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Can't sleep

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I don't know about the rest of the country, but it's ridiculously hot in California right now. It was 98 degrees today. I feel miserable and I can't get to sleep for anything. I live in the bay area so no one around here thinks it is necessary to install AC because "it doesn't get that hot."
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up in Sacramento here...it hit 100 today from what I hear...it's 2am and my a/c keeps kicking on every 45 min or so. I stepped outside and got slapped in the face with a hot wind...it's nasty! God I wish this would have waited a couple more weeks to come!

Let's not mention the serious lack of rain we've had this year...all the lakes and rivers are the lowest on record...almost every town up here is already in stage one drought warnings...conserve water etc etc.

I cannot wait til my vacation to washington state in about 8 weeks...camping on the coast...it gets cold at night. Sometimes we even get some rain and we always wake up to a blanket of dew and crackling warm camp fire. It's so nice to pull out the boots in the middle of summer and get a break...I am counting the days!!!

Find a pool girl...that's all I can say...lol find some water. Im going to buy a kiddie pool and just lay down in it and let my four year old splash around. Anything to cool off.
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I live in Oregon (so no AC) and it was so hot last night. Both of the kids had the fans and I didn't sleep at all. My husband also just snored the night away because his allergies kicked up. I swear I almost smothered him with a pillow. Today I'm going to go buy another fan because it is only going to get hotter over the next couple of days.

This is misery. I have a big day today and really didn't want to be a zombie.

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I cannot blame my lack of sleep on the warm weather, here in NH. It is in the low 40's at night :/ 60's in the day. The rivers are full and beautiful, so tempting but still much to cold for anything more than Popsicle toes! I just cannot get comfortable at night, my hips are too achy. Someone go swimming for me, please!
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