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Losing Weight?

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Hello everyone,
I just weighed myself and realized I weight 10 pounds less than I did a month ago which doens't make sense to me. By this point in my daughter's pregnancy I had gained back what I lost with m/s and a little more. This time I haven't had morning sickness that bad (with DD I was throwing up 6-7 times a day my entire pregnancy, this one Ive only thrown up 6 times total) and I have been eating. Im kind of worried that I haven't gained and have actually lost weight. I hope it won't effect the baby. Anyone else have this happen?
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My doctor told me last time I went that he doesn't even pay attention to my weight at this point, he just worries that I don't get dehydrated. So drink, drink, drink!
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I've lost about 7-8 lbs so far, and I'm 14 weeks. I started overweight though, and have been more closely watching my diet. I know I'll end up gaining eventually, but my goal is to be healthy, gain as much weight as I need to, and use the pp period to lose more weight!
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With both of my pgs, I started out at 155. With dd, I didn't begin gaining weight until 20 weeks. As of right now, with this pg, at 14w1d, I've lost 12lbs. I haven't been this size since I was dating my husband. I've been sick, but am also nursing, so I guess that lower calorie intake and the calories being burned nursing are gaining on me. I'm sure I'll make up the difference when I start feeling better.
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I haven't had MS but have had food aversions and lost 7 lbs so far. Surprised me, but my belly is still growing!
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You guys made me feel better. I was getting worried. I think nursing might have to something to do with it since DD still nurses 5-8 times a day. I just don't feel like dealing with the doctors lecturing me when I get back (Im on the low side of healthy weight wise for my height so I hear it all the time already).
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