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can't sleep, girls. I just had a hit that what you are talking about, hippie, is something that is totally normal in the development of an infant. There's a name for that...what you saw your baby doing in four directions at once....I remember it from my child development class, but I can't think of it....I doubt I'm going to dig through my notes to find it, too....but I remember talking about it in class. Just a little FYI.
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I've had those feelings too, and I've thought of them as little seizure-type movements. I only had one baby who had harmless febrile seizures as a newborn, but the way he twitched and shook made me think of the movements you sometimes feel when babe is still in the womb. I thought, well, if it's possible to have those febrile seizures that are really just a series of neurological back-fires stemming from an immature and still-developing nervous system, then why couldn't the baby inside be having them before birth? I don't know, though, because I never worried about it too much.

They are definitely different from hiccups, though. I like the kung-fu analogy.
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Originally Posted by veganf View Post
I know exactly the movement you're describing. I've felt it a few times with each pregnancy. It is weird!
Lurking in from the Dec DDC, but I have felt it with each pregnancy as well!
All three of my kiddos are totally normal, but I did seriously wonder if they were having seizures in utero!
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I've felt this too this time, but I didn't with the other two. To me it feels like a cat shaking water off it's foot. It always makes me pause, but I haven't worried enough to ask. I think if this many of us are noticing similar movements, they must be within normal. I feel better just seeing this thread.
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