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Too much walking around aimlessly?

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For some reason, I'm starting to get all paranoid about my parenting style. Here's the latest manifestation:

DH works most evenings during the week, taking our one car with him. DD and I have gotten in to the habit, when the weather is nice, of just walking around the neighborhood. She loves dogs and is getting to know lots of them. Sometimes we run into neighbors and she'll play with the kids, sometimes we just walk and look at things, and sometimes we end up at a store or park. It just depends. We usually do this from when DH leaves until about half hour before "bedtime," so about 2-3 hours per evening.

I was talking about this with someone who said that was "too much walking around" for a 19 mo old. What the heck does that mean?

I carry her a lot of the time, and if she gets nervous around a person or dog, of course I pick her up. But she seems to be having a great time. She burns off some energy, she's not cooped up in the house, and I get some fresh air and exercise, too. If she looks like she's tired we easily head home within minutes.

Is there any reason I should revisit this routine? Am I just letting people get to me?
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Sounds like fun for both of you, and sure beats sitting around the house. I think the comment that person made was absolutely silly. I cannot imagine why she/he said that.
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I think whoever said that just has no clue. A high energy child (and I have one!) can play 2 or 3 hours outside at that age with mom just kinda sitting by to keep them out of trouble.. I don't see what the difference is!
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That sounds awesome to me, and I'm sure it would to my toddler too. You're obviously paying attention to your child's limits and able to get her home if she gets too tired, so keep it up! Sounds like she's learning a lot, socializing, and having a great time!
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My son thrives on this type of activity. I just wish the weather would cooperate so we could be outside "walking around aimlessly" every day!

I think that it fosters a love of the outdoors and helps kids to burn off energy to stay healthy and sleep better at night.
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Thanks, everyone. DD is very high energy and while I haven't seen an improvement in her sleep, we all seem to be in a better mood compared to the long winter evenings of frustration and destruction!

Must have confidence in my parenting decisions. Must have confidence in my parenting decisions. Must have confidence ...
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Giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she was just surprised that such a little kid could physically walk for that long. Obviously she doesn't understand the unlimited energy capacities of toddlers...sigh.

I, too, wish ds was "tame" enough to walk aimlessly around the neighborhood like that--it sounds awesome, but getting him home on foot from the park (one block) is challenging enough...
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When it is too much walking the child will let you know, by not walking

Unless you are forcing her to walk with you beyond her willingness or ability... (and clearly you are not ).
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I think its great that you do that with your dd! What does too much walking aimlessly mean? Is it about the walking? Or that its "aimless"? Either way I don't see a problem. I wish I was in walking distance to stores and had a nicer neighborhood to walk around in (we live in a stupid development where the sidewalks don't conect so you have to walk in the street). Its good for you both to get excercise and fresh air, like you said. Trust yourself- you what's good for yourself and your child!
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like the pp said, your kiddie would definately let you know if she was unhappy. i think it sounds like a fabulous evening!
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I would guess that person has not had a toddler. It's not as though you can make them walk if they don't want to.
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I think it's great! It seems that you have the time and energy and so does your little one. You both sound like you enjoy it as well. Honestly, it sounds like the best possible scenerio for you and your child. Sure, you may become tired of doing it so much but, you don't need to think about that until it (if it does) happen.

You need no advice here, you already know what to do with your time! Good for you. Getting outdoors (even in town environments) is wonderful for people. It keeps us in touch with the natural world. Our minds and bodies regulate much better when exposed to the outdoors, non stagnant air, sights and sounds of nature, and the sun.

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It sounds to me like your teaching her good habits at a very early age, which is what every parent should strive to do. You're fostering a love of nature, animals, other people you may encounter, etc. It sounds great to me! My 22 mo comes with me to work every day, which is about a mile and a half away from our house. We often walk home in the evening and she has SO much fun. It is definitely never "aimless" when you are a toddler! She has definitely learned to appreciate all sorts of life through her encounters on our walks. Now it's a challenge getting her home because she has to stop to hug and say goodbye to all of the flowers/cactus/trees along the way.
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