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Do you throw away other people's stuff?

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DH decided to clean today (which is great, the house desperately needed it). I was cleaning too, but we were switching off parts of the apartment and taking care of the kids, and not really working in the same areas. He threw away something of mine, that I wanted. He's done it before. I don't get it. I would NEVER throw away something that wasn't mine, unless it was spoiled food or something like that.

Do you throw away your DP's stuff?
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Not a chance; but we're both pretty good at respecting each other's boundries...I know others who think it's okay -- or who don't care if it isn't, I guess?
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I have..........but we have a tendency to make sure the things we want to keep, kept in a safe place. We also ask but I can see how in the mist of cleaning accidents would happen.
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I pile all of his crap onto a pile and tell him that if he donates everything in the pile, I'll do certain favors for him.LOL

No, I wouldn't just throw away his stuff.
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No, neither of us do. If I find things I'm unsure if DH wants while I'm cleaning, I set it aside for him to deal with on his own, or at least tell me what he wants done with it.
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I wouldn't. I'm super sensitive/paranoid about disturbing or doing the wrong thing with other people's stuff though.
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Do it all the time. Doesn't make it right for your DH to do it to you though!
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Have to admit that I've done that a couple times. I don't really know why, it really makes no sense. I'm a super space case. So we got DH his own desk and I don't ever touch anything on it!! I should add this lovely characteristic of mine to the untalent thread.
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Not without asking first. And if I don't know what something is/who it belongs to, I definitely don't throw it away.
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Nope. Well, fuzzy food in tupperware in the office fridge, after appropriate notice. I'd rather err on the side of keeping crap than throw out something.
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I would NEVER throw something of DH's away w/out asking him 1st. I thik its just mean and disrespectful to do so. He has his things for a reason and even if I don't understand they are still his things.

He on the other hand tries to throw my things away all the time and we get in HUGE fights about it. He gets it from his mother though who wants to throw all my stuff away. She was just here a few weeks ago and tried to throw a LOT of my things away. She did succeed in throwing out about a $100 worth of frozen food and 12 bags of breastmilk (each with 4-6oz in them) I was devastated!

I never want anyone to feel like I felt when they threw all my things away. I was able to save all the stuff they threw out but it still hurt that they tried.
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Yes, but I pretty much have to. MIL is a hoarder and dh heads in that direction if I don't keep on top of it. I do have a system though. The crap he brings home has a grace period; if it doesn't move in a certain amount of time I inform him that if it doesn't find a home it will go. If it STILL doesn't move from the original dump spot it goes to purgatory (attic or basement) for awhile. THEN if he doesn't notice it goes to goodwill.: As far as I know I've never thrown out anything he actually wanted though.
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Not without asking.
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No, I wouldn't do it to dh or to the kids.
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Socks with holes . . . undershirts with yucky pits . . .that sort of thing, yes.
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She threw away your breastmilk!!

I would have been hopping mad!
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I throw out his disgusting heaps of used kleenex and expired coupons which he stacks on his dresser without asking.


Other than that I will pile it and ask if it's ok to toss before getting rid of anything. This man will hoard anything so it's hard but I do give him the option.
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Dh had a pair of aqua marine jeans that he never wanted to get rid of because they fit him well and they were calvin kleins. But they were from like 1991 and totally hideous, and he never actually wore them (I had refused to be seen in public with him if he did) I kept trying to donate them. Took me about 6 years to succeed in doing so, because he'd always go through the donate piles/bags before they left the house.

But, generally, we don't toss or get rid of things without asking the other about it first.
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Nope. If its something I want to toss, I always always ask him first. He does the same.
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