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Please *LOOK* --Red Thing on DD's Eyelid, What Is This? *PIC's*

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Her left eye has had a red spot for about 5 days now and it looks like it's spreading. It's a tad bit crusty/raised. I have been putting coconut oil on it, but it's not helping. She is getting over a cold, but I dunno if it has anything to do with it. Any know what this could be and what to do for it?
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Please click on pics
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i know this is going to sound off the wall, but it looks like a yeast rash to me.
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it almost looks like psoriasis.
But perhaps exema...
has she eaten anything out of the norm?
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My instinct was that it was yeast. We gave her a homeopathic remedy (Isopathic) for yeast 2x (1x a week at 200c of candida albicans). Could this have caused it? Should I stop the remedy or continue?
As for eating out side the norm, not really. She's very picky and not a good eater. For instance she woke up starving at 2am last night because she didn't eat all day. I'm hoping once the yeast is gone she will eat better.
If it is yeast what should I do? We are set to go out of town for a week, and I am a little worried.
Thanks for the quick replies.
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My guess would be ringworm, which is a fungal infection.
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That's not ringworm for sure - ringworm is very distinct with round circles and a clear patch in the middle.

It looks like some sort of rash or psoriasis or eczema. Is it possible it's a reaction to a change in laundry detergent or a soap used that you don't normally use? Perhaps even a shampoo or something? My niece is sensitive to certain soaps and shampoos and gets that same exact rash on her entire face and body when she reacts to them.
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Originally Posted by ledzepplon View Post
My guess would be ringworm, which is a fungal infection.
ooohhh! if it is ring worm, break a fig leaf off and put the white goo on it. that stuff works miracles.
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It does look a lot like ringworm to me (I've had it) but it could be something else. The quickest way I found to clear up ringworm was to cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on the affected area a few times daily for a couple of days, but you probably would not want to do that so near the eye! Goldenseal solution (non-alcohol based because of proximity to the eye) is anti fungal, and would likely help clear it up, whether it is ringworm or some other fungus.
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Has she played with money recently? Does she rub her eyes normally?
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my dd has something very similar on her eyelids to. it seems to get much worse when we are out in the countryside at first i thought it was excema, but now she is getting conjuncitivitis type pus in her eyes. it goes down sometimes and then comes back again, it does look quite similar and it is strange that she also has it on her eyelids. i've not taken my dd to a dr or homeopath about it yet, we are in england and there is alot of pollen around at the moment i was thinking my dd's was a form of hayfever, because it happens more when we are in a field, farm or park and then she sarts to rub her eyes but the eyelids get so red/purple and look very bad. i hope you manage to discover what it is - let us know if you do and i hope your dd isn't too bothered by it.
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Originally Posted by neverdoingitagain View Post
Has she played with money recently? Does she rub her eyes normally?
Dh lets her play with money...why? And yes she rubs her eyes.
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It looks like a rash to me. I used to get something similar on my eyelids. I would put vaseline on them and it would clear up. Sometimes I would use Aquafor. I don't know if you agree with using those type of things, but that is what I suggest.
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Is there a more natural alternative to aquafor or vaseline?
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It looks like an allergic reaction to me.....allergy? blepharitis? Is it itchy?
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Not crazy itchy, but she rubs at it often.
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I've had something just like that on my one eyelid - I also have psoriasis so have always just assumed it was that. It usually happens over the winter, but it just flared up in the past couple weeks.
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That actually looks a lot like my eyelid when I accidentally put acne cream over top of lotion that hadn't had time to soak in a dry. Both are fine on my skin seperatly but, not together.

Could there have been any products used in that area that could have caused a reaction when mixed together?

lotions, sunscreens, creams, milk spills, eye drops, eye medication, etc...?

could any of those been used on that area around the same time and perhaps mixing together creating a rash?

Aside from that I don't have any guesses other than what has already been suggested to you.
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It looks like eczema to me. My dd gets a circle rash like that (red with the same sort of little flaky-ish bumps) on her belly (her's is corn induced). I am getting the same sort of reaction on my finger, and the doctor said (today, as a matter of fact), it's eczema/contact dermatitis and it looks like I'm reacting to my engagement/wedding band (uh-oh, guess DH has to spring for platinum now!!).
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Couldn't be from a tick bite, could it? It does look a bit bull's eye-like....
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