they are SO cute! I've been a knitting machine lately, running on nesting energy with 6 weeks to go before my first babe is due.

One pair is cranberry red acrylic, the other is blue-green wool-ease. They're adorable and so soft and stretchy. I got impatient waiting for the bootie option to be added to the pattern, so I just got down to the bottom of the ankle ribbing and added some feet from a bootie pattern I have. Turned out well. One foot is a bit bigger than the other because I didn't keep track of what I was doing. But they're still cute!

I'd like to make a pair with 100% wool, but I'm not yet convinced that wool soakers will work for us, so until I try them, I don't want to spend too much money on soft wool. What brands of wool do you use? For wool soakers I've used Brown sheep (seems too scratchy, though) and Mission Falls 1824 (soft and beautiful, but expensive and not available most places). Is lion brand fisherman's wool scratchy?

I just won some more yarn on ebay, and plan to make another pair of longies, maybe with a cardigan to match. I've never worked color patterns in knitting, but I love the way it looks on the LTK site. Might have to figure it out for the next pair. I'd like to make a pair of mossy green longies with oatmeal colorwork, and then an oatmeal hooded sweater to go with it.

One thing I've done that's different from the pattern instructions: I double-knit the legs instead of using DPNs. It takes longer, and I had to be very careful, but I found it more relaxing, and it spared me having to buy the right size dpns. This way I could just keep using my favorite circs.

I wouldn't mind trying an elastic waistband instead of a drawstring. Not sure how that would work, though.

All right, now that I've written such a long message, everybody start your longies! Such a cute, fun pattern. If I get it together, maybe I'll try to post a picture of my finished ones.
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what is a longie?

... i want to start knitting again

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Originally posted by Emma
what is a longie?

... i want to start knitting again



Longies are little knit wool pants that double as a soaker for cloth diapers.


Join us!

panda-what is double knitting? I'm a newbie. : I have never used dpn's and am a little scared of them! :LOL I think your mossy green/oatmeal combo sounds so beautiful! Do you have a good cardigan or hooded sweater baby pattern? I was wondering what my little one will wear for a top with these Longies! About the wool-I ordered some for the Longies from Theresa at LTK and I am waiting for it. Yesterday I bought some Dk Green Plymouth Galway from my local yarn shop that is super soft!

Monica- I'm sorry your yarn didn't come. I'm still waiting on mine. I'm glad I went ahead and bought some more yesterday

Julie-Good for you!

Chrissy-Cranberry sounds wonderful! I'm a little scared too.

Informed-Join us! We are all here for eachother.

So, I am about to go cast on a Dk. Green size small pair of Longies. Wish me luck!

You know, we need a knitting smilie!
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Thanks everyone - I am going to order some patterns... so far I have only made touques, and slippers, and a bikini ... I hope I can follow the pattern

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Great, Emma! I'm sure you will do just fine.

:LOL So, my yarn just came in the mail. I knew if I went ahead and bought more it would. : It is really pretty. Natural Light is the color. A bit darker than Oatmeal I think. That's ok you can never have too much yarn, right??????? :LOL

Now, which color should I make first?

Monica-I sure hope you get yours today too!
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Aurora - I'm glad your yarn came, what fun mail!

There's a great hooded cardigan pattern at Knitty.com - it's called "daisy", I think, and it's in one of the archived issues, I think Summer 2003. You can make it with or without the hood. There's another free cardigan pattern that buttons off center - very cute - at the domestic sphere .

Double knitting is just a way to knit a tube in back and forth rows on regular needles, but don't fear dpns! I hate sewing up seams in knit garments after I'm finished knitting them, so knitting in the round on circs and dpns has been a great skill to learn.
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Glad your yarn came, Aurora!

My yarn didn't come in today's mail, so I may break down and buy some at the yarn shop. I hope to make more than one pair anyway... (maybe that's wishful thinking, but I like to think big! )

panda is double knitting using two circular needles? That's how I'm knitting a tube sock. I have one on dps and one on 2 ciruuclars- both methods seem to have their plusses and minusses.
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panda, thanks for that link! there are so many cute things there.

aurora, which color did you decide to start first?

i haven't started yet. i'm going to start tonight though. we're going on a 6 hour road trip this weekend and i'm hoping to get a lot of work done on the road since my dh does all the driving. so i need to start tonight so i can get all my questions answered before we go.

i'll probably be back with lots of questions tonight
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oh, i forgot, i wanted to say that my big shopping trip yesterday cost me $60!!! but that's because i had to buy all the needles and stuff.

the yarn i bought is cascade yarns. it's super soft.

i also bought this handly laminated pocket knitting guide. it looks like it'll be pretty handy.

eta- are you all doing the gauge swatch?
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Good luck, Chrissy! Knitting in the car passes the time pleasantly.

I'm going to do a gauge swatch. You really need to if you don't want to end up with giant pants LOL
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thank you and good luck to you too!

yes, i better do the swatch too.
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I had a very frustrating night last night trying to knit! Argh... I think I ripped out as many rows as I knitted. : And then I dropped a stitch and couldn't figure out how to get it back on the needle... so I took it into my yarn shop and the lady was very helpful and got it right back on. I'm still doing ribbing... only 4 more rows of that then I switch needles and start knitting the body.

Chrissy~ I did do a gague swatch as well. It was pretty easy and good practice for me. I was right on so I was happy I didn't need to buy more needles! I think I spent like $65 when I went to get my yarn and needles too. My yarn is Cascade as well! It is very nice, I agree.

edited to fix a spelling mistake... duh...
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You're doing great, Julie. Wow- only 4 more rows of ribbing. Dropped stitches make me

If my yarn isn't here tomorrow I'm going to run out and buy that Cascade you are all talking about. I sit expensive?
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Originally posted by MamaMonica
If my yarn isn't here tomorrow I'm going to run out and buy that Cascade you are all talking about. I sit expensive?
I got a crochet hook while there so hopefully I can fix them myself next time. Learning how to fix mistakes is harder than learning how to knit!

The Casdace I bought was $7.50 for the hank (that's what it's called right? A hank?). It is very soft and comes in nice colors. I thought that was comparable to Theresa's yarn, plus no shipping. I don't know anything about the sheep or farm it came from (says made in Peru), but I didn't want to wait for yarn if I ordered online.

Hope your yarn comes soon!!!
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