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April 08 Yahoo Group.

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I made it so I have to approve members so we don't have crazy spam. If it has a box to type in a message to me, just put in your MDC screenname.
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I signed up

thanks for making this group!
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wonderful! thanks for creating the Yahoo! group for us!
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i signed up...
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I signed up too
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I signed up it will be show as !!!!!
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I am on it as well now.
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I joined!
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I signed up too. I'm on Yahoo as walkthruwalls (though I do Yahoo Groups from my regular email client, so it says my first and last name on there).
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Everyone has been approved so far, I think!
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I joined!
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oops, Now I signed up!!!!!
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I joined but I had to change my name!
I had to make it so it had a number in it and I couldn't use my ~'s
Did anyone besides Ischerial have to change their name?
I liked ~NewMa~ but I'm signed up on Yahoo as ommamomma2
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I signed up...but it's under my email sparklespink@yahoo.com
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I signed up too!
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I joined...as lrgandmag!!
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Just signed up!
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I requested to join but I havent been approved? Its aussiemomtofour... Is it OK for anyone to join, I know I am not a huge poster here but I lurk everyday!
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Did I do something wrong?
I don't know but I can't find the group, even if I type in April2008Mamas
does that mean I haven't been approved yetby the moderator?
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