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Cheri 22 Predictions

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I have heard a few people here have good results with the Cheri22 predictions.
I am just wondering- did she give you an actual month or just a month that would be either conception, birth or finding out?
That is all I have received so far and then she said my prediction will be completed by such and such date.
So should I expect clarification about which of these things will happen in the month she gave me?


May Lachingona1 leaning towards conceive, Girl
WhisperV, Girl
Julia's Mom Girl

June Olerica had an EDD in March which would be conceiving in June, Boy (followed by 27 months then girl!)
LibraryMo, Girl, leaning toward edd

July Jenmk, girl
LilGreen boy
KatiedidbugEDD 2009, Girl
PoetGilr Boy

August ILove Jeff, Boy
Katie34 EDD April 2009 (JennyRenny said Born May 2nd), girl, so conceived in August

April Blueyez4 Girl
SImplyRochelle Girl
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Hi Katie,

When I had my prediction it was that I would I either conceive, find out or give birth in that month. I've read on other sites that she sometimes gets a stonger inclination of the month of conception, but that is pretty rare. She usually gets from her spirit guides an inclination surrounding a particular month. I wouldn't be discouraged. She will whittle out whether you will have issues with conception or not, as I have read some ladies who have received unpleasant news like the need for donor sperm or donor eggs or a surrogate to have children. If that comes up she'll tell you and won't leave you in the dark about it. I figured that when she told me the month I would either conceive, find out or I still had a few months more to wait until. She'll even let you know if things look like they'll take a long time. I found out that I was pregnant the month she gave me and she has told me some dates to keep my eye on for the birth.

All the best with your prediction. I think the best part of getting the prediction was my ability to relax afterward, just "knowing" that something would happen soon. That is what helped me out. Good luck!!
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Ditto to what the pp said. Cheri gave me the sex and a month, but didn't specifically say if it was month of conception, finding out, or birth. She also gave me great insight into our child's personality-it was really interesting. I'm not sure if I've had "good luck" with her yet or not, but my reading was pretty insightful.
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Cool! So far I have only gotten a month ( she said either conception finding out or birth ) and a gender. Then she said she will complete her reading by in a few days.
So from what you guys say it sounds like I will be getting more information than I already have?
That is what I am wondering. I hope so!
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Yep, you'll get more details in another email. I think mine came about 10 days after the gender/month email.
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I paid her the $7 and got a very nice email from her.

She said an 11, July, and boy. When November (the 11) came and I miscarried I was so disappointed, then I was hoping that July would be it, but I had a chemical that month. Then November came again, I did get pregnant again, and our baby boy is due in July. She was 100% right for us. It may not have been the year that I wanted it to be, but it did happen. I was also on clomid many months (including the one we conceived in) and I did gonal-f/clomid combo one month. She said that he would be tall, have light eyes, and dark hair and have 2 boys of his own, and be in law enforcement of some sort. She was right for alot of other women on another site I go to.

Good Luck!!!
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How do you get ahold of her to get a prediction and also does it cost something????
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Hi, I'm interested too. Is there a website to go to? It sounds pretty cool.
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I think i answered my own question.... here it is.....
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Originally Posted by blueyezz4 View Post
I think i answered my own question.... here it is.....
Thanx blueyezz, I'm going to check it out right now!
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So cool! I went to the website and took a bit to figure out what to do to get the prediction but then I just did the paypal option ($8) and put a message ( which she specifies what to say somewhere on the site) in the note to sender box and then got a reply.

So cool to hear your stories of this!
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Ok...I'm doing it now. Hopefully I get some good news.
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I'm thinking I might want to do this, but I'm nervous I won't like the news, kwim?? I don't think I could tell DH; I think he would flip.
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katiedidbug, I keep thinking that if I am unable to have children naturally I would want to know so we can look into adoption, etc...but then I dread actually knowing! I paid my $$ on Monday and am now anxiously awaiting a response, but I see from her blog that she's about to have a baby any day now so my wait may be a bit longer than normal. Patience has never been my strongest virtue.
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Let us know what she says, etc...If I don't conceive this cycle, I may do it just for fun...
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I just sent my $8.35...$8.35? When the heck did Canadian money become more valuable then ours? WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT...but I digress....

I've only gone to a psychic once...she told me that I would marry someone I already knew...but not not the guy I came in with (who happened to be my gay roommate... I didn't really believe her and didn't think much about it because I didn't know any single guys I wanted to date. A year later I started dating DH, almost two years to the day after we met. (He'd been dating someone at the time.) So I figured I should give Cheri22 a shot.

katiedidbug, I don't think I'll tell my husband either. I think he'd tell me that I'm silly.
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I'm curious about this - anyone have an update?
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I got my prediction back from her today and it said GIRL and either conceive, give birth, or find out in month of MAY. So that would mean that if I was to give birth in May then I would conceive in July of this year.

We'll see! I'll update.
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I got my response the other day. She said BOY and August....I'll let you know...
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Before I say this, please let me add....I am NOT saying this to get anyone down or think that Cheri is going to be wrong. I just wanted to add again...

I got my prediction from her in 2006, 11, July, and boy. We did not actually get one to stick until 2008, but it was 11 (Nov), he's due in July and is for sure a boy. So she was 100% right, it just didn't happen right away, but almost 2 years later. Kwim?

So I do trust in her predictions, but if June comes and goes, don't let it get you down, maybe it's next year that it'll happen? Good luck mama's!!

BTW this one isn't even out yet and she's telling me another boy in November (conceive, find out in, or born in). LOL
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