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Ear Infection

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I'm in a lot of pain and was wondering if anyone had any safe remedies. Please help.
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My healthfood store lady used to suggest Wallys Ear Oil. I thought it worked pretty well.
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I haven't done this, but a few friends have. Olive oil cooked with chopped garlic. remove garlic and cool olive oil before putting it in your ear.
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I always get antibiotic ear drops from my doc. I wouldn't want to use oral antibiotics while PG unless I absolutely had to, but I think ear drops used locally would be OK.

Good luck, hope you're feeling better soon.
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I struggle with ear infx. too and have tried different things. what I normally do is warm olive oil, the garlic is a good sugg. I have gotten some garlic ear oil from a ND once that stunk to high heavens. Also sounds weird but...we do the warm onion ear muff treatment, we cut a onion in half and micro it for 1 min or so (till it's steamy) then when it is cool enough to put on skin I place the halved over ears and wrap in a ace bandage. the steam and onion help to draw out the fluid. good luck, I have been dealing with this over the weekend too and wish it would just pop and let the fluid out, the pressure is a killer.
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Thanks for all the replies. Thankfully, I feel much better today. I've got Olive Oil and Onions on hand just in case it makes a return, but so far so good.
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We do the olive steeped w/ garlic remedy too and have had good success with it!
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