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Still Preggo Check in 5/18 - 5/25

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Time for a new thread! Who's left?

I have 9 days until my due date and I'm trying to coax this baby out before they start throwing around the 'repeat section' talk.

EPO, by mouth and by vag, DTD,"magical" eggplant parm, fresh pineapple, walking, working on my relaxation, attempting to keep my parents away from me (they are cortisol making labor stoppers), reflexology with my chiro (another appt tomorrow - hoping for that moon baby).

If none of that works, my car will "break" down, my DS will "get sick", I'll have to "go out of town for a funeral", to buy some more time.
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Going good here, today is babys EDD. but i have been expecting to go over all along so i am not stressing or disapointed. I am not doing any induction tecniques. Baby is right down low, my midwife couldnt feel any of his head over my pelvis on friday. I have been having tons of baxton hicks, and they have been getting stronger every day. So i know something is happening, and tonight i have period like cramps and loose stools. But i refuse to let myself get excited, it will happen when it happens. Trying to stay zen and ready, without getting worked up about every little thing.

I still have the occasional "i want my baby!" out bursts, but they are manageable. I had the most beautiful dream last night about breastfeeding the baby, so of course when i woke up with no baby i felt a little sad I just have to remind myself that 2 weeks or so is nothing in the scheme of things, i can wait.
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I'm still with you gals too!

I'm feeling ok and just hanging in there.
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I'm still here too and doing well. I'm hanging in there and just waiting to see which way this goes (VBAC or c-section) so far I haven't decided to do anything to move things along. That could change in a week but for now I'm content to let things be.
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Still here. I feel great physically but small things like running out of coffee beans or not having any clean spoons in the house will make me burst into tears.
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Still here too. Feeling fine physically but tend to be irritable (poor dh...)

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I'm 40+3 today, and no hints of anything new or different going on. Battymama, my MW said the same thing last week, that she could only feel shoulders now and not head. That trips me out for some reason! I try to visualize the size of a baby's head and then compare it to my body and how it would line up... mindblowing!

My parents bought me a Sunsetter awning, and I'm itching to jump on the ladder and start measuring, marking and drilling screws... but I know they'd go crazy if I went near the ladder. It was an issue convincing them I can mow the lawn myself, and I suppose with my reflexes right now I really shouldn't be anywhere near a ladder. Oh well.
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Im here, 38w1d and impatient as ever. You would think I was overdue by the way Im acting. Im just so excited and dying to know if its a boy or girl!! Sleeping is hell. I decided that the long pp recovery is due in part to childbirth but also from these last weeks of pregnancy. My insides feel bruised. If we had any decent weather I dont think I would be so impatient but its been rainy and cool so im stuck in the house all day. :yawning:
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Still pregnant here too. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and would really like to have this baby sometime between Wednesday and Saturday. Please, baby, cooperate!
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I'm here My husband was up alll night with a really bad toothache, so we need to get him taken care of before this LO comes. He is in a good, easy to care for place right now (except the aches & pains I have to put up with, but better than my husband not getting sleep and having to care for the kids).

Still feeling exactly the same, lots of contractions, some strong some not, like it could be any minute but I have no idea when it will be. I'm not doing any 'natural induction' methods, but I wouldn't be opposed to them if I happen to get to 40 weeks. LOL

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Still here too. Yesterday was my EDD and it came and went without a single contraction. I felt closer to labor last week than I do now. I am going totally stir crazy and my nausea is still getting the best of me in the mornings. Sometimes it feels like someone is pulling my pelvis apart with a crow bar too. Plus the heat is so bad right now I can't really go outside without melting. I feel so bad for DD because I just don't have the energy to take her out anymore.

I haven't been trying too many natural induction stuff. I learned last time that it didn't work for me and this little one will come when he wants. Heck at this point the geek in me is almost hoping he waits till next Saturday so I can see Indianna Jones, well Almost!!!
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Is anyone else REALLY irritable & grumpy?
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I'm 38+4 today. I know I could still have a long way to go, but DS#1 came at 34 weeks, so this pregnancy seems really long to me. Also, my doc is predicting a big baby (based on ultrasound, palpating, DS#1 who was big for a preemie, and my and DH's birthweights), so that of course has me a little anxious (I'm small with a small pelvis). However, I've had NO progress so far, other than cramping and backaches, but no dilation or effacement or anything to show for it. The only thing I have "going for me" is that this babe is at 0 station, but that merely means I feel like he's trying to push my hips apart (when it doesn't feel like he's trying to dig his way out of my cervix with a spoon, or bust his way through my ribcage). I'm out of room and it has me feeling really miserable.

I hope some of you who are at 40 weeks and beyond go in the next day or so. I think when I get that far it will push me over the edge.
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still here. today is my 40 week mark and I was actually kinda hoping I wouldn't make it to this day. Friday was a real fake out for me, as I went into (what I swore was) early labor. vomiting, contractions....the whole nine. Of course, I went to bed that night excited only to have everything stop during the night and wake up....normal. according to the doc, i'm 3cm and 70% effaced currently (hopefully that's changing more and more everyday though).

to be honest, I have been sleeping a lot since then, probably mostly out of sulking and just got up for my day today. sleeping got relatively managable, which makes me sometimes feel like i may be pregnant forever and she'll be content to live in my ribcage for life. lol

been taking EPO orally (though did a vaginal application last night) for days now, DTD (when i get that "i want my baby" mood going because otherwise sex just hurts!), and trying to walk as much as I can (however I have not done so in a couple days due to my recent mood swing).

all in all, I'm doing good and I know she'll be here soon, but I'm very very impatient now, irritable, and tired of hearing the phone, reading texts, and having to answer people's "have you had that baby yet???" :
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Originally Posted by calpurnia View Post
Is anyone else REALLY irritable & grumpy?

YES! i wish that were a sign of impending labor, we'd all be having babies in no time flat ey?
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12 days to EDD here and in early labor. Hoping to have these babies tonight or tomorrow. If not, then heck, might as well wait for the weekend when my BF comes into town!
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i just got back from the farmers market where i was looking for a sarong for my birthing time... i didn't find one but i did pick up a pineapplewhich i plan to eat tonight and hopefully it will kick things into gear... i have been taking epo (orally) as well but i haven't seen anything yet. i would takie it vaginally, but the problem is that i pee SO often it doesn't have time to disolve...
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Yeah, I'm nearly finished with the second pineapple.... no help at all...

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Originally Posted by calpurnia View Post
Is anyone else REALLY irritable & grumpy?
Yes and and I'm trying so hard not to be!!
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I am now 39 and 4 days. EDD is Wednesday! I'm hoping this baby would like to have a birthday sooner than Wednesday. I would really, really love to have a baby when the moon is full. Especially this moon which is known as the "blooming flower moon".

I'm trying not to get too antsy. I'm just trying to make plans and stay busy to pass the time. I know that I can be feeling fine one minute and an hour labor be in early labor. So, it really can happen any day.
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