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Please *LOOK* --Red Thing on DD's Eyelid, What Is This? *PIC's* - Page 2

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Eczema is common on the eyelids of young children- it looks a lot like my step brothers. My DS has it on his cheeks. Make sure you and DD are getting lots of healthy fats like flax (which can be used on the spot to reduce dryness) to help relieve it. Eczema is caused by an allergic reaction to something- food, soaps, fragrances, etc. If you are just starting to use sunscreen or something like that you may want to try a different (natural would be best) one and see if that is causing it. My DS's face would not clear up for at least a week after I eliminated the offender (soy- which is in everything!)

I wish you luck!
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We haven't started using anything new in terms of products. The only thing is that she started having smoothies with us including rice and almond milk. She eats rice and almonds with no problems but maybe there is something in there. Or maybe it could be the corn oil in the snap pea crisps she has been eating. Hmmm I will definitely stop those 2 to see if it gets better. Just not much else she will eat. It gets so frustrating at times, especially when I try to feed her so healthy and have such a hard time getting her to eat. Then you get the "if you fed her regular food she would eat" comments, like soda and pizza are regular. Thanks everyone for your help.
Is there something naturally I can put on it if it is excema or a rash?
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I was thinking ring worm too.
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Ring worm! Been there seen that! Several times as a matter of fact.
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I was thinking rigworm, too. Doesn't always have to be clearly "marked" especially when it's in the early stages.
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I have psoriasis and it doesn't look like that. normally you don't get psoriasis flare ups in places that get regular sun. That and Drs like to give you steroids or at the least cortisone and I wouldn't want to put that on a toddlers eye.
I vote ringworm too. I would get it almost ever spring when I was a kid and thats what it looked like. I bet you start seeing the center clear up here soon.
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If it's ringworm, I believe someone mentioned fig leaf. Ok I know these may be dumb, but what does a fig leaf look like?
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Eczema! My daughter has had that same thing around her eyes and chin on and off since November and it comes and goes. We finally tested and it was food intolerances. For the dryness I use Eczema care salve from wiseways herbals and it is magic! As for the ringworm I don't have experience with that, but if it is then it looks just like my daughters eczema.

Good luck! I really do hope it goes away soon.
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What about colloidial silver, can I put it on her eyelid? Would that be good?
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Originally Posted by brookelynnmommy View Post
I was thinking ring worm too.
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noticed people mentioning ringworm and tick bite...

I don't think so... I've had both, more than once, generally ticks to bite and vacate, they stay put and eat till they burst! Typically they will latch onto places where they are hidden beneath hair or clothing. Thats no tick bite IMO.

As for the ringworm... (not actually a worm), it is typically a perfect circle of red spots... not an oval shape. I know, seems picky but, thats how I always had it and that is how other have always described it, doctors and people infected by it.

I still you this is something more of a skin irratation. Perhaps your kiddo could have rubbed something above her eye during sleep. Or maybe she had an irratation in her eye and rubbed it for a long period of time while in her car seat, laying down for a nap, etc...? If not, maybe allergy or reaction if on both eyes. If only one eye then probably not.
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my husband has allergies and sometimes gets dry red patches like this around his eyes. for a while he used a salve made by herb pharm and it worked miracles. i believe it was the herbal ed's salve: http://www.herb-pharm.com/Products/oils_fs.html

as for ring worm, the outer edge has similarities, but it's true there is usually a whiteness to the center. when i had ringworm i used goldenseal powder. i added a little water to make a paste, and applied it regularly. it cleared it right up.

you could also make a compress of plantain leaves. you might even have some growing in your yard. it is a very common plant.
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I really don't think it's ringworm. Really. It doesn't look like the presentation of ringworm aside from the shape of it. But I'm not a doctor.

If it is eczema i have seen huge successes with using shea butter on mine, my sisters and even my grandmother for many many years and it works like a charm. It's also a substitute for sunscreen so if you need to have her outdoors and want to prevent more irritation, this will help to protect it from the sun.
Chickweed is also VERY VERY helpful for eczema. You can sometimes find a salve with chickweed in shea butter, usually calendula is in it as well.

If it's not eczema, you can still try shea butter as it is soothing to all irritations and can not harm it.
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I'd guess ringworm too, only because the eye area (along with mouth and nose) are commonly touched/rubbed areas.
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Yes my health food stores has something very similar to vaseline, but it isn't vaseline. works like a charm. It is by avalon organics. I'm not sure if you can put it by the eye though? maybe while sleeping?
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My eczema looks like that, and it has been misdiagnosed as ringworm.

What incredible eyelashes!!!!
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Originally Posted by BeingMe View Post
Dh lets her play with money...why? And yes she rubs her eyes.
DD developed an allergy to nickel when she was quite young from playing with coins a lot, and ended up with a nasty rash on her hands. I'd try to put the kibosh on any coin play if that's happening.

DD also had lots of eczema when she was young and it could sometimes look like that. We cleared it up with an elimination diet, which took months. It really can take a long time to clear an allergen out of your system and get rid of the symptoms.

Here's hoping it's not too itchy for her and that it clears up soon.
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Heh, this is crazy, but I have sorta the same thing going on with my eyelids, though it doesn't look that bad yet. I'm torn between ringworm and eczema (I have/have had both, many, many, too many times). When I clear it up, I'll let you know which treatment worked!
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That looks like yeast to me.
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