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Local DJ mentions he is unvaxed and...

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...his fellow on air personalities say they are shocked he is rarely ill and urge him to see if he should get vaxed now! He said he'd like to hear from a Doctor, etc. Quick overview: The Philly based Chio in the Morning show was doing some "learn more about us piece" and listeners asked real questions. Chio often talks about growing up Jehovah's Witness and his parents took that to a bigger extreme, they seem to be a bit out there (Mom will no longer visit Grandkids in case armegeddon hits while visiting them..lol) Late in the show, they mention his Mom believed in little medical intervention and he was never vaccinated. The other DJ's acted like this was horrifc and more. He ended with "maybe I do need shots now?" (I assume his kids are vaxed, he seemed to know nothing of the issue, just assumed it was his wacky moms way). Then he said he'd like the Docs info., hence where we come in. I sent a quick email with links, no letter (had no time) but the first link was to Dr. Koren ( www.korenpublications.com ) a Philly based Chiropractor who speaks out against vaccines, then a Mothering link, etc. But I know you guys can do better, so if you are interested in teaching him why being non vaxed is a good thing, here is his email:


I emailed another DJ way back regarding flouride misinformation, and they read it right away (it was mentioned on air, not my name though). So he will get it.
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A little OT~I had asked a dear friend of mine that is JW about vaccines. She said she was fully vax'ed. I would think this would go against their beliefs. Maybe someone that is JW can share?
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I too discussed this with a JW coworker who was vaxed. Isaid if the ysay no blood transfusions WHY would they allow the ingredients invaccines to be injected in them. She was just 19yo but shocked when I told her about the ingredients. She did state the yhad no offical policy she knows of and her family is STRICT JW!!

This guys parents are JW and out there. A whole different situation.
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Jehovah's Witnesses refusal of blood transfusion is an entirely different matter than vaccines. One is scriptural, the other not. I know many witnesses, most vaccinate, some don't (just like the general pop). It is a personal decision.
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I'm a JW, and I was vaxed but my children aren't. Most JW's (like most people) have no idea that there may be fetal tissue, animal pus, etc. in vaccines. Of course my other JW Mothering friend and I spread the word and people are usually horrified.
It sounds like the DJ's mother is a little unstable. (esp. about visiting the grandkids).
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