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We don't censor our language, we don't swear every sentence, but we do swear. Our dd is complimented often on her kindess, politeness and respectfulness.
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I think most swear words are ridiculous. It's when you stop and think about the literal meaning of the words, that you realize how ridiculous they are. Suppose, for example, that a couple had an argument like this:

"I can't copulating believe it. That eternally-condemned plumber sent us a bill for five hundred copulating dollars!"

"What the abode of condemned souls? You should have gotten a copulating quote, before you let that illegitimate son work on the pipe!"

"Well, how the abode of condemned souls was I supposed to know? If I'd have known that son of a female dog would charge us this condemned much, I'd have told him to shove it in his rectum!"

"Bovine excrement! You do this kind of excrement all of the copulating time! I'm so divinely-confounded sick of it!"

See what I mean?
rotflmro rolling on the floor laughing my rectum off

most teens are going to swear or use by-words whether they hear it at home or not. For me it began as a way to rebel, but then it became habit. These days, I do not make a habit of swearing, but if I have a near-miss traffic, one may slip out. Personally, I do not like to be around people who are swearing.
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