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really smelly baby pee???

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dd has had really fowl smelling pee for a week or so and i was wondering if anyone knows what this could be? she is 14 months old.

i am worried.
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I've heard that food can really influence pee smell. Asparagus is supposed to be particularly bad. Has she been eating more of a particular food in the past week?
I think that sometimes, UTIs can also change pee smell for the worse.
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I don't want to alarm you at all, but whenever I see a funky pee smell thread my alarm bell rings....

Does it smell the strongest when you change her dipe first thing in the morning? Is she thirsty more than usual lately? Has she lost any weight at all??

My dd was diagnosed with diabetes in April 2002 at the age of 27 months. She had all of the symptoms I described.

If she has any of these take your dd to the doctor and have her blood sugar tested and her urine tested. I warn you, since you dd is young, the method to get the urine is NO FUN for anyone involved, my dd ended up being straight cathed.

I am sorry for being so blunt and graphic and just plain intrusive about this, but if it is diabetes, this is serious shit. But you will answer these questions and tell me no to all of them and I can rest my weary head then. I'm gonna bug you til I know how she is.

I'm a freak I know....sorry.
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Maybe I'm naive, but I always have found-for myself-a direct correlation between a very strong to foul urine scent and not drinking enough water. More water, less odor. Absolutely have the child checked for a serious problem, but more water wouldn't hurt.
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Could be she has not drank enough and is dehydrated...but if it is lasting longer than a day, my first thought is a urinary tract infection.

I would have her seen.
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hey mama,

How are things with your dd?? An update please?
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Update wondering the same thing
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