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Finally, maybe Rush will shut his big fat mouth...

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he has resigned his very short career as a "commentator" on the NFL pregame show due to racial comments he couldn't keep to himself.

You know I am really wondering who thought it good judgement to hire someone like him in the first place. It was said that the ones who did the hiring though he would boost ratings???? Really? How? By spouting off whatever came into his little brain...that's all I have ever seen him do. Now granted I have seen approximately 45 minutes of him over the years...that was about 44.7 minutes too much.

I am wondering if the "hirers" honestly didn't know the "hiree" was racist. I thought that was pretty obvious...even to those of us who loathe the man and wouldn't watch or listen to him willingly in the first place. I have read reports for years about his blatant racist remarks.

I feel hiring someone like Rush to speak in an area such as sports, (and pay him for it - I mean he can talk all he wants , we are still free to do that, right?- I haven't read all the paper this morning and am waiting on that memo from Washington- its coming you know) where we seem to be able to bring together people of all colors, ethnic and religious affiliations and leave those divisive things out of the actual activity, was a very big risk to begin with. That voice is one that doesn't deserve any air time. He chooses to divide. What a putz. (I hope that doesn't constitute name calling, since it is the truth.)
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I knew someone would start a thread abt this!


Rush: Needs to:

ESPN spokesman Dave Nagle said ratings for Sunday NFL Countdown were up 10 percent overall since Limbaugh joined the show this year. Sunday's show drew its biggest audience in the regular season since 1996
I won't call any names either, but just refer to the title of Al Franken's book.

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I'm actually surprised that Limbaugh couldn't curb his tongue so as to milk some more $$$ from ABC/ESPN. Now he knows what happens when he ain't talking to the choir like he does on his radio show and the weenie patron saint of white victimization can't take the heat.

Also, it was an incredibly erroneous observation. McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, Steve McNair, Michael Vick (but for the injury) and Kordell Stewart are all starting QBs in the NFL and are black so it makes Limpbaugh's comments that there is some media cabal needing to hoist up McNabb's stature sound ill-informed.

But what I am really stunned at is that Tom Jackson and Michael Irvin didn't call bullshit on the statement:


"McNabb said someone on the show should have taken on Limbaugh. Among the other panelists are former players Michael Irvin and Tom Jackson, both of whom are black.

"I'm not pointing at anyone but someone should have said it," McNabb said of the panelists, who also include former quarterback Steve Young. "I wouldn't have cared if it was the cameraman.""
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Originally posted by RowansDad
Now he knows what happens when he ain't talking to the choir like he does on his radio show and the weenie patron saint of white victimization can't take the heat.
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I cheered when I heard about this.

And hopefully the morons that gave the lying hypocritical "Dr" Laura will cancel her radio show, she already lost her TV show thank the Gods.
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Maybe it was the illegal pills. He is a victim, it seems.

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you know what scares the hell out of me??? The fact than anyone, and I mean ANYONE listens to them and gives them any credibility. Kinda like it scares the hell out of me that people still support the present administration. How damn bad do things have to get for people to realize that this country has suffered at the hands of greedy warmongers long enough? How long is long enough??? I really need to know that. Do we actually have to have another depression like my parents lived thru? Do we have to start another World War?

Say what you like about Bill and Hillary. But don't tell me the economy wasn't better off when Clinton was President. And yes, it is all about the $$, and the enviroment, AND peaceful negotiations with our neighbors both near and far...it is NOT about world domination. Or at least it shouldn't be.

Sorry, everything I see these days just reminds me of how scary the Right Wing actually is. And who better to remind me than Rush???
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Maybe it was the illegal pills. He is a victim, it seems.
Victim my !!!

You are right though, next he will be confessing, repenting and saying all the things he said before were under the influence. Yesindeedee...influence of Ignorance. Isn't this always the way those self righteous b*stards turn out???? Self righteous indignation can reach up and bite you in the bum if you aren't careful.
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I thought he was a victim of chronic logorrehea? That all attempts at treatment failed?
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So you condone his racial remarks, NM?
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Briss, can it. She said nothing to even remotely imply that. Pick a fight elsewhere, would ya?
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Did I ask you? Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.
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blah blah blah
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SO glad he is gone! I know not everybody approves of football, but I am all over it~ it is my pure-entertainment-no-politics-time, I even like the beer commercials! (& I am a recovering alcoholic feminist) So when I turned on ESPN & saw Rush I was agast, agog, and completely flumoxed. The sound of his voice makes my skin crawl. Brrrrr. Chills up my spine. And to have him invade my sacred sunday space? KEE-RRRRRAP! Quit watching ESPN while he was on for sure!

Won't even get into the ridiculousness of his comment. I guess we'd have to have a sports fan sub-forum or something. (GO TITANS)

Did the victory dance today with little DS in the Maya wrap: happyhappy joyjoy happyhappyjoy

BTW, don't you think ESPN's ratings are up because the FOXsports show that used to be on @ 10am(CST) isn't anymore & the regular FOX & CBS shows don't come on till 11, while ESPN still starts @ 10? So there's nothing else to watch.
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Speaking of loud-mouth racist radio hosts: "Radio host suspended for comparing gorilla to inner-city students"

And this guy just gets suspended....makes Rush's comments pale in comparison.
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There's a long and contentious history behind the Metco program here in Boston, far too long to go into detail, but if you heard this guy's comments in context here in Boston, it'd be much more obvious how inappropriate his comments were. I realize it's not that obvious from the article. (Actually, to fully explain the situation, you'd have to go back to the forced-integration riots of the 70's and the history of public schools and race relations here in Boston; and that's a 700-page book called Common Ground.)

OT: This particular gorilla isn't any better behaved than your Auckland graduates; this is the second time he's escaped from his enclosure, and this time he managed to send a 2-year-old to the hospital!
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one of the things that bothers me the most about this whole things is the hypocrisy of rush (like i should be suprised?!) i actually get out of work to catch the last 1/2 hour of his show and i quite often listen to it (to hear what the other side is doing!) and, off topic he actually is an extremely good orator and i can see how people who only rely on him and fox news for their information might actually believe the crap he spews. back on topic though, when the dixie chicks and tim robbins and susan sarandon and martin sheen were all catching flak for their anti-bush/war comments, rush kept saying that the first amendment is alive and well - that these guys could say whatever they believe but that they had to be willing to stand behind their statements and accept any grief or displeasure that the rest of the US might express towards them. well it seems to be that that is exactly what happened to him. i mean he expressed his opinion and a bunch of people got really upset and pressured espn/abc to encourage him to resign. so why is it then that he was spewing off about the thought police and how the first amendment is dead and blah blah blah? well, i know the answer to that - because he's a jerk! but still i haven't heard any of the news media making that observation - another big surprise.
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It brings to mind how the right has been saying that it is all about economics not race in the US anymore. Affirmative action brought this to light recently. That race is not a factor, just economic standing. Well, this sure proves that race is a factor. And not to give credit to him, but many people listen to his radio show and agree with his ideas. Also, it was surprising that no one on the panel or the cameraman took on his comments. Maybe wanted to go to commercial quick? How embarassing.
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hmmmm.... I wonder if the other commentators were giving Rush the silent treatment??? You know, the idea was that rush would thro a "challenge" flag & then be controversial & the would all jump him like a crossfire melee. Maybe they just thought it was stupid & knew Rush would put his foot init sooner or later..

happyhappyjoyjoyhappyhappyjoy! I will relish my rushless countdown tommorrow!
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