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Just Found This Board

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Hello Ladies! I just found this board and think it is awesome! I found it by looking for cd'ing sites. I am a first time mommy to a baby girl Madison Jane. We didn't find out what we were having and were so sure she was a boy. I secretly wanted a girl, Surprise of life. She was born June 16, 2003, 7lbs 13 oz, 20 inches long. I :bf for the first 6 wks and I am now about to start cd'ing. Takes forever to get those diapers ready to use! I can't wait to get to know everyone.
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welcome! ild
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welcome. you are in a great place. have fun!
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and congratulations on your little girl! There is a fantastic cloth diapering forum here. Have fun!
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Welcome to the boards.
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What a great day to be born on! That's my birthday!!

Happy posting!

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welcome to mdc!
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