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Abner's Birth Story

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Abner Elias arrived at 12:05 am on Thursday, May 1st. He was due on April 12th but didn't want to come out no matter what his mama tried. i had planned a homebirth but he went too far overdue so my midwives had to refer me to an ob. I was due to be induced at 7 am on thursday but at 10:45 wednesday night, my water broke. i went immediately into transition. i was at my grandmothers house at the time and knew i couldn't make it home or to the midwive's birthing center b/c he was coming soon! we walked into the hospital about 11:15 pm and they checked my cervix, it was a 7. fifteen minutes later, i needed to push and they checked again. i was a 10! i pushed for about 20 minutes and my little abner came out. even though i had wanted a homebirth, it was so intense and the ctx were right on top of each other. i couldn't get my focus and found myself begging for an epidural. luckily, there wasn't time and i had to deliver without one. the attending had to deliver him since he came faster than the dr could make it. the whole thing was so intense and crazy. but now my sweet baby is here. he weighed 8lbs 8 oz. My 2 1/2 year old saw the whole thing and handled it really well. When he first saw his new brother, all slimy and gooey, he said " What's that baby? I don't like that baby." But, about 2 minutes later, he loved him. The hospital was great. They never bothered us about any of our choices since the head of gynecology works with my midwives so often. They even gave me my placenta to take home. So, even though it wasn't a HB, it was a positive experience.
Abner is now 2 weeks old and weighs almost 10 lbs. He nurses like a champ and has to be held nonstop. But I wouldn't have it any other way.


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Congrats and welcome, Abner! I too had a hospital birth instead of home, and I am also so happy with the whole experience.
Enjoy your baby!
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thanks kjoy! enjoy yours as well. i'm glad you had a good experience too
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Congrats! What a long wait! But I'm glad your labor was quick and you had a good experience in the hospital. I added you to the birth announcement list. Enjoy the rest of your babymoon!
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Congrats! Myspace won't let me see him
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CONGRATS MAMA! Welcome Abner!
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Congrats Mama! And how refreshing to hear about a progressive hospital that supports women in their choices (loved to hear about the placenta!)
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Wow! I love that your baby decided to appear at the last possible minute : !! I can't believe how short your labor was...we should start a thread 'shortest and longest labor'
I can't see the pic, either (do you have to register with myspace to see other's pics?), but I am sure he is precious! Congratulations
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Congratulations! And I think you definitely win the prize for fastest labor!
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