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Yay, Angela! That was really fast on the longies! Can't wait to see a pic!

Penny- you need two skeins of LT 2-ply yarn for a size large pair- and for needles you'll want to do a gauge swatch, so you might want to get neesles above and below the listed sizes. You'll probably use them for something else later.

There's also this needle system-


It has every size circular needle in it, then you always have what you need. Except double points- I get mine here: (don't get aluminum)

double point source

But if you have a local yarn shop, that's the best place. Good luck! I did the longies as my third project after a hat and moc booties- go for it!
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I'm getting ready to start on some longies soon. I am just finishing up a LTK soaker (my first time knitting in a VERY long time). But I wanted to tell Penny to also check out e-bay for circular needles. That's where I got mine for pretty cheap (under $10 I think for 10??). The packaging looked kind of old but knitting needles are knitting needles.
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finally starting...

Hi everyone
I have finally started!!! Yahoo!! Well, it is not really that great... I managed to do the gauge swatch - dead on! I was so happy.

Well now I am so frustrated - so many questions... I am making the size medium, after my slipnot, do I cast on 92 or do I cast on 91? Does the slipnot count as a stitch? Would the pattern still work if I used the same size circular for the whole thing? I live in a small town and I can't get ahold of a 3.5 circular needle in the right length. I bought one, but it is 60 cm long and it is impossible to join the stitches with such a long needle. I have a 4.5 circular of the right size.

I so appreciate all help. I am really excited to get knitting.

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your slipknot is the first stitch, so cast on 92 Although, if you are going to use the same size for the ribbing as the rest ofit, I would cat on 10% less for the ribbing, and then on the row you switch to stockinette stitch, increase the stitches in evenly across the row, that way the ribing will still be smaller thatn the body (it will stretch out way to much if it's done on same size without decreasing some stitches)
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thank you Theresa

So if the slipnot is considered the first stitch and I cast on 92, I should end up with 93? If I then k2p2 for the ribbing, won't I always end up on a knit stitch ... how will it end up looking like ribbing (because I have an odd number of stitches)? OR when I link the stitches should I knit the first two stitches together so I still end up with 92 stitches?

I am able to get 3mm needles - would they work for the ribbing?

Thanks so much - I really appreciate your help - I think it is amazing you are so giving of your support.
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Well I have just finished the first six rows - yahoo!!! I ended up casting on with the really long 3.5 circular and then a friend came over and showed me how to transfer the stitches to dpns! So far so good. I am going to start the k2tog,yo... rows this evening. I am such a beginner. For those of you who were new to knitting when you started this pattern, did you try out the new stitches/techniques on scrap wool as you went along? DO you have any tips for the buttonholes (my next few rows)?

I just read through the whole thread - all of the longies you have made are SOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!
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Re: thank you Theresa

Originally posted by Shanghaimum
So if the slipnot is considered the first stitch and I cast on 92, I should end up with 93? ]
You cast on 92 *including* the slip knot... so do the knot and then do 91 sts. hth~
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yup, what julie said
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Thanks Theresa and Julie!

Theresa if I have questions, is it better for me to post here or would you rather if I posted on the LTK forum - thanks!
I was/am confused about the yarn over - for the row following the first six rows, am I just to always knit 2 together and then bring the wool forward like I am going to purl, and then just leave it and then knit two together again?

Thanks again
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OK, I read through this and you all have inspired me. I was going to buy some longies but instead I ordered the pattern. I have a teeny bit of knitting experience but not much. Gulp...
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Sheena... as you can see from my posts, I am a total beginner! I am having so much fun with this project ... even though I am now about to rip...
I thought I had figured out the yarn over, but I guess I did it wrong. I am working on dpns as I don't have access to a 3.5 mm 40 cm circular needle - I think it makes it harder. After finishing my k2tog/yo row, I had 96 stitches. I thought I could just knit a few together on the next row .. so I would have 92 stitches again. Well it didn't work. It became impossible to knit the knits and purl the purls... So now I have to rip.
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Sheena... as you can see from my posts, I am a total beginner! I am having so much fun with this project ... even though I am now about to rip...
Was that English??? I think I'm in trouble, lol!
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please help

I ripped everything and restarted... After doing the first six rows, I had my 92 stitches. Well I have re-knit row 7, k2tog, yo... I now only have 85 stitches. Have I dropped stitches or can I go on? I have just rechecked the knitting and it looks good - everything looks right - the holes are all evenly spaced and the knits and purls add up.

I want to knit! But I am scared - please advise.

Thanks so much in advance
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if you've only got 85 stitches then you've done something wrong. I'm not sure what, but you should have the same nuber of stitches at the end of that row as you had when you started. The *k2tog, yo* doesn't change stitch count at all, becuase for each stitch eliminated in the k2tog, you add it back with the yarn over. but you don't need to rip everything out, just that last round, and then pick the stitches back up adn re-do that round. you should be doing a yarn over for every knit 2 together that you do
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thank you!

I am sorted out again - my knitting friend came over and helped me. I guess because I am using dpns instead of a circular (as I didn't have the right sized circular!), that when I changed needles I needed to do a double wrap. I ripped the row (jsut the row - thank you Theresa!) and redid it - now I have 92 stitches.

Thanks again - backc to the knitting!
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